Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas

29 Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas

Most baby showers are now being held online due to social distancing and covid-19 protocols. A severe concern for the baby shower host is how to keep the party going and the guests entertained. Most baby shower games, like balloon baby shower games, are impossible to play virtually.

You must be asking yourself how you prevent the awkward silences or pauses during conversations, especially now that guests are not physically together.

We got you sorted. Your virtual baby shower should not be mundane, like office meetings. You don’t want your guests dropping the call because they are bored. For your guests to enjoy this unique event, incorporating virtual games act as ice breakers and keep the party going!

Here are a few games and activities that will work well for your virtual baby shower.

Price is Right

It’s a fun way of testing your guests’ knowledge of how much baby items cost. Have a list of various baby items and have guests guess the price of the item. The one who gets as close as possible to the right price wins the game.

Baby Trivia

Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas Baby Trivia
virtual baby shower games


A baby trivia game is a game that involves guests answering questions related to newborn babies or pregnancies. Some sample questions you can use.

  • How far can a newborn baby see
  • What colors can a baby see
  • Are babies born with fingerprints
  • What percentage of women experience morning sickness
  • What is the weight of the heaviest baby born

The guest with the most correct answers wins the game.

Pregnant or Beer Belly

Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas Pregnant or Beer Belly
Virtual baby shower games


This is the ultimate virtual baby shower icebreaker. You will need pictures of various bellies. The game facilitator will then display the images, and the guests get to guess if the belly is a beer belly or a pregnancy.

Easy right? Plus, so much fun.

Wishes for baby

Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas Wishes for baby
Virtual baby shower games


Wishes for baby game, you will need a template of the game. Send it out to your guests. The guest can fill out the form with their wishes for the baby. Participants can also share some advice with the new mom.

You can then collect the forms and print them out for the mom as a treasured keepsake.

Baby word unscramble

Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas Baby word unscramble
virtual baby shower games


Your guests will need to unscramble various jumbled-up everyday baby items. For the game prep, you will need to make a list of up to 20 baby-related words and scramble up the letters of the words.

For the online game, you can share the form online and have the guests unscramble all the words. Time your guests for about 5 minutes. Or until a participant unscrambles all the info.

The first participant to unscramble the words wins the game!

Emoji baby Pictionary

Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas Emoji baby Pictionary
virtual baby shower games


The emoji game has become a trendy baby shower game. It’s simple, easy to play, and quite fun. And top it all up, there are tons of free printable and templates to choose from.

Once you have your template, share it on the screen, and the guests will guess all the baby and pregnancy words with emojis as clues. The guest with the correct answers wins.

Check out our Baby Shower Emoji Game Guide (2 Printables included)

Baby Face

Prior to the shower, have guests email you their baby photos. Compile all the collected images into a slideshow. Guests will then have a kick guessing which baby photo is which guest. Tip: Try to get embarrassing pictures of guests to have everyone laughing off their boots.

Babies Against Parenthood

Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas Babies Against Parenthood
virtual baby shower games


It is an adult card game. The game is a baby shower form of cards against humanity. This game is simple, starting with the facilitator, asks a question from the black card, and every guest has to answer with their white card. The guest with the funniest answer wins the round.

Name, Animal, Place, Thing

To play this game, one person picks a letter, and each guest has to list a person’s name, an animal, a place, and a thing. The first person to type in the chatbox wins the game.

Baby Animals.

Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas Baby Animals.
virtual baby shower games


Just like the name, baby animals is all about identifying the young ones of different types of animals, including their names.

You can choose to display pictures of various baby animals or names of different baby animals.

Name the Tune

This could also work as a gift for the mom-to-be since you will need to create a baby songs playlist. Have different types of songs ranging from nursery rhymes, lullabies, and any popular songs.
When playing the game, play each song for a short period of 5-10 seconds. Play at least ten songs as the guests guess the songs and scribble the answer down. The one with the correct answers wins.


The great thing about this Skribbl.io is that it’s online, and it’s free, which means no prep work for the host. Have guests log in to the platform and draw anything. The other guests will guess which drawing belongs to who. The platform doesn’t need one to be Picasso- in fact, the weird graphics make the game hysterical.

In any case, you have many attendees, then worry not. The platform offers private rooms that allow up to 12 players.


Playingcards.io is another free online platform. The platform has some favorite card games like checkers, backgammon, and even cards against humanity but called remote insensitivity. You are able to make your own virtual game.


Jackbox is a popular and a favorite of virtual baby shower games but not free. The party packs cost about $12-$20. Party packs available include various quizzes, catchphrase competitions, and guess whose lying games.

These games are always party-packed and will surely get the party going. The games can hold up to 10 players, but other shower guests can be audience members. Please note that jack box games are suitable for adults, so not ideal if some children are at the party.


Well, if you are looking for a child-friendly game, Kahoot it is!. You will be able to customize your quiz games and test your guests’ knowledge on various topics.

Please note: Participants need to create accounts. Though it’s free for up to 10 players to add more players, you will pay $10. The platform is very user-friendly, and guests will not need a vast of skills.

Never Have I Ever—Parent Edition

Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas Never Have I Ever—Parent Edition
virtual baby shower games


One of the good old drinking games. Instead, this is a cleaned-up version of this favorite game. You will use all the funny, embarrassing situations you’ve been through as a parent. Guests can drink mimosas from baby bottles or some baby food instead of alcohol every time they have done the activity.

Have questions like; never have I ever slipped on my baby’s poop, never have I ever tasted –accidentally- my baby’s pee,

Don’t Say, Baby

Don’t say baby is one of the simplest virtual baby shower games. As the host, you will have to instruct the guests at the beginning of the baby shower not to use the word ‘baby’ all through the event. The participant who calls out any person using the word baby earns a point. The one who wins the game is the participant with the most points.

What’s in Your Playroom?

Have you ever played what’s in your purse? This is just that, but instead of lipsticks and car keys, we use it’s in the playroom like toys and baby clothes. The guests who guess the most items win.

Which Parent?

Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas Which Parent?
virtual baby shower games


For this game, you will need to get help from the parents-to-be before the shower. Get them to answer a series of fun questions about them, when they were still children or their parenting. The host will ask guests questions like, who had a heavier weight during birth, who will be the disciplinarian?

The guest who gives the most correct answers wins!


For the Design-a-baby game, you will need prior preparations. Guests will need to have some playdough or modeling clay before the event.

Guests will have to make a baby out of the dough. Note that the activity is timed-say 20 minutes.

Food color may be essential to have the guests add the eye color or the color of the hair.

The one who makes the most creative baby or almost looking like a baby wins!

Cupcake Decorating Contest

Before the shower, drop off some pre-made cupcakes, along with various decorating items to your guests. If guests are far away, inform them what they will require during the party on the invitation card. You can have decorations that match your baby shower theme.

For this game, the guest will decorate the cupcakes as creatively as possible. The one with the best-decorated cupcake wins. Another incentive is that the guests get to eat their creations!

Design Baby Clothing

For this game, guests will white onesies or white bibs and markers of various colors. Guests can go crazy on baby items of clothing with multiple designs.

Guests can decorate the onesies or bibs however they please. This activity can go on as the guests’ chat, and after the shower, guests can show off their designs. Another cool thing is that guests can then ship or mail their designs to the mom-to-be—a keepsake to remember the memorable day.

Celebrity Babies

Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas
virtual baby shower games


Before the baby shower, print out photos of celebrities’ babies or have them on a PowerPoint. Guests get to guess the parents of the baby. To win celebrity babies, one must have guessed the most correct answers.This is a straightforward, fun game.

Mom and Dad Questionnaire

This is a fun co-ed virtual baby shower game. The parents-to-be are asked at least ten questions, ensuring the other partner is not in the room when asking the other questions. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • Which day did you know you were going to be a parent
  • What was your reaction when you first found out
  • What gender of the baby would you like to have
  • What are you most excited about having a new baby
  • What are you most anxious about welcoming the new baby

After the parents have answered separately, let them come together and let them record their answers.

It’s a fun game to watch the reactions of the parents to their partners’ answers

Baby Drawing

The participants will require a sturdy paper plate and a marker. They will draw a picture of the baby, and the guest that sketches the best picture wins. Here’s the hard part- guests have to draw the baby with the plate on top of their heads.  This should be fun!

Love Letters

Have the guests write down messages to the mom-to-be on the online platform. Messages can be a word of encouragement, well wishes, advice, or simply a thoughtful expression. Momma can read them whenever she wants to remember the treasured moments.

Baby Bingo

Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas Baby Bingo
virtual baby shower games


With so many printable baby bingo games online, this is a perfect option for a host who does not want to do a lot of prepping for the virtual baby shower games.

The baby bingo should start at the beginning of the baby shower so that the participants can tick off the things on their bingo cards. The first guest to get baby bingo wins!

The baby bingo game card also be played when the mom is opening the gifts so that guests can mark off the items on the bingo card that she gets gifted with.

The “New Parents” Virtual Baby Shower Game

The new parents’ game is an adaptation of the newlyweds game, but it involves the parents-to-be answering questions about their partners’ likings, e.g., stating the pregnancy cravings. Your guests can submit their questions prior to the baby shower. The parents-to-be can answer the questions live during the shower.

Baby Prediction Submission

Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas Baby Prediction Submission
virtual baby shower games


This is an excellent game for the end of the baby shower. Have guests guessing the gender of the baby (if Unknown). Guests can also guess the name of the baby, the expected date of birth, the baby weight and length, the color of the baby’s eyes, or the hair color.

Once the baby comes, the guest who had the most correct answers wins the game. This second part of the game can be done during a sip and see. Check out our Sip and See Party Guide

In Conclusion

Whether online or virtual, a baby shower needs games to make it interactive and fun for the guests.

Be sure to note the winners and deliver prizes to them. For guests who live very far, you can always opt for a gift card. For ideas on prizes check out our 17+ Unique baby shower prizes for every budget