Your Guide To Best Elephant baby shower decorations

Baby shower Elephant theme is one of the most cutest theme to go with , as it is one of the most trending themes for year and continues to become more popular .

Not to forget the large availability supplies and ideas for the little peanut theme . and it works great for both boys and girls .

in this post i made a collection of decorations that you might need while planning your baby shower .

elephant baby shower decorations for boys

All in One Packages

We started with package decoration as it has everything you need from banners to balloons for one time purchase , and you don’t need to go and buy every decoration separately .

Some of the things I loved about these:

  • easy to put together (it took me about 7 min to assemble everything, and another 5-7 min to hang them)

  • fashionable yet simple design (most of the other decorations tend to focus on pink/golden colors…too much for me)

  •  sufficient decorations for a small dining room or a bigger living room (I tried both when making up my mind)

  • decorations are easily reusable in the baby’s room for everyday decorations

Cupcake Toppers & cake toppers

For cake toppers we picked the top nice looking once , just choose the one that fits the cake you will be making for baby shower .

For cup cake Toppers you can go with those two designs below . they both have an elephant image printed front and back of the cupcake topper .
and even though they are cheap but they look great when displayed .


For the centerpieces we again picked the most good looking once with elephant baby shower theme .

just choose the one that you like the most . also the one that has enough number of sets for your event .


For the banners here is 4 different banners themed with blue elephant .

plates and napkins

For the plates and napkins we went and chose only two decoration that we think are the best .

the first one has :

  • 24  Paper Straws in Stripes
  • 16 Dessert Plates
  • 16 Beverage Napkins
  • 1 Table Cover,

The second one 24 SERVES and consist of :

  • tableware for 24 guests;
  • Plastic Knives,
  • Spoons,
  • Forks 
  • Paper Plates
  • Napkins
  • Cups


The best Backdrop themed with a baby elephant in the background

elephant baby shower decorations for girls

All in One Packages​



plates and napkins


elephant baby shower DIY decorations

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