Unique baby shower prizes

17+ Unique baby shower prizes for every budget

Baby showers are a fantastic way to celebrate impending parenthood. Games and prizes play an essential role, making the event lively and engaging. And with a variety of guests, ranging from friends and family to colleagues, the stakes for amazing prizes are higher than ever.

To save you the research and the hassle, I’ve curated an easy-reference table of some of the best baby shower prize ideas available on Amazon. Check it out below for quick ideas and direct links to each product:

  • editable template that you can customize using Canva
Top Pick
17+ Unique baby shower prizes for every budget
  •  kit including almond milk hand cream, Shea butter hand repair cream and lemon butter cuticle cream, plus 1 pair of cotton gloves.,
Top Pick
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  • 6 piece set comes wrapped & ready to gift 
baby shower prizes for every budget
  • Long Lasting Soy Candles
  •  packaged in an exquisite colorful box
  • set of 4 fragrances
baby shower prizes for every budget
  • Versatile Serving with Accessories: Includes utensil holder and two ceramic bowls.
  • Ideal Gift Choice: Unique design suitable for various occasions.
  • Eco-Friendly Bamboo Build: Durable, non-porous, and sustainable.
  • Certified Organic
  •  6 Delicious Flavors
  • Perfect For Travel
  • 6 Refreshing, Aromatic Scents
  • ideal gifts for women
  • a total of 12 sets of bridal shower prizes for game winners, including 12 cutting boards, 12 butter knives and 12 butter forks, packed in 12 gift boxes with tags and tied up with ropes;
baby shower prizes for every budget
  • an exceptional choice for tea lovers. This high-quality, bagless tea variety offers instant steeping convenience.
  • The Flower Teacup is made of high-quality Lead-Free eco-friendly sturdy glass material,
  • Wooden Utensils for Cooking Set with Holder & Spoon Rest

Baby shower gift prizes can range from $1 to $50 depending on your budget and number of guests. You can decide to go for the flashy prizes or be as simple as possible.

We have several unique ideas about what you can get for your guests for prizes. Scroll down to know how to up your game in baby shower prizes.

Baby shower prizes for guests

Baby shower prizes for guests, commonly referred to as party favors, are simple gifts to your guests to show your gratitude for their attendance. These baby shower gifts for guests will have them gushing over you long after the baby is born. As you will be gifting all the guests, it’s advisable to have the same gift. This will also have you saving as you can buy the gifts in bulk- what a deal! We’ve come up with some cool baby shower prizes that will make your guests feel special:

Key chains

This key chain is a thoughtful and practicable gift because obviously everyone needs a key chain, and surprisingly, key chains are never enough. Another cool thing about key chains as a prize is that you can buy them in bulk from Amazon at $14.99 for a pack of 20.

 Baby Shower Return Gifts for Guests
Elephant key-chain with thank you tag

Lip balms

90% of baby shower guests are usually ladies, and which lady doesn’t love a lip balm? You can’t live without it, and that’s what makes it a perfect baby shower prize. You can customize the lip balm on cards or stickers. On the upside, they are usually sold as a set of up to 6, making them a great bargain. Buy different flavors or types to better take care of every guest’s needs. Lipbalms prices typically range from $3 to & $12.

 EOS Lip Balm Favors
EOS Baby Shower Favors Eos Holder Printable Favor Tags
EOS Baby Shower Favors Eos Holder Printable Favor Tags
Baby Shower Favors Eos Holder Printable Favor Tags
Baby Shower Favors Eos Holder Printable Favor Tags

Manicure Sets (Mani Thanks)

Who doesn’t love a little bit of TLC on their nails? Nail polish is a top favorite baby shower prize. It is easily available and in various colors to match any baby shower theme or to show the gender of the child. Pink colors for a girl and blue colors for a boy. You can get manicure sets for $12 on amazon.

Mani Thanks baby shower thank you. $4 total.

  1. various shades of pink nail polish because she’s having a girl.
  2. bottle of nail polish remover ,
  3. a pink nail file (Amazon)
  4. a couple nail polish remover pads
  5. a few manicure Qtips.

All tied up in an organza bag (Amazon). Super cute and affordable.

Mani Thanks baby shower prize

Baby shower prizes for games

When purchasing a baby shower game prize, you do not know who will win, so keep the gift neutral. A gift that everyone will like. You thus don’t want to go for highly personalized gifts.

Check out these cool baby shower prizes for games.

Coffee mug gift

Great for winter showers. A nice coffee mug filled with various treats from cookies to crackers and flavored coffee is sure to make any guest feel special.

Baby shower prizes for games

Hot Chocolate mix in baby bottles

Treats in baby bottles have become quite popular. It’s a fun and creative DIY. Fill a baby bottle with your favorite hot chocolate mix and add a sticker with a fun phrase. Baby bottles on Amazon go from $8.89 for a pack of 24 bottles.

Baby shower prizes for games
Hot chocolate mix in baby bottles! Perfect for the winter baby shower

Scented Candles

Scented candles are it! From being a decor item in your house to making the house smell great. It is truly a thoughtful gift. You can easily personalize candles by adding a sticker to them. Get this pack of six scented candles on Amazon.

Baby shower prizes for games

What about a DIY candle in a tea cup to wow your guests? These are considerably cheaper to make as you would use easily available materials. The cups, wick and candle wax can easily be sourced.

and here are Tea Cup Candles and how to make them

Baby shower prizes for games

Mason Jars

No home ever has enough mason jars. Mason jars are versatile and functional. They can be used as candle holders, storage for cereals and cookies, baking, packing lunch. Honestly, the list is endless. That’s what makes it a perfect-and endless gift. These jars come in 12 Pieces on Amazon.

Baby shower prizes for games

Check out some cool DIY ideas you can do with mason jars

  1. Cocktail gifts set
Baby shower prizes for games
  1. Manicure/Pedicure set in a jar
Baby shower prizes for games

A Shower Set

A bathing set will stand out as a caring gift for any guest because of the degree of sentimentality it harbors. You can order several sets on Amazon and have them by the date of the party ready to reward the winners of games.

You can get the Pink mini bucket here

Baby shower prizes for games
Baby shower bucket prize

mini buckets filled with loofa, body wash, lip balm, and body lotion. “From our shower to yours!”
You can these Mini Metal Buckets here

Baby shower prizes for games

Bath & Body Velvet Sugar in a towel basket:

Baby shower prizes for games
Baby shower prizes for games

A cooking set

If you are looking to go all out to impress your guests, this can be one of the best gifts to go for. You can purchase it from your local store or quickly set it all up by buying the individual items and wrapping them. You also can diversify the colors of the cooking sets you purchase, which means the gift can go in line with your baby shower theme.

Cookie sheet, oven mitts, and baking accessories, complete with ribbon and a handwritten chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Baby shower prizes for games

Cheap baby shower prizes for games 

Why break the bank on baby shower prizes for games? Want to make an impression on your guests but on a budget? Do not worry. We’ve got you covered! Here are some really cool baby shower prizes for games on a budget: 

Treats in a Tumbler

Treats in a tumbler is a great easy and affordable gift as after feasting on the treats, one can use the tumblers over and over again. Tumblers are generally priced from $3 and the treats can be any candy or chocolates from your local store.

Cheap baby shower prizes for games

Baby shower cookies

Baked goods are always a party favorite for everyone. Homemade cookies make great treats and can also be decorated in a variety of baby shower themes. Cookies in a jar make it a way sophisticated gift. Make a dry cookie mix and put it in a jar for your guests to bake for themselves. Make sure to include baking instructions on the back of the bottle.

Cheap baby shower prizes for games


Packing tea bags in a jar, zip lock bag, or burlaps make the perfect gift. Teabags can easily be sourced from your local grocer, and it won’t cost you much, and you will have Baby brewing teabags!

You can get a pack of 72 gift Tags for tea bags with great quotes here

Cheap baby shower prizes for games
Cheap baby shower prizes for games 


Everybody loves chocolate. Add some sass to your gifts by customizing them with stickers and wrappers. And on the upside, they are relatively inexpensive and can be bought in your local grocer.

Cheap baby shower prizes for games

You can package the chocolates with these cute candy boxes from Amazon that sell in a pack of 50 pieces.

Cheap baby shower prizes for games

Potted plants

There is a whole craze for succulents. They are cheap, easy to access, and most importantly, they don’t die easy! Another great feature for succulents is that they make great décor items and can also double up as centerpieces. Get these amazing succulents on Amazon.

Cheap baby shower prizes for games
Cheap baby shower prizes for games

Baby shower prizes for men

Many people do not consider men in the baby shower while purchasing gifts. Ensuring you have prizes for your male guests is a sure way to lure them into participating in the games. Wondering what baby shower prizes to get for men? Check these out.

Bottle openers

When getting the baby shower prizes for men, you will have to consider how masculine they are. While most unisex prizes will be sufficient, you will need a few prizes that men will love. Something like a bottle opener would be highly welcome by any male guest. These bottle openers on Amazon will unquestionably awe many.

Baby shower prizes for men
Baby shower prizes for men

Star wars gift set

Candy coupled with a star wars figurine and fun thankyou note! A cool gift for your cool male guests.

Baby shower prizes for men
Baby shower prizes for men


One can never have enough journals. It’s a great gift for both your female and male guests .You can get a ton of journals on Amazon

Baby shower prizes for men

Final Thoughts

Are You still wondering how much to spend on baby shower prizes? We trust that our guidelines help you make an informed choice for your baby shower party prizes. All the best.

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