DIY baby shower guest book ideas

We’ll make a guest book to leave wishes for the expectant mother and her baby. 

Underlay a paper sheet to protect the surface. Paint the frame.

When the paint is dry, pin up thumbtacks to the backside of the frame.Make a interval between them.Press over the thumbtacks leaving about a half above the surface.Pin up 5 pieces per side. Shift a bit to fix the thumbtacks on the opposite side.

Take white and pink threads. Wind the white thread around the thumbtacks.Pull up the thread to the opposite side and then back to form a zig zag.

Fix the thread by hamming the thumbtacks. Cut out the excess.

Fasten the pink thread to the free thumbtacks. Thus it will criss-cross the white thread by a new zig zag.Hammer the thumbtacks. Cut out the excess thread. Here it is!This is how the front side should look like.

Draw a baby sole on the light paper. Cut it out. Erase the pencil.Make 6-7 silhouettes of the right and left soles. Use different paper.

Take small decorative clothespins. Spread them over the ropes.

Fasten the soles.

Now any guest can leave a wish for the mother-to –be and a baby on the original sole-cards. You will be able to put them off the rope after the party and keep in a pregnancy scrapbook for long.

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