Baby Shower gifts for mom

39 Unique Baby Shower Gifts for mom that are actually useful

Most times Baby Shower gifts for mom gifts are usually not on the gift registry- of course, the mom didn’t think it essential to register them. You can buy a gift for mom alongside a gift from the registry.

Diapers, cute stuffed animals, baby clothes are all common gifts gifted in a baby shower. As much as all these are great gifts, one particular person is usually the forgotten-the mother. All the shabam of a baby shower wouldn’t be possible without the mother-to-be, so why not also gift her.

Are you considering gifting the mom?

Here is a list of unique ideas that you can surprise the mom-to-be.

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Gift Cards

Restaurant gift card

Spoiling the mom with a fully paid meal and drink is a perfect gift. They not only get to choose the meal they have craved for but also get a chance to get out! The restaurant can also deliver food to the mommy on days she has been too busy to prepare a meal

Spa Gift card

If you wish to gift Mom relaxation, beauty, and pampering, then a spa gift card is the way to go. The card has no expiration date and has various offers and discounts, including gym and beauty products.


To boost her self-confidence, momma needs to takes care of herself. A spa gift card does the magic.  Even better, get the hairstylists that offer home services. This way, the mom gets to have her hair styled while keeping her eye on the baby.


With a newborn baby, there is barely enough time for one mom to get some TLC. A gift card for a mani-pedi is a great idea to show mom that she is special.

Cleaning services

There are two ways that mom can use the gift of cleaning services. One is to clean the home as she gets ready to receive her bundle of joy in her last month of pregnancy. The second option is after giving birth, especially when the house chores involved require one to bend and stretch. After the baby comes, all the attention and time will go to the baby and barely clean.


It is essential to keep mom’s car gassed up. She might need to rush to the hospital or run an important errand. A fuel gift is a simple but very vital gift

Babysitting gift card

Babysitting services will be a perfect gift, especially for moms with older kids. When mommas full attention is to the newborn, they’ll be somebody to watch the older kids. Any momma would appreciate this gift


Mom sippy cup

Baby Shower gifts for mom
Baby Shower gifts for mom


For moms who love wine, this would be a perfect gift. Make it extra special by personalizing I with their name or a funny quote

Cute “Sleeping Baby” Sign

Baby Shower gifts for mom
Baby Shower gifts for mom


The last thing a mom wants is that somebody wakes her sleeping baby. This cute mat will let visitors know that there’s a baby, and they will try to keep it hush-hush

Photography Session

A newborn photography session is an excellent gift for a keepsake for mom. Have the photographer come to her home, so she doesn’t have to take the baby out.

Monthly Milestone Blanket

Baby Shower gifts for mom


A monthly milestone blanket will help mom keep memories of each stage of the baby.

Pregnancy Gifts

Mom Survival Kit

Fill a mason jar or a box with mom’s favorite things. The kit can be for when she’s in the hospital or after the baby is born

Baby Shower gifts for mom
Baby Shower gifts for mom

Check out some items you can add to your kit

  • Lotion
  • Advil
  • Chocolates
  • Warm socks
  • Nightgown
  • Snacks
  • A cute Water bottle


Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy is designed to support the weight of the pregnant mom, and it is helpful even after birth, especially when it comes to breastfeeding the baby. The key to a comfortable pregnancy is a night of good sleep. The pillow facilitates long, safe sleep hours. Moms love the back support and positioning it provides.

You can purchase a variety of pregnancy pillows from Amazon

Pregnancy and new baby journal

Baby Shower gifts for mom
Baby Shower gifts for mom

A journal for mom to keep track of all the recent changes in her life is a great gift to keep her engaged and bond with the baby.


Bump Box Subscriptions

Baby Shower gifts for mom

Bump box subscriptions are boxes sent with every trimester. The boxes contain items that the mom-to-be will need during that trimester to “survive”


Cute Compression Socks

Baby Shower gifts for mom
Baby Shower gifts for mom

Compression socks are great to ensure circulation flowing therefore relieving pregnancy swelling.

Postpartum Gifts

personalized T-shirts

Baby Shower gifts for mom

New mom goodies like personalized T-shirts and hoodies make the mom feel special and remind her that she is doing a great job.

Night nanny or Night Postpartum doula

One of the most significant difficulties with a new baby is trying to get a goodnight’s sleep. The baby keeps waking up every two hours. A night nanny or postpartum doula is a perfect gift to ensure momma gets some much-needed rest

Mattress Cover

A mattress cover is an essential gift as with a breastfeeding mom, and it is easy to wet the bed with breast milk.

Door latch Cover

Banging doors are a sure way to wake the baby. Door latch covers are a thoughtful gift to ensure the baby gets maximum rest and sleep.

Breastfeeding supplies

Lactation tea

This gift will ensure that moms do not have to worry about low milk production. Lactation tea stimulates milk production.

Lactation cookies

Ingredients in the lactation cookies have been linked to the stimulation of breast milk production. Such a gift becomes helpful to mom after birth, especially for moms who experience low milk production.

Nursing clothes

Baby Shower gifts for mom
Baby Shower gifts for mom

To help a mom in her breastfeeding journey, gifting a mom a maternity nursing dress or maternity jumpsuit is an ideal and well-thought gift. Breastfeeding clothes make it easy for a mom to breastfeed anytime and anywhere easily.


Breastfeeding Jewellery

Baby Shower gifts for mom

To help mom deal with scratching and pinching fingers during a feeding session and breastfeeding, jewelry acts as a great distraction. Babies get to play with the toy instead of the breast. An excellent example of breastfeeding jewelry is teething bracelets and teething necklaces.


Nursing pads

Any mom will appreciate a gift of a nursing pad. It helps prevent leaky messes protecting mom’s clothes from milk stains. They come in different shapes and sizes. They can either be disposable or reusable.

Breast pump

To ensure that moms pump quicker and with less pain, get her a breastfeeding pump. It is such an incredible and helpful gift, especially for moms going back to work or those who prefer bottle feeding.

Milk storage containers

Milk storage containers for breastfeeding are such a convenient gift to new moms since breast milk is valuable like gold to them. With the containers, mom can store milk to be used later.

Nipple cream

Gifting a mom a nipple cream is such a help. It does not only moisturize and protect the breast nipples, but it helps heal cracked lips.

Water bottle

Baby Shower gifts for mom

With breastfeeding, hydration is very vital. Breastfeeding moms need to keep hydrated throughout the day to ensure they have enough milk supply. A nice water bottle is a good gift.


Pack of red light bulbs or a lamp with red light bulbs

Red bulds producing red light are said to give the best conducive sleep. Making it a perfect gift for new moms

Free Gifts

You do not have to use a lot of money to make a mom happy. These gift ideas will prove to you that good things in life are free!

Baby Sitting

Watching the baby or the other children as the mom takes a bath may seem like a small deed, but it is a valuable gift that money cannot buy.

Regift Wisely

Regifting means literally shopping from your house. I know that there is something that the mom loves in your home. It might be a flower vase or a book. Wrap it and gift it to your friend, and she will be thankful.

Cook Dinner

It is a great idea to cook dinner for a pregnant mum or one who has a newborn. Also, ensure you clean her dishes and clean the kitchen.

Organize Pantry

Clean and organize her pantry that way. Each time the new mum reaches for a can of oats, she thinks of you.

Fold Clothes

Help the mum reorganize and fold her clothes with the baby’s clothes. It is pretty hectic to fold and reorganize the clothes alone.


Fitness Accessories

To help moms get back to shape, the following fitness accessories can be ideal gifts;

Deep Tissue Gun with Interchangeable Head

Baby Shower gifts for mom

This massage gun targets every muscle ache, breaking knots ensuring that there is increased blood flow. Best used after work out.


Mini Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Baby Shower gifts for mom

This machine tones the mom’s muscles, enhancing the body’s ability to generate new cells and increase flexibility. It is a perfect way of supplementing workouts.


Essential Oil Diffuser

Baby Shower gifts for mom

To reduce the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty, gift a mom essential oil diffuser. Essential oil is known to promote sleep and aid in digestion, let alone positively impact the overall mood.

They come in different sizes and styles.

Check the following different diffuser types: SoCal reed diffuser, rosemary ritual stone diffuser, and Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.


Jewelry for mum

Baby Shower gifts for mom

Jewelry will make anyone feel special. Buy mum a lovely pendant with a picture of the baby or a personalized bracelet.



A baby shower is an excellent opportunity to make the mom-to-be feel special. And what’s more special than being gifted!

Whether it’s something she will use for the baby or something that will make the motherhood journey a lot easier, the goal is that she needs to feel loved and supported.