15 baby shower decoration ideas for a girl

Baby showers are such fun parties to host. You finally have an occasion to pull out all the tiny snacks you saved on Pinterest and decorate an entire venue in blue or pink. While a shower for a baby girl is probably the easiest to find decorations for, you don’t want to stick with the cliche balloons and pink paper balls. It’s time to think outside the box, creating a real frilly wonderland to celebrate a new mamma and her little cherub. Take a look at these 15 ideas for the sweetest girl baby shower decorations that will inspire and thrill the whole party.

When the weather permits, who wouldn’t want a fun outdoor baby shower?

Have your heart set on paper flowers for your display? Make some giant white ones that the new momma won’t mind peeling off the wall to take home for the nursery when the shower is over.

Baby showers aren’t just for flowers. Before the party starts, go foraging for some live greenery that you can scatter around your displays and decorations. It will bring a whole new level to the party.

Most baby showers have some kind of display against a wall for the cake. If you’re looking for a quick and easy yet Instagrammable decoration, simply tape a bouquet of flowers to the wall above your dessert table.

Weddings aren’t the only occasions that deserve a bit of sparkle. Recycle that beautiful sequined tablecloth from the new mom’s wedding as a backdrop for a gorgeous metallic baby shower.

Let’s talk garlands. Sure, you could put up the classic triangle garland, but wouldn’t your party better benefit from something different? Something floral, like a rose strung garland that you’ll want to keep forever.

Garlands not really your style? Spend an afternoon with the new mamma or your co-host and make these simple wreaths that will be a lovely backdrop for your dessert table or honored chair.

Mini hanging bouquets? It doesn’t get more delicate than that! Whether you buy your hanging vases or make them yourself, you’ll probably want to use it as a photo booth background cause everyone will be taking pictures in front of them anyway.

Speaking of hanging, how adorable are these upside down umbrellas! They make a perfect accent that completes the whole picture and draws the eye upward. Not to mention they are completely appropriate for a shower.

You don’t need to spend a million dollars on frill laden umbrellas to achieve the rain shower theme. Use paper to create 3D raindrops that can drip down behind your dessert display or greet guests at the door.

No matter what the party is or the theme, you can’t go wrong with candles. Collect some simple white pillars to scatter along the tables and bring that soft glow to the event.

Can’t achieve the look you want for your dessert display with what you have? Go big and build a frame around it to wrap in balloons or greenery or garlands. If there was ever a time for a big display, it’s a celebration of new life.

Don’t imagine that your shower decor must be expensive. Have a little fun and use something unexpected to decorate with, like the wooden spoons on this patterned wall.

There is something to be said for a big beautiful balloon. Don’t settle for the party store options though. Make it bold with some big metallic letters that spell “Baby” or even the little one’s name.

If your momma-to-be is on the casual side, don’t be afraid to follow suit and create a fun and casual shower. Throw some rugs on the grass. Decorate with some patterned runners and bud vases. She’d probably enjoy a laid back shower more than a big fuss.

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