Baby Shower Emoji Game

Baby Shower Emoji Game Guide (2 Printable included)

Wondering how a baby shower emoji game is played? We have insights into the game and how you can get to enjoy it.

So, you’re planning a baby shower, and one thing keeps bothering you: how do you keep things lively in a baby shower? What can you do to make the experience worthwhile? With Games, of course!

Baby shower games can be the source of significant fun and entertainment during celebrations. We’re pretty sure you’re here because you’re tired of playing the same old games in baby showers. Games such as musical chairs might have lost some of their glitz with time.

And we’ve got the answer for you: The baby shower emoji game.

The baby shower emoji game is one way you can use to liven up even the most jaded guests and have them mingling with ease.

What Is the Baby Shower Emoji Game?

The concept is to have baby or pregnancy-related emoji’s as clues and have the guests decipher what they could mean. As simple as that. Baby shower emoji game is a modern twist to baby shower charades but with emojis! That’s about as cool as it can get, especially for millennials.

The best thing about the baby shower emoji game is that it is interactive and requires one to use their wits to come up with a solution. It could be the game you need to excite an otherwise dull event, and on the upside, it doesn’t cut into your budget.

what do you need to play Baby Shower Emoji game?

We have a printable that will show you how you can play the game. You can download and print it then use it to liven up the game. You will also need some pens for the guests.

The game is also perfect for a virtual baby shower, considering there are several pictorial options that attendees can access. 

Wondering where to get this cool game? Check out what we have below.

The Baby Shower Emoji Printable

Using printable is a great way to stay within your budget and liven up the baby shower party. Print out enough game sheets for your guests before the baby shower. It is advisable to print in color because of the small images.

Note: you can also buy a set of 50 Cards of the game for amazon

baby shower Emoji game printable

baby shower Emoji game printable

How to Play the Baby Shower Emoji Game?

Since everyone has an equal opportunity to compete, have the game start with the sheets face down.

The guests should be able to answer as many questions as possible but within a specified time. Once the timer goes off, the pens go down. The guest with the most number of correct answers wins the game.

The game’s time stretch is between 3min – 5mins depending on the number of questions and the players. The longer it stretches out, the more fun, so you don’t have to stick to a specific time limit.

The points for each correct answer can be ten or whatever other numbers you decide on.

Baby Shower Emoji Game answers

Since you are the organizer or moderator of the game, you will need to have the answers with you. You can download the answers here then print them in readiness for the emoji game.

You should have the baby shower emoji game answers at hand once the players answer the question. Check out the Baby shower Emoji Game answers here. You will need only one answer sheet for the game, and you can download it from here as well.

baby shower emoji game printable answers

baby shower emoji game printable answers

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the baby shower emoji game. Who doesn’t love a fun, unique game that they’ve probably never played before?  The baby shower emoji game will enable you to entertain your guests and have that lively baby shower party you crave.