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How to make a diaper cake motorcycle gift

If you’ve ever known any parents of tiny babies, or have had any tiny babies of your own, you know that there’s nothing a parent needs more of than diapers. Seriously, you can never have enough. Ever.

That’s why diapers are a perfect gift for any baby shower. But if you’re giving them as a gift, you might as well make them look good, right?

That was the idea behind creating an adorable motorcylce-shaped centerpiece for a baby shower,

Supplies needed

2 sided tape, Rubber bands, 2 bibs, 5 receiving blankets, 2 small baby bottles, 1 sippy cup, 1 baby washcloth, 1 pr. booties, 1 box, Sz.6, baby diapers. = 54 total. 2 toilet paper rolls. Ribbon, Extras for decoration. Shop the dollar store. It’s a BIG help!


  • I use a frying pan to hold my diapers as I form them into a wheel, 27 diapers per tire. The 3 wheel bikes, take a smaller diaper sz. for a smaller wheel. Secure them with a huge rubber band. Your toilet paper roll is the axel.
  • Then start putting it together. Rolling your blankets & weaving them thru. Secure things with 2 sided tape & rubber bands.
  • The sippy cup is the headlight. Bibs are the fenders, Booties for the gripes, Receiving blankets are the frame & handles. Ribbon, rubber bands & 2 sided tape holds everything together.

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