Baby shower Printable

baby shower planning checklist printable

Hosting a successful baby shower party starts with staying organized and planning ahead of time.

it might seem easy to plan it but there a lot to forget unless you have a checklist and steps to follow along the way .

so having a checklist is mandatory to stay organized and stress free while you have something at hand to remind you of what’s done and what’s left .

If you don’t have a baby shower checklist, you can easily forget important things.

to prevent that from happening we put together a printable checklist to help you plan your baby shower , while keeping in mind to keep it flexible and open for new ideas that you might want to add .

this checklist suggest that you start plan 3 months before but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it in less time .it just give you more time to plan ahead stress free .

this printable checklist has also a note section on the side to help you track ideas that you might find here and there , or important notes from mom to be …

also we went and added a guest list and gift list printable to help you handle the planning of a Baby Shower with ease. Just print out as many as you need and fill in all your guest’s information. both will help you make sure you don’t forget anything important .

tips to keep in mind while planning baby shower

Here are some tips to keep in mind while planning the baby shower ,

  • Before you start planning, make a list of some of her favorite things to help you narrow down your design options.
  • Make sure any major baby shower planning decisions are made with the expectant mother in mind.
  • choose fun invitations to keep guest exited about the big day
  • Keep in mind that simplest decorations end end up making the biggest statement.
  • if your baby shower favors consist plants consider making theme as decoration during the party.
  • If you make the gifts the centerpiece of the shower you can save money and time.
  • Take advantage of these cheap printables if you’re looking for games, advice cards, and more.

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