baby shower diaper raffle

15+ Amzing Baby Shower Diaper Raffle ideas (Free Printable)

baby shower diaper raffle is the answer into getting a ton of diapers, so how do you plan it?

No matter how long you’ve been a parent or the number of children you have, the number of diapers a newborn uses is always shocking. Those cute little bundles of joy really know how to put up a stink party! 

For this reason, diapers are the most vital, thoughtful gift, though we all love to give adorable gifts to new parents. A stockpile of diapers will save the new parents a ton of cash. 

So how do you get this stockpile of diapers? The answer is a diaper raffle.

What is a diaper raffle?

A diaper raffle is when guests to a baby shower bring a pack of diapers in exchange for a raffle ticket and stand a chance to win cool prizes. It is a creative and fun way to get your guests super entertained, and the new parents to take home a stash of diapers!

The guests can also bring wipes as wipes go hand in hand with diapers and are equally essential.

Hosting a baby shower diaper raffle for new parents will have them indebted to you BIG TIME!

How to do a Diaper raffle

Playing the diaper raffle game is no different from any ordinary raffle. We’ve come up with some tips to host a perfect diaper raffle!

Diaper raffle instructions

Here is a step by step on how to do a diaper Raffle:

  • Step 1: Your guests need to be informed that the baby shower will have a diaper raffle. So make sure to include it in the invitation
  • Step 2: You will, of course, need raffle tickets, bought from the store or tickets you’ve created yourself. Tickets should be personalized with either the guests’ name or a unique number
  • Step 3: You will need somewhere where your guests will drop their raffle tickets. As the guests arrive at the baby shower, they drop their pack of diapers and leave their raffle tickets on the bowl. The best place for this activity is at the entrance for ease of logistics.
  • Step 4: After collecting all the raffle tickets, it’s time to put on a show. Have the host or the mother-to-be mix up the tickets and pick 1 or 2 winners at random.
  • Step 5: Announce the winner(s) with some pomp and gift them their baby shower prizes.

Two to three raffles are sufficient, so your guests don’t get bored with just that activity. You need a variety of baby shower games.

Simple right?

Now that you have an idea of how to hold a diaper raffle let’s get down to the deets.

Diaper raffle Ideas

A hat or a bowl is sufficient for this activity, but you can also go all out on creativity with these examples:

baby shower diaper raffle
baby shower diaper raffle ideas 01
baby shower diaper raffle ideas
baby shower diaper raffle ideas 02
baby shower diaper raffle ideas
baby shower diaper raffle ideas 03
baby shower diaper raffle ideas
baby shower diaper raffle ideas

Diaper Raffle Invitation

You don’t need to beat yourself up. A diaper raffle invite is not so different from a typical baby shower invite. Plus, most people already have a clue on how to play a raffle.

Tip: When sending a diaper raffle invitation remember to appeal to the emotions of the guests. Use terms like ‘join us’ ‘build” come together instead of the .term ‘donate’. Appeal to their identity and not their purse.

You need to decide if you will include the raffle information on the invite card or include a separate raffle ticket in the invitation. Whichever the case, make sure you make the instructions as simple and straightforward as possible.

If you choose to include a separate raffle ticket, then you’re in luck. Keep reading, and you’ll get a free printable. HINT!

Ensure guests know that their names will be put in a bowl or hat and drawn for a prospect in winning great prizes for every pack of diapers or wipes brought. This is to incentivize your guests to bring more than one pack! 

It also vital to let your guests know they can bring a wide range of diaper sizes, and not just newborn sizes. We all know how fast newborns outgrow stuff. In case there is way more of one diaper size, parents can always exchange the unopened diaper boxes for a suitable size.

Does the mother have a brand preference? If so, make sure to add the exact brand on the invitation. For example, Huggies preferred or Pampers preferred. All the same, one can still exchange the diapers for the preferred brand. Several big stores have a policy that allows the exchange of diapers.

To make your raffle invites as fun as possible, check out these diaper raffle wordings!

Baby shower diaper raffle wording

Here are some Baby shower diaper raffle wording ideas:

  • A diaper here, a diaper there, and mommy gets a diaper stash
  • Bring any size pack of diapers to be entered for a chance to win a prize!
  • Diaper raffle is the game – bring a pack or two for Mama’s diaper stash
  • We’re having a diaper raffle game- Bring a pack of diapers and stand a chance to win a prize
  • Save Mama some cash, let’s build her a diaper stash through a raffle diaper game
  • The more the diapers, the more the prizes. Bring a pack or two and maybe win two prizes
  • How about a diaper raffle! Carry along a pack of diapers and let us play for a chance to win cool prizes
  • The stork won’t drop some diapers, so let’s bring a pack or two for you to enter into a draw!
  • Ask me how your pocket change can change a baby.
  • A pack of Diaper a day keeps the poop Away.

Diaper raffle tickets

You can bring out your A-game in creativity when it comes to diaper raffle tickets. You can customize the raffle tickets to fit your shower theme or the color of the gender of the baby.

Are you in search of a baby shower printable? Well, look no further. Just scroll down below.

Baby shower diaper raffle printable

Baby shower diaper raffle printable
Baby shower diaper raffle printable
Baby shower diaper raffle printable 2
Baby shower diaper raffle printable 2
Baby shower diaper raffle printable

You can buy a Pack of 100 of these Diaper raffle tickets here for 24$.

Alternatively, you can also buy diaper raffles from Amazon as they have a wide selection of well designed tickets you can choose from.

Check these beautiful ones.

When you have finalized on raffle tickets, then it’s time for the raffle prizes.

Baby shower diaper raffle prize

A diaper raffle prize also referred to as a door prize, is typically bigger or, let’s say, more valuable than ordinary baby shower game prizes. The diaper prize should ideally be at least equal to or cost more than a pack of diapers. A regular-sized diaper pack costs around $50, so a prize in that range would make your guests feel special.

Great prizes will make your Diaper raffle classy. You might also want to consider having 2-3 prizes depending on the number of guests you expect to make the raffle a lot more engaging. If you’re having both men and women at the party, it’s only fair both genders get to win.

One significant point is to take note of the variety of guests attending when preparing the gifts. Will the party have women only? Will there be any men at the shower? What is the age of most of your guests? Answer these questions, and you will get a clear picture of what will be most useful to gift your guests.

Check out these raffle ideas that are sure to leave your guests in a dazzle.

Gift baskets

It’s no surprise that gift baskets are one of the most popular Diaper raffle prizes since you get to set up several exquisite gifts.

Here are some gift baskets to spark your imagination.

Christmas Breakfast Easy Hostess Gift

Baby shower diaper raffle prizes

Carwash gift hamper

Baby shower diaper raffle prizes

Game night raffle basket

Baby shower diaper raffle prizes

Holiday Cookie Gift Basket

Snack Attack Popcorn Gift Basket

Makeup kit

If the DIY bug hasn’t caught up with you yet, you can order these gift baskets from Amazon:

Baby shower diaper raffle prizes

Baby shower diaper raffle prizes
Tea gift basket

Gift cards

Gift cards are another popular gift. Gift cards to the movies, restaurants, spas, online stores, or even bookshops are great as they are easily attained. You don’t need much time to put together like gift baskets. And best of it all is that everyone loves gift cards.

Make sure you read our top baby shower prizes for more baby diaper raffle prizes ideas.

In conclusion

The Diaper raffle attracts a lot of emotions from different parties. Some strongly believe that hosting a baby shower raffle is the best idea for the new parents while others feel it is a tacky idea. But the fact is newborns use a ton load of diapers: 8-10 diapers a day, to be specific. So diapers are the number one significant expense for all parents. It’s no wonder that most people are opting to have diaper raffles at their baby showers.