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Inside a baby shower baseball theme

What’s better than one adorable baseball baby shower?
TWO adorable baseball baby showers and THREE sweet little baby boys!

My friend, Genelle, found out she was having twin boys and I couldn’t wait to host a shower for her. She decided to decorate the boys’ nursery in a vintage baseball theme. As soon as she told me the theme, I spent days researching baseball baby showers and birthday parties. There are so many cute ideas out there—I almost didn’t know where to begin. I knew I’d need lots of baseballs, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks. But, I also wanted the decorations to be specific to the boys. So, I decided it was time to teach myself how to make Subway Art.

It’s no secret that I love my Subway Art, but usually I download it from Eighteen25. Making it was a lot of fun and I love how it turned out. I included the boys names, fun baseball fonts, and sports terms.

I borrowed lots of baseball equipment from my friend, Susan, and promised her boys that I would return it all as soon as the shower was over. :O) The used glove and dirty baseballs were beautiful… that is, as beautiful as dirt can be!

I also made this embroidery hoop wall hanging. It was a last minute craft project (like driving to Hobby Lobby at 7pm the night before the shower kind of last minute) and turned out to be my very favorite decoration. I put burlap in a large embroidery hoop and very lightly applied white paint over the entire surface. I didn’t want it to be bright white and wanted the burlap texture to shine through. Then, I used red paint to add the stitches. Done!

There were lots of other decorations around the house… pennants, baseball pictures, and Big League Chew bubble gum!

I decided to make the climb up to my 3rd floor apartment a little more exciting.  Using sidewalk chalk, I drew bases from the ground floor up to my front door.

The guests all stopped at the “All-Star Check In” to autograph a baseball for the boys. It was a fun way to incorporate a guestbook and it can be displayed in the boys’ room or played with once they’re older.

Everyone went home with a box of Cracker Jacks! 

These little beauties were a labor of love, but so cute and delicious that it was worth all the work. I made cake pops and added red stitching to make them look like baseballs.

The food was all ball park inspired…. hot dogs, nachos, and pretzels. Plus, fruit and veggies… which, I realize, you’d never find at an actual baseball game, but they were arranged to look like a baseball field.

Our friend, Courtenay gave Genelle these perfect little baseball onesies.

Alissa’s theme is also vintage baseball—with orange and blue as the primary colors. I used all the same decorations, but changed the colors to match. It was so much fun to see all the details come together. I loved the diaper cake. It was topped with a heart shaped Valentine lollypop that looks like a baseball. Perfect!

we had tables set up for the guests and each one was decorated with baseball themed snacks… peanuts, BabyRuth candy bars, CrackerJacks, sunflower seeds, Twizzlers, cotton candy, snickers bars, and Big League Chew bubble gum. Yum!

the food again was delicious

And the treats were just as sweet as the company!

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