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7 Inexpensive baby shower prizes from dollar stores

One thing you need for Inexpensive baby shower prizes or gifts for the winners of the games you play at the bay shower. I wanted to keep each gift around/under $15, which I was able to do! I got the majority of my stuff at Target and a few other things at the liquor store, Michael’s, Walmart, Walgreen and Dollar Tree. I will list the prices and where I got the items below each picture of the supplies. I hope you all enjoy!

Scented Candles Gift Sets

Inexpensive baby shower prizes

These Scented candles are made of entirely natural organic and plant pure soy materials , they come in a pack of 8 and they cost 15$

they are also available on amazon :

Bath Bomb Gift Prizes

Inexpensive baby shower prizes

bath bombs make a great gift prize but If you want to buy them Individually they are so expensive at Lush so I’m thrilled about this package of 40.

Each one is wrapped tight in a tissue type paper but as you can see I also bagged and tagged them .

This Package of 40 costs 39$ so it less than 1$ for each bath bomb.

Miscellaneous Items Used:

  • Walmart:
  • Different colored crinkle paper: Small Bag: $.50  / Big Bag: $1.00
  • Tulle Roll: $1.00
  • Target:
  • String: $1.00

Bloody Mary Kit


Liquor store: Mini cans of Bloody Mary mix: $.89 each Mini bottle of vodka: $1.79
Target: Glass jar: $.50 Straws: 25 pack for $.50
Dollar Tree: Blue baskets: 3 for $1.00

Stationery Bundles


I made two different types based on the supplies I saw in Target’s dollar section 🙂
Supplies all from Target

Tropical bundle Pineapple note pad: $1.00 Flamingo cards: $1.00 Gel pens: $1.00 Pink and green notepad: $1.00 Mini notepad: 2 for $1.00
Old school bundle Pencils: $1.00 Thank you cards: $1.00 Erasers: $1.00 Notepad: $1.00 Mini notepad: 2 for $1.00

Journal Bundle


Michael’s  Pens: $.50
each Keychain: $.50
Thank you cards: $.50
Journal: $2.00

*I put the thank you cards in the journal packaging to make it easier to put the bundle together!

Shower Travel Kit


Target: Travel size shampoo: $1.00 Travel size conditioner: $1.00 Travel size body wash: $1.00 Cosmetic bag: $2.00

Shower Travel Kit 2


Walgreens: Travel size shampoo: $1.00 Travel size conditioner: $1.00 Travel size body wash: $.75 Cosmetic bag: $1.00

Manicure Kit


Target: Mason jar: $.50 Mini nail polish remover: $.60 Nail clipper kit: $2.00 Nail polishes: $1.00 each Cotton balls: $1.00 (only used a few, kept the rest for me!)

Moisturizing Kit


Target: Mason jars: $.50 each Blistex: $1.00 for each Soft lips: $3.00 for 2 Travel size lotion: $1.00

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