Top 7 Baby Shower Balloon Games

Top 7 Baby Shower Balloon Games That are Easy and Fun to play

Baby shower balloon games are the answer to your co-ed baby shower. Baby shower games are the life of the party. To really get the party going, you need games that are fun and, most importantly, inclusive for both your male and female guests.

Ticking all the right boxes, baby shower balloon games are cheap, fun, can be played by all age groups, and compliment most party themes. The games require minimal prepping, as you will use the decor balloons as props, 

To make your shower really POP, check out these balloon games:

Now lets learn how to play the balloon games.

Pregnant Man Baby Shower Game.

Its quite difficult for men to understand the challenges that come with pregnancy. The pregnant man baby shower game will have the men in the shower, up their appreciation to all pregnant women.

Pregnant man baby shower game is a fun ice breaker. Every guest is involved in the game one way or the other. Some will be actively participating, and others will be taking pictures and videos while the remaining lot will be left in stitches!

Here’s what you’ll need to play and how you will play it.


  • Bag of latex Balloons
  • Chairs
  • Shoe Laces
  • Yarn

How to Play:

  • Each participant is given an inflated balloon.
  • Place the balloon under their shirt/t-shirt
  • Participants will race to tie their shoes or tie a piece of yarn around each of his slip, mimicking a shoestring.
  • If one pops the balloon during the race he is out of the game.
  • The fastest person to tie both shoes with the balloon still under his shirt is the winner.

HINT: The challenge can be any daily activity that one does and not neccesarily tying a shoe lace.

Water Balloon Baby Shower Game

The baby shower water balloon game is a race for guests. The game can also be incorporated with other games to make it a relay with various obstacles. The water balloon game being one of the obstacle games.

It loads of fun so make sure you carry your camera!


  • Water 
  • Balloons

How to play:

  • Create an obstacle course
  • Participants put water balloons between their knees
  • Participant to walk quickly from point A to B without bursting the balloons
  • If and when a participant bursts a balloon, He/she is out of the game
  • The fastest participant who doesn’t burst the balloon wins the game.

Pregnant Twister baby shower game

This game is for both male and female guests. Ever played the twister game? Well, the pregnant twister game uses the same concept. Participants will have the left foot on the green color, and the right hand on the yellow color with a twist of a balloon shoved under their shirt.


  • Twister Board Game
  • Balloons

How to play

  • Stuff balloons under the shirt of each participant
  • Participants have to compete with one another playing twister
  • If one falls, they are out of the game
  • The last man standing wins the game

Baby Sitter Balloon Game

baby shower balloon game
baby shower balloon game

Nope, its not a game where one gets to baby sit, but rather sit on a balloon. How you ask?


  • Write the letter B-A-B-Y on strips of paper
  • Balloons

How to Play

Put one letter of B-A-B-Y in eight balloons and have the participants inflate the balloons. You can divide the participants into two groups of four. Players will then sit on the inflated balloons and try to pop them in order to find the letters.

The group that finds all the letters and puts the in order first, wins the game.

Diaper The Balloon

baby shower balloon game
baby shower balloon game

Sounds strange right? Well, you’ve not heard it all. You diaper the balloon while blindfolded!


  • Balloons
  • Diapers
  • Blindfolds

How to Play

Blindfold your guests and have them put diapers on inflated balloons. The most well-diapered balloon wins the game!

Rainbow Balloon Game

baby shower balloon game
Rainbow Balloon Game

This is a fun game that involves all the guests participating and stand a chance to win some treats. Plus the rainbow balloon board can act as a centerpiece.


  • Foamboard
  • Balloons (in rainbow colors)
  • Tape
  • Treats e.g. Confetti, sweets, small toys, stickers
  • Pin

How to Play

  • Put treats inside the balloons
  • Inflate the balloons and stick them on the foam board
  • Guests get to pop the balloons with a pin and win the treats.

Alternatively, you can have the game as pop the belly and still put treats inside the black balloons. You can use pink balloons for a baby girl or blue balloons for a baby boy

baby shower balloon game
baby shower balloon games

Bonus Game

baby shower balloon games
baby shower balloon games

One challenging thing about pregnancy is the urge to always pee. Get your guests to appreciate how it feels like to be in the third trimester through this fun game.

How about you come up with a creative name for it.


  • Ping pong ball
  • Jar
  • Inflated Balloon

How to play

Divide your guests into groups. An inflated balloon is put under the shirt of the participant and then a ping pong ball between their knees. The participant is supposed to walk to a jar and drop the ball into it. The team with the most ping pongs in the jar wins the game.

In Conclusion

Co-ed Baby showers are becoming more and more popular. It is, therefore, crucial to have games that cater to all your guests. Including baby shower balloon games in your baby shower entertainment itinerary is a great way to encourage men to attend baby showers.

You can also have a look at the Emoji Baby Shower Game which makes a great co-ed baby shower game too.