Throw Your Own Baby Shower

Why baby shower ?

The thought behind a baby shower is that babies are expensive. And usually it’s pretty hard to buy EVERYTHING you need for a baby yourself all at once. So your friends and family pitch in to buy you stuff. And we have baby showers as sort of a gift giving ceremony.  It’s usually only women and girls that attend the shower. (Which, can we change that? Men need to get in on this, too.) Most of the time a friend or family member hosts the shower for the expectant mom.

What if no one offered to host a baby shower for you?

If you don’t have anyone close to you that can or will throw your baby shower for you, you can always throw your own. It’s a little against tradition, but no one is stopping you. Some circumstances you might find yourself in if you have to throw your own baby shower:

  • You don’t have any female family members. (Men don’t think of these things.)
  • Your close female family members live far away.
  • Your family or friends would like to throw your shower but can’t because of time or money constraints.
  • No one has offered to throw your shower because they all expect someone else to do it.

But even if tradition says someone else host’s your baby shower, that doesn’t mean you can’t break tradition and do it yourself!

here is what you get if you decide to throw a baby shower yourself :

  • You get a baby shower!
  • You can pick out exactly what you want from themes to food and favors
  • you get to do everything and it’s a lot of work

but if you see that planning and throwing your own baby shower is hard and it may cost you much you may consider throwing a virtual baby shower and her is how you do it easily

Here’s how it works:

  1. You register for gifts on Amazon.
  2. Invite your friends on Facebook.
  3. Your friends can buy gifts and have them shipped to your house.
  4. You keep all of the packages in one spot (No peeking!)
  5. At the time of your baby shower, go live on Facebook and open your gifts. Your friends and family can comment and talk to you and each other.

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