One thing you need for the baby shower is little prizes/gifts for the winners of the games you play at the bay shower. I wanted to keep each gift around/under $5, which I was able to do! I got the majority of my stuff at Target and a few other things at the liquor store, Michael’s, Walmart, Walgreen and Dollar Tree. I will list the prices and where I got the items below each picture of the supplies. I hope you all enjoy!

Miscellaneous Items Used:

  • Walmart:
  • Different colored crinkle paper: Small Bag: $.50  / Big Bag: $1.00
  • Tulle Roll: $1.00
  • Target:
  • String: $1.00

Bloody Mary Kit


Liquor store: Mini cans of Bloody Mary mix: $.89 each Mini bottle of vodka: $1.79
Target: Glass jar: $.50 Straws: 25 pack for $.50
Dollar Tree: Blue baskets: 3 for $1.00

Stationery Bundles


I made two different types based on the supplies I saw in Target’s dollar section 🙂
Supplies all from Target

Tropical bundle Pineapple note pad: $1.00 Flamingo cards: $1.00 Gel pens: $1.00 Pink and green notepad: $1.00 Mini notepad: 2 for $1.00
Old school bundle Pencils: $1.00 Thank you cards: $1.00 Erasers: $1.00 Notepad: $1.00 Mini notepad: 2 for $1.00

Journal Bundle


Michael’s  Pens: $.50
each Keychain: $.50
Thank you cards: $.50
Journal: $2.00

*I put the thank you cards in the journal packaging to make it easier to put the bundle together!

Shower Travel Kit


Target: Travel size shampoo: $1.00 Travel size conditioner: $1.00 Travel size body wash: $1.00 Cosmetic bag: $2.00

Shower Travel Kit 2


Walgreens: Travel size shampoo: $1.00 Travel size conditioner: $1.00 Travel size body wash: $.75 Cosmetic bag: $1.00

Manicure Kit


Target: Mason jar: $.50 Mini nail polish remover: $.60 Nail clipper kit: $2.00 Nail polishes: $1.00 each Cotton balls: $1.00 (only used a few, kept the rest for me!)

Moisturizing Kit


Target: Mason jars: $.50 each Blistex: $1.00 for each Soft lips: $3.00 for 2 Travel size lotion: $1.00

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