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  1. Before the shower, make a list of common baby items. Such as diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, bottles, pacifiers, teething toys, bibs, burp rags, rattles, etc. (customize this list to your own liking).
  2. Go shopping for the items on your list. Make sure to keep the receipt so you have the prices of these items handy. Once the game is done, give the items to the mom to be.
  3. Have the guests right down what they think each item costs. Have them total up the combined cost of all items.
  4. Once everyone is finished, check answers and let the guests know what the actual cost of the item was.
  5. Give them your grand total and the guest that is the closest, without going over, wins!
  6. Here are printable sample lists of items.


  1. Before the shower, make, print, and cut the pictionary cards. One set per team.
  2. At the shower, create the teams, and give each team a paper pad and pencil or a marker and marker board.
  3. One member of the team picks a card out of a hat/cup, and draws the word for their teammates to guess.
  4. Use a timer to time the teams. Once the timer stops the team can no longer guess what their teammate is drawing. The team with the most correct answers before the timer stops, wins.
  5. Here is a sample list of baby shower pictionary cards.


  1. Look up pregnant and beer belly’s on google. Crop them to your liking and create baby or beer belly handouts. 
  2. Give these handouts to the guests at the shower and whoever gets the most correct answers, wins!
  3. Here are sample handouts for you to refer to.


  1. Buy several different jars of baby food. 
  2. With a permanent marker, number the lids of the jars 1 through however many different flavors you buy. Then remove the labels, marking the jar number on the back of the corresponding label. Hide the labels to use as an answer key.
  3. The guests are able to look at them, smell them, and taste them if they dare. Then right down what flavor they believe it is, on the card provided. 
  4. The guest that has the most correct answers, wins!


  1. You will need two of these boards.
  2. Break the guests up into teams of 4 (or more), you can break them up into teams of 2 (although, this will take much longer for all the guests to be able to play).
  3. So a team of 4 will be playing against a team of 4. Use velcro to velcro the diapers to the boards.
  4. Using ping pong balls, the players will try to make the balls into the diapers. Once the ball has been made into the diaper, pull that diaper off the board.
  5. Take turns among the players who gets to toss the ping pong ball.
  6. The team that gets all of the diapers pulled off the board first, wins!


  1. You will need several bottles for this game.
  2. Fill each bottle halfway, with a beer, or if not wanting to use beer, apple juice.
  3. The player who is able to chug their drink the fastest, through the nipple, wins!


  1. Break up guests into teams. 
  2. Use regular jeopardy rules, where answers must be given as questions. If you do not have a buzzer, just have guests raise their hand.
  3. The team with the most points at the end of the game, wins!
  4. Create your board to your liking. Here is a nursery rhyme themed jeopardy.


  1. Break the guests into two teams, this is a relay.
  2. You will want the baby boards, as shown in the photo, so the guests are not getting baby food on their clothes. I would also play this outside, so baby food is not getting dripped on the floor.
  3. The first player on the team will be sent to stand with their face in the board. The second player will be blindfolded.
  4. The blindfolded player will spin ten times. Once they are done spinning, they will race down to the player holding the board and try to feed them the baby food. Once they get a spoon full of baby food in the mouth, they will take off the blindfold and are now the player standing behind the board. The player standing behind the board will go to the end of the blindfolding line.
  5. The first team to finish their relay line, wins!


  1. Blind fold each guest when it is their turn, doing this one at a time.
  2. The guest must diaper the doll.
  3. The guest that diapers the doll properly, in the least amount of time, wins!


  1. Buy a few different types of candy bars.
  2. Write down all the names of the different candy bars and number them.
  3. Place the candy bars into separate bowls and microwave them for 30-45 seconds or however long it takes for them to become mushy. 
  4. Scrape each candy bar into their own separate diaper and smoosh it a little.
  5. Write the coordinating candy bar number on the outside of the diaper so you can keep track of what diaper had what candy bar in it.
  6. Pass the diapers around among the guests. They can smell, touch, or taste the “poop” to guess what candy bar is in the diaper.
  7. The guest with the most correct answers, wins!


  1. Everyone draws 10 White Cards to get set up.
  2. Each round one person will read a question/fill-in-the-blank from a Black Card. Switch the card reader each round. 
  3. Each round, everyone but the card reader will choose the White Card from their hand that they think is the funniest answer to the Black Card. (Black cards with two or more blanks will require an equal amount of answer cards from players!)
  4. The card reader will pick a winner by choosing the one they think is the funniest.
  5. The funniest answer gets a point.
  6. Everyone draws new White Cards so that they again have 10 cards and the cycle repeats.
  7. The player with the most points wins.
  8. You can find some free printables, here


  1. Break the guests into two teams. This game is a relay.
  2. Send one player from each team to the opposite side of the room as the other players. Have these two players put a roll of toilet paper between their legs.
  3. The first player from each relay line puts a plunger in between their legs. When its time to start the person with the plunger has to waddle over and insert the plunger into the toilet paper roll. No using hands.
  4. Once the plunger is inserted, the person with the plunger now becomes the person with the toilet paper. The person with the toilet paper goes to the end of the relay line.
  5. The first team to get through their relay line, wins!

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