baby shower candy bar game with answers free printable

Candy Bar Baby Shower Game

The purpose of the game is to have guests match terms related to pregnancy and childbirth with the name or look of a candy. For example, the word “pacifier” might be matched with Ring Pop candy. For this variation, you don’t actually have to have the candy bars on hand. The goal is to get as many candy bars that match the term as possible. So, for each word, you could have more than one answer and score multiple points.

How to Play and Score

Because it might be difficult for some guests to think of various candy bar names, you could have guests play in pairs or teams. You might be surprised to discover that guests come up with quite a few candy bar names, including some you haven’t thought of!

  1. Give the guests about three minutes to play the game. Either keep time or assign someone to do it for you.
  2. Have guests list as many candy bar names as possible that could be linked to each of the terms. For some, there may only be one name that fits, but for others, there may be several options. For example, poopy diaper might be matched with Tootsie Roll and Milk Duds.
  3. Guests get one point for each correct answer. The player with the most points wins.

You’ll need to print the Answer Sheet and Candy Bar List to start.

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baby shower candy bar game with answers
baby shower candy bar game with answers

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