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18+ unique baby shower prizes for games

Scroll on for some sweet gift ideas to give your guests after they show off their impressive baby gear knowledge and bingo skills.

A floral tag that reads "watch me grow: sits in a succulent plant.
Image Source: Etsy

1. Growing Succulent

A growing succulent to celebrate a growing baby. Kind of perfect, no?

Available on Etsy, $5

"A Baby Is Brewing" tea packets for baby shower gifts
Image Source: Kraft and Poppy/Etsy

2. Tea Packets

Gift your baby shower winners with some calming tea after their hard-earned victory.

Available on Etsy, $18 (set of 8 packages) 

Image Source: B. Buttons & Co./Etsy

3. Shower Soap

“From my shower to yours” — get it? These cheeky handmade soaps are a sweet prize that’s also useful.

Available on Etsy, $1.65 

4. Petit gift bath

Pop bottles for the mom who’s also about to pop!

Available on Etsy, $9.79 

Package of s'mores with baby shower onesie tag
Image Source: Kendoll Made

5. S’mores

This yummy S’mores treat will be appreciated by anyone with a sweet tooth. (Which is basically everyone.)

Available at Kendoll Made, $6.49 

Tassel keychain in yellow, blue, and pink.
Image Source: Amazon

6. Keychain

Pick a keychain that represents the gender of your baby-to-be or symbolizes something special to you.

Available on Amazon, starting at $7.99 

Two white dishtowels hang on a white brick wall, stamped in various colors by using a lemon or grapefruit
Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

7. Citrus Dishtowel

A DIY or store-bought dishtowel will give any kitchen some fruity flair. (Not to mention, it’s super practical.)

Learn how to make them

White agate coasters from Anthropologie
Image Source: Anthropologie

8. Coasters

Spread the good energy to your closest friends with some fancy coasters they can use when they throw their own parties.

Available at Anthropologie, $14 

Sugar scrub for baby shower favor
Image Source: Lulu Sugar/Etsy

9. Sugar Scrub

Everyone loves sugar scrub. It smells delish and does a great job of making your skin feel super soft. Slap a cute personalized label on the front of the jar to make it extra special.

Available on Etsy, $57 (set of 12)

Nail polish mug DIY
Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

10. Coffee Mug

Save money and get crafty with this simple nail polish dip-dye DIY mug. Perfect for that morning cup of coffee.

Learn how to make them Related PostHow to Make a Diaper Cake (Without Breaking a Sweat)

11. Market List

They’ll never forget to bring home milk again, thanks to this pretty notepad, which makes it easy to jot down important reminders.

Available at Rifle Paper Co., $9.50 

12. Scented Candle

When in doubt, a relaxing scented candle is always a safe bet. Especially one with soothing essential oils inside!

Available on Amazon, $9.99

13. Chocolate Kisses

Bundle together some yummy chocolate kisses and wrap them up with a cute personalized tag like this one. It also doubles as the perfect baby shower favor.

Available at Kendoll Made, $6.49 (set of 10) 

Olive tree seedling with baby shower tag that says "let love grow"
Image Source: Eastern Leaf

14. Olive Tree Seedling

If the mama-to-be is all about going green, these tiny olive tree seedlings are a sweet and unique way to keep the shower on theme and give back to Mother Earth.

Available on Eastern Leaf, $5.95

15. Sugar Bowl

If you’re throwing a pink-themed shower and are looking for some added touches, these sassy little sugar bowls are it.

Available at Bed Bath & Beyond, $2.99

16. Kitchen Utensils

With just a few simple tools, you can make these dip-dyed kitchen utensils for any baby shower game winner.

Available on Babble

“About to Hatch” Whisk gift

17. “About to Hatch” Whisk

How adorable is this? This tiny whisk will come in handy in the kitchen, but also give the prize-winner a laugh when they open it and see the cute baby chick.

Available at Bed Bath & Beyond, $2.79

18. Cookie Basket

No one’s going to say no to a basket full of cookies! Especially if you’ve got a particularly good recipe.

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