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How Much To Spend On a Baby Shower Party? (Free Worksheet)

Are you asking yourself how much to spend on a baby shower party? We have the ideal estimates of how much it will cost you.

One of the most significant celebrations in a family’s lifetime is welcoming a new baby. Very few celebrations beat a baby shower, and as a host of a shower, it can be quite a daunting task.

As the host, you will need to consider every detail making sure the celebration goes on seamlessly. It is therefore essential to have a clear picture of all the requirements, from sending out baby shower invitations and buying decor to ordering the cake.

One constant question when planning a baby shower is-Is it expensive? Can someone go bankrupt throwing such a party? Of course not. That is why we have taken the liberty to outline how much it would cost you. And surprise, surprise, it won’t cripple you financially to have you throw a loved one a baby shower.

A baby shower budget usually varies depending on the number of guests, the location, the food, and other expenses. An average baby shower can easily cost anywhere between $100 to $1000


How To Come Up With An Effective Baby Shower Budget?

A baby shower’s literal meaning is to “shower” the mother and baby with gifts and good wishes. But because it’s a celebration of such a momentous life event, there is a lot of pressure on getting everything right. These soirees can get pricey, so the one constant question when planning a baby shower is how much to spend on a baby shower

You need to have a baby shower budget in mind as a host or planner. Setting a budget in due time is essential to avoid going overboard. To have an effective and realistic budget, one would need to work out how much you want to spend on each element of the day and start planning as early as possible to spread the cost across multiple paydays.

Baby Shower Budget Worksheet

To track costs and keep tabs on the budget, a baby shower budget worksheet would come in handy. The ideal budget baby shower will need you to create a budget template then set the desired amount per category. It also means that you’ll have a clearer picture of the things you’re still missing and any other thing your loved ones could help you with.

To make sure you’re on the right track, save this baby shower budget worksheet for planning a baby shower.

Baby Shower Budget Worksheet
Baby Shower Budget Worksheet

If you can get the ideal baby shower budget planner, you shouldn’t have to spend over the top for a fun event. Remember, you have to leave some money for the day the baby decides to come.

What Expenses Should You Include In A Baby Shower Budget List

To plan the ideal baby shower, you will need to consider several things. 

Location – Where are you hosting the baby shower party?

One of the more expensive baby shower costs can be renting out space or a venue. The venue’s cost would range from no cost up to 200 to reserve a community space or restaurant.

An inexpensive location would be to host the baby shower at the mum to be’s home to be or a friend’s place. Outdoor baby showers are also less expensive, but one has to consider the seats and tents for the guests.

Food: How Much Food Will You Need?

Food and drinks will naturally take up a chunk of the budget because what’s a good party if there’s no food – right? Food can cost anywhere from $5 to $10 per guest, which can be about 40 percent of the average baby shower budget. The food budget will typically depend on the baby shower time and guests’ number.

The cake is a major highlight during a baby shower and usually served as dessert. A gourmet cake costs hundreds of dollars depending on size, flavors, and details in the decorations.

A baby shower cake from an upscale bakery costs approximately $4 a slice. A lower-priced option would be to shop a cake from the local grocer and have it personalized, costing 35 cents to $2 per slice.

Décor – Will You Have Decorations?

Decorations will vary depending on the venue size. The bigger the venue, the more decorations you will need. The theme of the party will definitely impact the cost of décor. Baby shower décor can cost up to $10 per item, and unique décor pieces will cost more.

The average cost for baby shower décor will range between $30-$200 or more. You can also DIY décor to reduce the cost of décor. Handmade posters and baby items like onesies make for a fun, creative, and, most importantly, inexpensive décor.

Invitations- How Many People Are You Inviting?

There’s no party without guests, more so if they are family and friends. Most of the invitations you can do via text message, especially if you want the party to be a low key affair. However, you can decide to go all out and make invitation cards if you want it to be a tad formal.

Invitations will set you back anything from 50 cents to $3 per piece, depending on the invitation type. Custom invitations are more costly and might spook any of your plans to stay within a specific budget.

Orders for invitations often come in groups of 25 to 100, so knowing how many guests you want to invite will determine the exact price. Digital invites offer a faster, cheaper, and more convenient approach. 

Digital invites can easily be customized, and on the upside, there are plenty of free templates. You can even decide to send them via social media, and it won’t cost you that much.

Party Favors

Party favors are a thoughtful way to express gratitude to your guests for gracing the occasion. Favors can range in terms of your theme, budget and the guests.

Favor ideas can be as simple as photo frames, scented soaps, or candles. These will typically cost $1-$2 per guest. Homemade candy or chocolates are a cheaper alternative for party favors.


Games and music constitute much of the entertainment at a baby shower. A baby shower being a sweet, chilled party, does not need over the top entertainment. Putting on background music from the speakers or iPod, can help set the mood.

Baby shower games are a fun way for the guests to bond with the mother. The games vary from board games to baby-themed games like Don’t Say Baby or Guess the Baby Food. Entertainment should therefore cost you little.

How Do You Make A Baby Shower Cheap?

After reading of all the planning that goes into a baby shower, you must be wondering whether it will be an expensive affair or not. But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to cost you that much?

You can choose the mother’s home as the location for the party for starters. In that way, you will avoid all the extra costs of looking for a venue. It will also save the mother to be from unnecessary travel. Two birds with one stone!

Go for the digital invitations as opposed to the customized invites. The digital invites are easier to make and won’t cost you as much as the customized ones. They will save you a buck or two in the process.

To cut down on the cost of food, set a baby shower late in the afternoon for it to be more of a tea party than lunch and therefore have less expensive food choices as no one expects a big meal.

Finally, you can go low on the entertainment and deice to use your music system and some games to liven up the event. Easy enough!

Final Thoughts

How much to spend on baby shower party shouldn’t give you too much trouble. With our guide, we hope you get a clearer picture of how much it will cost you to brighten up the mother-to-be’s day.

We hope you now know all a baby shower budget list entails and how much money you will need to throw the perfect baby shower party.

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