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Button Sugar Cookies

Looking at birth announcements, I found one that said “cute as a button” and it was perfect because he was about the size of a button.  I only wish I knew how to make cookies back then. 🙂

  • fondant 
  • AmeriColor Sky Blue Soft Gel Paste Food Color
  • bench scraper
  • tips: Wilton 4B, and #1 or #2 plain tips
  • cornstarch
  • rolling pin
  • toothpicks
  • chopstick

To make the buttons, color the fondant with gel paste food coloring, kneading until fully blended.

Dust the surface and rolling pin with cornstarch to prevent sticking, a tip Buddy gave us, and roll the fondant thin, maybe 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch. Use a bench scraper to lift the fondant off the counter if necessary.

Using the back of the Wilton 4B tip as a cutter, cut out the button shape.

Mine kept getting stuck, so I used  a chopstick to nudge them out.
{PS…I’m not going to quit blogging to be a hand model anytime soon.}

With the back of the #1 or #2 tip, add the inner circle button detail, being sure not to press all the way through.

With the tip end of the #1 or #2 tip, make button holes.
{Seriously, what are those holes called? A button hole is something you push your button through.  There must be a name of the holes in the middle of a button. Anyone? Anyone?}

Use a toothpick to poke all the way through the button.
{Again…no hand modeling.}

Let dry at room temperature.  Store in an air-tight container at room temperature.

For the cookies:

  • Outline & flood the cookies with royal icing and let dry overnight.
  • Pipe the dots around the border.
  • With an AmeriColor Gourmet Writer Food Decorator Pen , add the wording. (AmeriColor pens are much better than the ones as the grocery store!)
  • Attach the buttons with a bit of royal icing.
  • Let dry several hours.

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