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14 Unique baby shower guestbook ideas

3. Whale Guest book

If you’re planning an underwater theme for the baby shower or the nursery, then this floating whale concept may be right up your alley. All you would need are a few circular mailing labels with their names and notes to act as balloons attached to the lines. Good thing that their inspiring thoughts will be uplifting—they are supposed to carry a whale after all!

Start with labels in the colors of your nursery. You will also need markers for guests to sign the labels.  Light (silver or white) markers will work best for dark labels.

 You will also need to print some art for baby’s guest book.  If you love whales, click on the image below or here to print this version.  If you are not into the whales, just print the character or clip art of your choice.  You can add the balloon “lines” with a marker after printing.  My version is intended to be framed as an 11 x 14 however you can print on a standard 11 x 17 page size and trim if that is more cost effective.

You will need to put your printed art onto a hard surface for the baby shower.  I used a chalkboard but you can get creative with this one.  Be sure to secure with something non-permanent like washi tape.

Be sure to add this baby shower guest book idea to your shower plans!  This fun activity will be the perfect way to welcome baby into the world!

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