12 ideas on how to plan a baby shower on a budget

Even if you don’t have the budget of a celebrity, you can still have a gorgeous shower that’s every bit as special. Check out our list of ideas for throwing a baby shower on a budget.

1. Pick a Time In Between Meals

If you select a late morning or early afternoon time for your shower, you will avoid having to serve a full meal. Caterers and multiple meal items will add up and take up a huge portion of your budget. Guests are equally happy eating cake, fruit and veggie trays and light appetizers. You can make your own or purchase inexpensively, saving yourself tons of money on expensive prepared food.

2. Borrow, Borrow, Borrow

If you’ve got friends who are pregnant along with you, chances are they have shower items that you can borrow. Decorations like bunting, baby books or plain onesies are generic enough that mutual friends probably won’t think you’ve shared. Also, see who has serving ware such as mason jars, platters and beverage carafes that will save you both money and space after the event. No storing bulky items that you will rarely use!

3. Skip Paper & Mail Invites

Ordering custom invitations can be costly, not to mention postage thanks to our postal service. There are tons of electronic invitation sites (my personal favorite is Punchbowl) where you can select gorgeous baby shower invites that can be instantly sent out. Even better, you can see who’s read your email, RSVP’d and answer any questions all in the same place.

4. Don’t Pay For Space

Unless you have over 100 people coming, avoid spending money on a rental location. Not only will you end up having to pay for just the space, you may end up having to chip in for insurance, food from their vendor (or pay extra to bring outside food), plus decorations. If the seasons are in favor, try using a park or backyard. If you live in a cold weather climate, try a friends home with a large living room.

5. Multiple Hosts

Hosting a party can be overwhelming. Join in with several friends to share in the planning and cost of throwing a shower. Set a specific budget for each person/committee (food, decoration, etc), and you will all enjoy the party more!

6. Free Games

Ladies love playing shower games and there’s no reason to spend money on fancy ones. Visit FrugalFanatic.com to download favorites like baby bingo and baby word search!

7. Make Your Own Decorations

Use your crafting skills to make your own decorations will save a lot of room in your budget, not to mention give your shower a personal touch. There are tons of ideas for paper flowers, bunting, water bottle covers, and favors on Pinterest that will get you decorating in no time!

8. Bargain Shop

Baby showers often require decorations that you may not use on a regular basis, so save money and shop your local dollar store. Keep an eye out for the basics, like clothes pins, plastic table covers, candle holders,  ribbon, balloons, tissue paper and picture frames to display menus and station locations.

9. Pick a Theme

You can use colors or a more detailed theme like a children’s book. Any way you decide, having a theme will help coordinate the decorations so you have a pulled together look which will look fancier than it costs!

10. Favors

I cannot recall a single favor from a baby shower (except my own) that I can remember. That being said, know that baby shower favors are absolutely not essential to throwing a shower. If you still want to provide your guests with a thank you for coming, make it useful, such as a hand sanitizer they can use when they come visit your new baby or a bookmark with your due date so they’ll think of you when the time comes.

11. Desserts

Whether your planning a large cake or mini-cupcakes, everyone appreciates a little sweet treat at a baby shower. Instead of dropping a lot of cash on an expensive, designer cake, tap in to your guest list! See if any relatives or friends can bring their famous cookies or delicious delicacies. It’s a great way to show the mama-to-be how much they care!

12. Use Decorations As Game Prizes

If you’re playing a few party games, it’s customary to hand out prizes to the winners. Instead of spending extra money on giveaways, why not use those floral decorations as prizes? They will help keep your cost down by not having to buy extra supplies, but also ensure all those beautiful flowers went to good use.

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