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11 Cute and unique woodland baby shower ideas

Are you Planning a woodland themed baby shower ?

here are some woodland baby shower ideas that will make you guests enjoy the woodland visit .

Cute cake toppers

Bring the woodland forest to your next event with these handcrafted critter toppers.
These are larger than average cake toppers!and handmaded with durable cardstock paper.

Available in Etsy Store

Woodland themed Table

Wood you like some inspiration for a woodland themed baby shower , then you might want to check this Diy tutorial and how she made everything including the table above .

Woodland themed Table

If you’re planning a woodland themed baby shower then you will of course want some tasty treats that will be in keeping with the woodland theme. You can do this by having log cakes, woodland animal shaped cookies, delicious toffee apples and fruits and nuts. You can place these all on a table topped with faux branches and pine cones to create your woodland themed buffet.

check full tuto here

Tea-punch with wood Decor

Here’s the tea-punch recipe. This will serve about 16 guests.  I got the recipe from a dear lady at my former church. Boy, can that lady throw a Christmas party…and her family makes great wine, too, by the way!


  • 4 2-liter bottles of Sprite
  • 4 raspberry zinger teabags

Directions: Take 2 cups of sprite out and put it into a small tupperware container.  Add the teabags to it, and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.  Refrigerate the 4 bottles of Sprite too.  Right before the party, put 2 bottles of Sprite plus 2 cups of the mixture in a pitcher or punch bowl or other serving container.  Add another bottle of Sprite and another cup of mixture whenever needed.  Super delicious and oh so easy! 

S’mores Pops

s’mores pops with marshmallows, melted chocolate, and crushed graham crackers. these are great for any baby shower not just woodland baby shower .

yo can read the full recipe and directions here .

Woodland Animal Centerpiece Stakes

Woodland Animal Centerpiece Stakes

These Little Bits Homemade centerpieces are best selling on etsy would be perfect accessory for your baby shower!

They are simple, sweet, and make a big impact on a small budget.

 All of our centerpiece stakes are made with premium cardstock and wooden stakes. They are also double sided.

Woodland Baby Shower Decorations Kit

woodland for baby shower decoration

This woodland decoration kit would a perfect fit for your baby shower theme . it’s easy to set up and has more than 15 items .

Stuffed Forest Animals

Plush Treehouse with Animals

super soft cute little stuffed animals  peeking out of the tree in different areas and there is even a little door on one side.

This could be used as centerpiece or to decorate a diaper cake , it’s adorable and well made the Best thing about it is it is also a toy for baby afterwards when they are around 6 months or so.

The mommy to be will loved it and her tiny lil man will enjoy cuddling his new tiny friends and storing them back in the tree home when he isn’t playing with them.

Woodland Themed Honeycomb Centerpieces

woodland baby shower decoration2

Package including 7 cute animals:

  • fox,
  • owl,
  • squirrel,
  • raccoon,
  • hedgehog,
  • deer,
  • bear
  • 1 tree.

Woodland Creatures Tableware Bundle

Woodland Creatures - Baby Shower or Birthday Party Tableware Plates, Cups, Napkins - Bundle

This bundle will the perfect set for your woodland creature themed baby shower.  your guests will be surely impressed .

with these plate and napkins you will add a lot to the decoration you already set .

woodland creatures cupcakes wrappers

These cupcake wrappers are another great addition to you baby decoration , they fir well on the cupcakes and they are easy to assemble .

Woodland Party Favor Bags

These woodland gift bags are made of eco-friendly and and they come with thank you stickers to seal the bag.

bright and cute Will definitely bring a huge impact to your party

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