DIY Baby Shower Decor Idea — the Towel Cakes

How to make baby shower decor.

How to make baby shower decor. In today’s tutorial we’ll craft amazing baby party decorations. These wonderful DIY ideas will help you to make the party unforgettable!

Draw the biggest possible circle with a pair of compasses.Outline a smaller circle inside. Cut out half of the outer circle.

Join the ends to form a frustum of a cone. It will be a cake basket. Stick the ends.

To make the bottom of the basket trace the circle. Cut out.Make flaps to attach the bottom to the cone. Two ones will be enough. Fold the flaps.

Add hot glue. Attach inside.

Let’s fill the basket. Roll up the towel imitating a cream topping.Put into the paper basket to finish the cake.Make a couple of more similar cakes of different size and color.

Cut out additional elements.To make such an embellishment we need a pin.Use either hot or multipurpose glue. Here it is!

Decorate the cakes.The splendid towel cakes will both decorate the baby shower and be used by the mother-to-be later on.

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