Thinking outside the box and creating a unique guest book will make your guests feel welcomed and help preserve the memory of the experience.

While there’s nothing wrong with a baby shower guest books being done in the traditional fashion, at the same time they can also be as quirky or sentimental as the new mom desires. Here are 14 baby shower guest book ideas we’ve gathered that will help guide you in planning for your event. If you still need to send out baby shower invites, make sure you get them out in a timely fashion!

1. Puzzle Pieces guest book

If you agree with the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”, then you can bet that those who attend a baby shower will be part of that community. Deciding to use puzzle pieces as the guest book for the event is a sweet little way to commemorate that sentiment amongst the inner circle. When the little one decides to put them together, it will be a great lesson in patience while teaching them about their support network.