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40 Stunning DIY Baby Shower Centerpieces That Will Save Serious Money
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baby shower centerpiece DIY

Throwing a baby shower for a friend or relative isn’t just a super nice thing to do, it can also be a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Putting together the perfect baby shower is a lot of work, but it’s also the perfect excuse to get creative. From the decor to the food, everything about a baby shower is an opportunity to indulge in all things adorable. Of course, cute doesn’t necessarily come cheap. Luckily, there are lots of ways to save cash by going the DIY route — especially with centerpieces. True, there are expert party planners available for hire who can take care of these darling details. But with so many great ideas out there for making centerpieces at home, why spend the money?

Some of these projects can be made with items that might already be on hand (like leftover coffee cans and mason jars). Others might require a trip to the craft store for some inexpensive supplies (but who doesn’t love a reason to go to the craft store?).

To help narrow down the possibilities, it can help to pick a baby shower theme. Rainbows, mermaids, and nature are particularly popular right now. Gender-reveal showers are a major trend, too. Can’t decide on a motif? No biggie. It’s all about creating something cute (without breaking the bank).

The best part of these DIY centerpieces, though, is that they’re not too difficult for the average person to pull off — some of them are ridiculously easy!

  • DIY Dollar Store Cupcake Stand

    cupcake stands

    Michelle {CraftyMorning.com}/Pinterest

    Presentation is everything when it comes to dessert tables. These cupcake stands from Crafty Morning use dollar store “silver” plates, glass candlestick holders, and spray paint to make platters worthy of the fanciest treats.

  • Rain Boot Vase Centerpiece


    boot vase centerpiece

    Catch My Party/Pinterest

    Particularly easy if there are older siblings in the house, these rain boot flower vases from Catch My Party are perfect for a “shower” (get it?).

  • Mini Diaper Cake


    mini diaper cakes

    Pam Jones/Pinterest

    So cute and easy, these diaper flower centerpieces from Just a Girl and Her Blog have a super short supply list: Just fake flowers, diapers, and ribbon (and hot glue, of course).

  • Floral Centerpiece


    floral centerpiece


    Who needs a professional florist when these flower centerpieces from Blupla are so simple to put together? (Fake flowers work fine, too.)

  • Rubber Duck Fish Bowl Party Centerpiece


    rubber ducky fish bowl

    Kara’s Party Ideas/Pinterest

    Once again, practically all the necessary items for these rubber ducky bowl centerpieces from Kara’s Party Ideas can be found at the dollar store (except the flowers, if they’re fresh!).

  • Balloon Centerpiece


    balloon centerpiece

    Oh Happy Day!/Pinterest

    It might be worth investing in a small air pump to speed up the process of making these balloon centerpieces from Oh Happy Day!

  • Star Centerpiece


    star cloud centerpiece

    Kara’s Party Ideas/Pinterest

    These star centerpieces from Kara’s Party Ideas will add just enough twinkle to any table.

  • Pom-Pom Gumball Centerpiece


    pom pom gumball

    Priscilla Araya/Pinterest

    Bring back happy candy shop memories with this tissue paper pom-pom and gumball centerpiece from My Spare Time.

  • Teddy Bear Tissue Paper Honeycomb Balls


    teddy bear tissue paper honeycomb balls


    The addition of a few paper cutouts turns regular hanging honeycomb balls into adorable teddy bears.

  • Well Wishes Welcome Sign


    custom wood sign

    Kara’s Party Ideas/Pinterest

    Give guests a place to pass along some words of encouragement for the mom-to-be with this custom wood sign.

  • Bunny Hot Air Balloon


    bunny hot air balloon

    Kara’s Party Ideas/Pinterest

    Also from Kara’s Party Ideas, this bunny hot air balloon will give everyone’s spirits a lift.

  • Gender-Themed Cup Centerpieces


    cup centerpieces


    Great for gender-reveal showers (or just gender-themed showers), these are easily assembled using some cute print-outs, ribbons, cups, and sticks or straws.

  • Floating Rubber Duckies Centerpiece


    floating rubber duckies


    Quite possibly the easiest centerpiece ever, and so much fun!

  • Painted Mason Jar Centerpiece


    painted mason jars


    Proving once again that mason jars are every DIY-er’s best friend, these painted vases are perfectly rustic.

  • Baby Blocks Table Decor


    baby blocks


    Cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, and letters from the craft store are all it takes to make this cheerful tower of blocks.

  • Lollipop Bouquet Centerpiece


    lollipop bouquet

    Raspberry Creative/Pinterest

    Basically every grown-up kid’s dream come true, this lollipop bouquet from Raspberry Creative might get eaten before the shower is over.

  • Easy-to-Make Balloon Centerpiece


    balloon centerpieces

    Amy Roach/Pinterest

    A little tulle makes anything look ballerina-esque, as these easy balloon centerpieces from Cutest Baby Showers demonstrate.

  • Rose Centerpiece


    rose centerpiece

    Teepee Girl/Pinterest

    This elegant rose centerpiece would probably be super pricey to buy — but it’s not expensive to make!

  • Baby Shoes Flower Holder


    baby shoe flowers

    Gina Guarnaccia Deckworth/Pinterest

    The best part about these flower holders made out of baby shoes from Mommy Baby Buzz is that when the shower is over, the mom-to-be can take the shoes home with her as gifts.

  • Balloon BottleCenterpiece


    balloon bottles

    Baby essentials/Pinterest

    Think outside the balloon box with these balloon-covered bottles from BabyPrepping.com (a less messy way to decorate bottles than paint).

  • Woodland Animals Centerpiece


    woodland animals centerpiece

    brittany goodwin/Pinterest

    Forest and nature-themed baby showers are all the rage these days, and this woodland animals centerpiece from The Rodimels is right in line with the trend.

  • Little Peanut Centerpiece


    little peanut centerpiece

    Amanda Thrall/Pinterest

    It’s a good thing mason jars come in blue (and pink). Elephant optional, though the peanut connection is undeniable.

  • Burlap Centerpiece


    burlap centerpiece

    Mauri Jane King/Pinterest

    For baby showers with a farm animal theme, this burlap covered centerpiece from The American Patriette turns a humble coffee can into a barnyard masterpiece.

  • One Color Candy Jar Centerpieces


    candy vases

    Rosa Maria/Pinterest

    No need to break out the fine crystal for these candy-filled jars from Momtastic: The whole point is the color of the candy inside.

  • Tea Light Mason Jar Centerpiece


    tea light mason jar

    The Rebel Chick {Jenn Quillen}/Pinterest

    Yet another jar-related creation, these mason jar centerpieces found on From Mom’s Desk are made with colored sand, tea lights, and ribbon.

  • Winter Branch Centerpiece


    winter branch centerpieces

    Deb Clem-Buckert/Pinterest

    Make use of all those branches in the backyard with these winter branch centerpieces from The Typical Mom (after spray-painting them white, that is).

  • Rose Gold & Glitter Wine Bottle Vase


    rose gold and glitter wine bottle vases

    DIY and Crafts/Pinterest

    Rose gold is still having a major moment, so these rose gold and glitter wine bottles from My Crafts are extra social media friendly.

  • Winnie-the-Pooh “Hunny” Pots


    winnie the pooh hunny pots

    Gurleen Toor/Pinterest

    It just doesn’t get cuter than a Winnie-the-Pooh baby shower, and these “hunny” pots from Table Decorating Ideas are guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

  • Onesie Centerpiece


    onesie centerpieces

    Alyse Buford/Pinterest

    If the impending arrival’s name hasn’t been decided yet, these onesie centerpieces from Don’t Sweat the Technique can be printed with “Baby” or some infant term of endearment instead.

  • Baby Bottle Trophy Centerpiece


    baby bottle trophy

    Tee Wall/Pinterest

    These metallic baby bottle trophies from Momtastic can serve as both centerpieces and prizes for baby shower games.

  • Rainbow Flower Vases Centerpiece


    rainbow flower vases

    Renee Vaughters/Pinterest

    Whether they’re placed one by one on tabletops or in a row by a sunny window, these rainbow flower vases from People are enchanting.

  • Diaper Bouquet Centerpiece


    diaper bouquet

    Constance Conkle/Pinterest

    Diapers aren’t just indispensable, they’re versatile, too. This diaper bouquet from Frugal Fanatic is a clever way to make sure the guest of honor is all stocked up when baby arrives.

  • Sprinkle Centerpiece


    sprinkle centerpiece

    Mary Morelion/Pinterest

    This sprinkle centerpiece from Momtastic swaps out water for the colorful sugar specks everybody loves on ice cream.

  • Bottle Rocket Centerpiece


    baby bottle rocket

    Laura Plowman/Pinterest

    Baby bottles look an awful lot like rocket ships, which is what makes this centerpiece such a breeze to create.

  • Minnie Mouse Centerpieces


    minnie mouse centerpiece

    Sarah Chambers/Pinterest

    Any and every Disney-obsessed expecting mom will fall for these Minnie Mouse centerpieces from Simply Being Abby.

  • Painted Pineapple Centerpiece


    painted pineapple

    Kourtney Hinkle/Pinterest

    These painted pineapples are sure to give a tropical-inspired baby shower major vacation vibes.

  • Car Ramp Cupcake Holder Centerpiece


    car ramp cupcake holder

    Meredith Wolfe/Pinterest

    Raid the playroom and repurpose a car ramp like this one into a wonderfully whimsical cupcake platter.

  • Mustache Man Centerpiece


    mustache balloon man

    Melissa Metz/Pinterest

    Still more proof of the versatility of balloons, just a paper mustache and a top hat can turn a plain old balloon into quite the character.

  • Little Mermaid Centerpiece


    little mermaid centerpiece


    In keeping with another popular baby shower theme at the moment, these mermaid centerpieces from 189 Market might bump “Ariel” to the top of that baby names list.

  • Butterfly Jar Centerpieces


    butterfly jars


    Put some “spring” in everybody’s step with these butterfly jars from House by Hoff.

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