Play these funny minute to win it baby shower games

Minute to win it baby shower games are funny, easy to plan and prep and even look easy to play.

Minute to win it can be played head to head or player vs clock. Playing as teams or individually is what makes this game so versatile and fun.

POOP Emoji Scratch Off Baby Shower Game

Are you looking for a FUN and UNIQUE baby shower game?

If you’re not into playing lengthy baby shower games or you just won’t have the time at your baby shower, then this is the PERFECT GAME for you.


Poop emoji scratch off Scratch and DONE! In order for game play to begin, the scratch stickers must be applied to all 30 cards which takes less than 3 minutes.

It’s a fun lottery game that you can use for diaper raffles, door prizes, favors, ice breakers and more! You can even take it up a notch and hide lottery tickets under chairs or plates at your event.

How To Play it ?

Ways to Play it ?

  • Tape Tickets Under Chairs

Take your baby shower to the next level with under the chair antics! Your guests will not be expecting a lottery ticket underneath their chairs. Have fun watching your guests go crazy with this

  • Tape Tickets Under Plates

This will be the last thing your guests will be expecting and will definitely create a memorable experience

People Say :

these for such a HUGE hit for the baby shower I hosted for my sister in law! You would’ve thought they were playing the lottery because everyone was laughing and trying to scratch these off as fast as they could to see if “baby pooped”. Such a unique game!

Similar games

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Baby Rattle


A baby can bang and shake a rattle for quite some time. How well do you think your guests will do? Put them to the test with the baby rattle minute to win game. Pick too persons to compete against each with 1 rattle each or play one person at a time against the clock using both hands


  • 4 baby bottles or 4 empty 2-liter bottles
  • Table
  • lots of Gumballs

Remove nipples if using a baby bottles and add tape or paper to make the bottle opening a tad smaller.

Prior to game start, player stands with hands at sides.

When the clock starts, player picks up each set of bottles by grabbing the section connecting the bottles.

Player cannot switch hands or rest during the minute, neither can they bang bottles against table or themselves

To win the player must transfer all gumballs from top bottles to the bottom bottles before the 1 minute mark.

Dizzy Diaper

Minute to Win it Baby Shower Games


This minute to win it baby shower game is not intended for the mom-to-be as it will indeed make you dizzy.


  • 1 roll of toilet paper

 Have 1 person hold a toilet paper on a holder while player takes a edge of toilet in 1 hand. The goal is to make a makeshift diaper.

The player has to begin spinning so that the toilet paper collects around the body so arms must be covered.

 If the player severs the toilet paper they loose.

To complete the game, player must collect all toilet paper on to their body within the 1 minute time limit.

Separation Anxiety

Great game for the mom to be since she will experience some anxiety when the baby comes. Head to head or player vs clock.


  • different color candies (at least 5 colors)
  • 5 cups

 All candies are covered under a cup. When the clock start players remove the cup and with one hand only start sorting candies 1 color at a time.

If the player places a candy in the wrong container, or places a candy out of order, the game is over.  

To complete the game, player must place all candies into their own cup before time is up.

Stack Attack

Minute to Win it Baby Shower Games


This baby shower minute to win it game is a great one for the guys. Players have to be steady of hand and quick as well.


  • 36 plastic cups
  • Table

When the clock starts, player may begin stacking cups into a pyramid shape.  So with bottoms up starting with 8 cups at the bottom then stack 7 on to that and you continue to stack until all the cups are finished. It will be shaped like a triangle.

When the triangle is complete, with 1 cup at the top, 2 cups below it, and so on, the player may begin to get the cups into a single stack.

To complete the game, the player must build a complete pyramid using all of the cups, then get all the cups back into a single stack within the 60-second time limit.

Yeah good luck with this one.

Face the Cookie

Minute to Win it Baby Shower Games


Face the cookie is a head to head game and is suitable for any age player.


Oreo cookies (any cookie you can comfortably catch in your mouth)

The game is simply played by asking players to put the cookie on their forehead and using only their face muscles to get the cookie into their mouths.

The person who champs down on their cookie first wins!

Baby Blocking


  • 5 wooden baby blocks
  • Plastic plate

 When clock starts, player places plate on top of head and attempts to stack blocks vertically on plate.

Player must make sure that the plate is balanced on top of head, so he or she may not move plate with hands once placed on head.

To complete game, all 5 blocks must remain stacked vertically for 3 seconds within the 60-second time limit.

Hut Hut Hike

This game is hilarious especially if played by older folks believe me I have seen it.


  • Toilet paper rolls (as many as you can get)
  • Standing hoop

Prior to the start of the game, place a foul line 15 feet from the hoop.

When the clock starts, the player turns around, bends over and begins to throw the rolls through their legs in an attempt to get them through the hoop. Only one roll may be thrown at a time and if a person is holding the hoop they have to keep it steady.

 To complete the game, successfully throw the designated number of rolls through the hoop within the 60 second time limit.  You can have someone throw the toilet paper rolls back to the player. This way you don’t have to have so many rolls.

Wipe Out

Minute to Win it Baby Shower Games


Wipe out is  head to head game and is relatively easy.


  • 2 pack of wipes   or
  • 2 packs of Kleenex

The game is played by having players have one arm behind their back while the other arm is used to take out wipes one at a time. 

The objective is to remove all the wipes from the pack before the minute is up.

If both players fail to complete the task within the minute, award points based on the person that removed the most wipes.

Nose Dive

Minute to Win it Baby Shower Games


Nose dive is a funny and interesting game. Its a head to head game and may take some creative thinking.


  • Cotton balls
  • 4 bowls
  • petroleum jelly

Each player gets two bowls that are placed arms length apart.

To play contestants have to dip their nose in petroleum jelly. Really get it on their and by just using their nose remove cottons from one bowl to the other. 

Person with the most cotton ball transferred is the winner.  

Sorting it Out

Sorting it out is another fun to watch but maybe not so much to do game. Can be head to head or Player vs clock. It really depends on how many socks you have to work with.


  • baby socks
  • basket or large bowl

The objective of the game is to pair as many baby socks from the pile to the basket within the 1 minute time period.

Can make it more difficult by using just one hand.

Keeping it Up

Minute to Win it Baby Shower Games


Keeping it up is a balloon game that requires some exercise. this is a player vs clock game.


  • 3 balloons

Players are given 3 blown up balloons to bounce in the air. They are only allowed to use one hand and all balloons must stay up with the one minute.