A little pink or blue invitation has just found its way into your mailbox: you’ve been invited a baby shower! This is a wonderful chance to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new life into the world—and of course the mom-to-be! This is also an occasion to shower gifts (of course) on the new baby—but what on earth do you buy or make for a baby?

If you have kids of your own, you might already have some ideas from your own baby shower, but if you don’t, it can be hard to come up with something fun, cute and original. You might be worried that your gift will be the same as everyone else’s.

Not to fear—we have some great ideas for baby shower gifts which are going to make your jaw drop as you squeal, “Awwwww!” More importantly, that is exactly how the mom-to-be and all of her guests are going to react when she opens your gift!

So without further preamble, here are some of the most cute baby shower gift ideas ever!

Diaper Wreath gift idea

Cute Customized Storage Boxes

A lot of baby shower gifts really only are useful while the baby is … well, a baby. But babies grow so fast, so it is great to stumble across a baby shower gift idea which can continue to be useful as baby grows up. These personalized storage boxes are an Etsy product, but you could make something similar on your own with some paint and maybe a few printed stencils. These storage boxes are perfect for baby supplies, and as baby grows up, they can be used for toys and more!

Diaper Babies

If you are worried that everyone else at the baby shower is going to be bringing in diaper cakes, bouquets and bikes, and you want to make something different, here is a wonderful project to try—adorable little “babies’ made of diapers, baby socks and baby wash cloths! Visit the link below for a full tutorial.

Other cut ideas

Next time you are invited to a baby shower, you won’t be stuck with just another boring baby shower gift! Even if you are bringing the same assortment of socks, diapers and washcloths as the next guest, you can present yours as an adorable choo choo train, airplane, motorcycle, or sushi platter, and watch as everyone around you goes, “Awwww!” in amazement!