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14 Unique baby shower guestbook ideas

Thinking outside the box and creating a unique guest book will make your guests feel welcomed and help preserve the memory of the experience.

While there’s nothing wrong with a baby shower guest books being done in the traditional fashion, at the same time they can also be as quirky or sentimental as the new mom desires.

Here are 14 baby shower guest book ideas we’ve gathered that will help guide you in planning for your event. If you still need to send out baby shower invites, make sure you get them out in a timely fashion!

Wood Frame and Die Cut Cards

Signature Guest Book with Wood Frame and Die Cut Cards

what people are saying about it :

I placed this frame out at the baby shower for the guests to sign. The ladies loved it and it turned out to be a memorable keepsake.

Product is well made, sturdy, and super cute.


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Baby Love with wooden hearts

What people are saying about it :

I purchased this for a friend’s shower as a cute way to commemorate everyone that came. The frame is nicely made and has a little cut out to use for a picture. For the shower we used an ultrasound picture, but after the baby is born, she plans to put a newborn picture in. Make sure you have a permanent marker available as one is not included, but everything else necessary to make a memorable day is. Unique!

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Puzzle Pieces guest book

Puzzle Pieces guest book for baby shower

If you agree with the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”, then you can bet that those who attend a baby shower will be part of that community.

Deciding to use puzzle pieces as the guest book for the event is a sweet little way to commemorate that sentiment amongst the inner circle.

When the little one decides to put them together, it will be a great lesson in patience while teaching them about their support network.

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Thumbprint Tree Guest book

What better way for the guests at your baby shower to leave their own “personal touch” than by leaving their own thumbprints as the leaves on a picture of a tree.

Fingerprint Tree Canvas baby shower guest book

The ink dries quickly, so guests can also add their signature afterwards.

When the child starts to grow up, it will remind them of the people who have supported them since the beginning and show that their family tree extends further than just their relatives.

What people say about this :

This was a big hit at my daughter’s baby shower! It’s high quality canvas. The fingerprints show up magnificently – and you have an adorable keepsake to go on the wall instead of hidden on a page in baby book. Materials are high quality. Shipping was fast. Excellent experience.


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Cloud Drop Baby Themed Guest Book

Cloud Drop Top Frame Baby Themed Guest Book

This is a sweet idea for your baby shower. Good quality and fun! There are only 30 clouds I believe so might not be best for larger parties/events.

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Whale Guest book

If you’re planning an underwater theme for the baby shower or the nursery, then this floating whale concept may be right up your alley. All you would need are a few circular mailing labels with their names and notes to act as balloons attached to the lines. Good thing that their inspiring thoughts will be uplifting—they are supposed to carry a whale after all!

Start with labels in the colors of your nursery. You will also need markers for guests to sign the labels.  Light (silver or white) markers will work best for dark labels.

 You will also need to print some art for baby’s guest book.  If you love whales, click on the image below or here to print this version.  If you are not into the whales, just print the character or clip art of your choice.  You can add the balloon “lines” with a marker after printing.  My version is intended to be framed as an 11 x 14 however you can print on a standard 11 x 17 page size and trim if that is more cost effective.

You will need to put your printed art onto a hard surface for the baby shower.  I used a chalkboard but you can get creative with this one.  Be sure to secure with something non-permanent like washi tape.

Be sure to add this baby shower guest book idea to your shower plans!  This fun activity will be the perfect way to welcome baby into the world!

Pumpkin Guest Book

For any mothers expecting an autumn baby, this pumpkin guest book is a fun, unique way to have guests sign in at the baby shower.

You may even want to consider a fake pumpkin, as it can serve as a decoration for years to come.

If you do, it could be a fun added bonus to take an annual Halloween picture with the pumpkin in hand so that everyone who signed it can see just how much your little one has grown.

If you want to include a pumpkin themed Guest book but you don’t have time to put this idea together , this cute adorable guest book available on amazon is a good alternative :

pumpkin guest book

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Framed Ultrasound Guest book

It doesn’t get much more sentimental at a baby shower than displaying the ultrasound for all to see.

It will be the first glimpse that the guests will have to see of the baby. Having a framing mat for guests to sign adds a nice touch and serves as another great art piece for the nursery.

Once the baby is old enough, you can even use it to explain who was there to support them from the very beginning.

you Can choose one of the available styles below , depending on which one aligning with your baby shower theme :

style 1: twinkle twinkle little star style

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style 2

It comes with a marker and it’s well designed white frame you can also use it as a part of the baby shower decoration.

what people say about it :

This was a hit with my daughter. I had everyone sign it when they arrived at her baby shower and now she has something to remember her special day for years to come. It was very well made and definitely a hit because it was different than the normal sign in book for an event!:)


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style 3: Pearhead’s baby shower guestbook photo frame

Pearhead's baby shower guestbook photo frame

what people are saying about it :

I used this for my baby shower as the guestbook. It came with all the little circle stickers together on big sheets. I didn’t want people smudging other people’s writing, so I cut all of the circles out individually and had everyone drop their circle in a cup when they were done writing!

I left the plastic sample signature sheet on display during the shower so people knew what they were doing. It was a hit! It turned out great! And it was super simple to put all together after the fact. So glad I went with this!


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style 4 : Pearhead”Hello Little One” Guest Signature Sonogram Frame

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6. Checked Photo Collage

This baby shower jumped outside of the box and into a photo booth. Allow your guests to write their own notes on any small writing surface, then snap a photo with your smart phone.

Later on you can create a checkered photo collage that brings them all together.

You can even decide on what special photo hashtag you’ll use for the child, so they’ll know how to keep up with all the special moments that you’ll post over the years.

7. Fingerprint Rain Drops Guest book

Forecast tears of joy with some fingerprint rain drops. Start by simply tracing an image of a baby carriage on a sheet of cardstock. Then include instructions to their guests to add their fingerprints pretending to be rain drops—it is a baby “shower” after all!

Mini Plyo Box Guest Book

This fitness friendly shower decided to use a mini plyo box as their guest book to go along with their paleo and Crossfit theme. This can be perfect for the Mom who wants to have some extra motivation to get back into tip-top shape after their pregnancy. After the child starts walking it can also able be used as a stepping stool when they start learning how to wash their hands and brush their teeth.

Diapergram Guest Book

This baby shower decided to have their guests write a note directly on the diapers. So if you ever need an extra pair for the baby, you’ll be sure to get a good laugh. Imagine trying to keep a straight face while the baby is squirming around and you’re trying to read a cute, goofy note from Grandma!


Allow your guests show their support by having them sign their name or a small note on a little illustration of a balloon. You may be floating on cloud nine upon seeing the final product. Later on, hanging this piece in the nursery or playroom will keep your spirits lifted.

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