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Creative and Unique Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun To Play

Baby showers can suck. No one wants to watch a woman open onesies and bottle sets and nipple cream for two hours. NO ONE!!!
The goal is to host a party. Make it fun. Have people bring adorable stuff for the baby and mommy.

How Many Candies:

Large baby bottle shaped bank filled with candies. Guess how many are in it.

Baby Word Scramble

choose 20 baby-related words and “scrambled” the letters. Here’s a hint: if you pick your own words, alphabetize the letters in the words, even BELOTT is hard to figure out.

for more ideas check this out : free Printable bingo cards

Baby Face :

Take head shots of mom and dad a week before the party and make sure they both are looking straight forward .
crop the pictures so that they fit on an 8 x 10 and that their heads were the same size.
add “cut” lines to cut slices for each of their foreheads, eyes, noses, mouths, and chins.
print the pictures on card stock, cut the slices, and laid them out on a table for guests to “construct” a possible baby face.
Warning: the resulting faces can be creepy!

Cute as a Button:

Use a paper punch to punch out a bunch of card stock buttons. (Or bottles) “hid” them around the apartment in very obvious places such as on tables, in picture frames, in plants, etc. tell the Guests to collect the buttons and the guest with the most buttons won.

Sooooo Big :

Guests cut a length of ribbon as long as they think the mom-to-be is around.
Note: you can use yarn if you have some good colors on hand.but Ribbon would have been much cuter.

Play-Doh Baby :

Buy “party-sized” Play-Doh. It comes in a big bag with a bunch of small containers of Play-Doh. Ask Guests to build a baby using one container. Mommy and Daddy chose their favorite baby for the winner.

Who’s Watching the Baby?

When guests arrive, give them a small baby doll. Tell them that they could either hold on to it, put it down, or pass it on to someone else. Any babies put down could be scooped up by other guests. Guest with the most babies wins.

Baby Chug

Buy a bunch of the cheapest baby bottles I could find. fill them each with 3 oz of apple Juice. Guests attempt to be the first ones to empty their baby bottles. Not allowed to remove the nipple in any way. Tip: Baby bottles empty slowly, even when you’re trying. Could easily have gone with 2 ounces.

Pin the Sperm on the Uterus

if you want a version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey that wouldn’t send guests scurrying to other rooms. No one wants to be blindfolded or spun around. this is a great alternative.
assemble a construction paper uterus and construction paper and ribbon sperm.
Ask Guests to write their name on a sperm and stick it onto the uterus (so their name didn’t show). Once all the sperm had been “placed,” Mommy¬†was blindfolded and spun (just once) and had to stick an egg on to the uterus. Closest sperm to the newly placed egg won.

And in case you want more tips on how to create the games here are an other 20 awesome games and activities .

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