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Ocean Water- Shark Punch



This Ocean Water Shark Punch is delicious and tropical! The flavor will make you think you are laying on the beach near the ocean. Not in the ocean of course, because you wouldn’t want to get eaten by a SHARK 😉 This Ocean Water Shark Punch is sweet, delicious, and it brings the ocean vibes to your home! Make your shark week viewing parties extra fun with this easy shark party punch.  Guests of all ages will love sipping on this easy party punch recipe perfect for shark week or a hot summer day. Make it with me!



My husband is a huge shark week fan. He loves the ocean and learning all about great white sharks, orcas, and all oceanic life! This recipe idea was actually my husbands and I am so happy with the way that it turned out! 


In this recipe, you have the option of making your Shark Tank Punch, a Shark Attack Punch by adding red whipping cream to the mix. It’s not necessary and it doesn’t change the flavor much, it is just a fun addition to the already themed drink! It tastes great with or without it! 


Ocean Water- Shark Punch 
Yields 20 servings 

1 gallon Blue Hawaiian Punch 
1 liter Lemon Lime Soda
Gummy Sharks & Nerds for Garnish 
Optional: whipping cream & red food coloring 

In a large drink dispenser, pour the blue Hawaii and lemon lime soda. Add ice and mix. 

In individual cups, place nerds in the bottom for a sand effect. Then, add the drink mix, extra ice, and gummy sharks. 

Make the shark punch have a shark attack by adding a splash of red whipping cream. Enjoy! 

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