What to put in baby shower gift bags for guests

What to put in baby shower gift bags for guests? 27+ Awesome Ideas

A baby shower brings together families, friends, and colleagues from all over who have come to celebrate a new family member’s coming.

So what an excellent way to appreciate well wishes guests have shown to you and the baby? A heartfelt memento that will have your guests thinking of you long after the event.

Choosing party favors should not be an intricate task. There are a variety of favors to choose from.

What to put in baby shower gift bags for guests?

Check out these party favors that are sure to be favorites.

Homemade treats in a transparent bag

Send your guests home with a bag of goodies with these adorable onesie gift tags.


Lotions baby shower gift bags
Lotions in small bags

Pack some cute lotions in drawstring bags. Pink lotions for baby boys and blue lotions for baby boys. You can buy some shower favors lotions on Amazon.


sweets in baby shower gift bag
Sweets in plastic bags with a cloud tag

Pack sweets in a clear bag with your party theme. This blessing rain will sure go well with a blessing rain theme.

Sweets in a baby shoe

baby shower gift bag  idea
Sweets in a baby shoe

These baby shoe packages filled with baby-themed treats like pacifier candy is a sure way to wow your guests

sweet cones

sweet cons baby shower gift bag idea
sweet cones

These will go well with a unicorn-themed party. Add in an edible candy bracelet for that extra sweetness.


Pink raspberry macaron to keep in theme with a pale pink color theme.

Mini-Shower gels

mini shower gels in baby shower gift bags
Mini-Shower gels in cute clear bags

A shower gel and a card reading thanks for showering our little girl. It’s easy to recreate and put whichever shower gel you like. You can easily purchase thank you tags from Amazon

Nail Polish with cute tags

nail polish baby shower gift bags

Considering most baby showers have 90% baby showers, then nail polish is a party favorite. Add a cute tag like tickled pink or pretty perfect.

Treats in pink drawstring bags

Add some treats to a drawstring bag. A cheap and easy way to appreciate your guests. Get these drawstring bags from Amazon.

Beauty Pack

beauty pack baby shower gift bags
Beauty Pack

Pack lip glosses and a scrunchie and some chocolates in a zip lock bag.

Nurse Thank You Bags

Consider a pack of gum, chocolates, M&Ms, travel-sized lotion, and a hand sanitizer, packed in a Wilton bag.

Mini Bath Bombs

bath bombs baby shower gift bags
Mini Bath Bombs

Personalized bath bombs for your guests. Add a witty tag like girls are bomb. Check out a variety of bath bombs from Amazon

Chocolate with Tags

chocolate in baby shower gift bags

Tags are the perfect items to personalize your gifts with. Add them to gift boxes or drawstring bags. Get Thank you tags from Amazon.

Baby footprint Soap

baby footprint soap in baby shower gift bags
Baby footprint Soap

These soaps in baby footprint heart shape are a cute thank you to your shower guests. Plus, you can get them in a variety of colors. You can purchase these soaps from Amazon.

Marshmallows under a Cloud Lapel

baby shower gift bags
Marshmallows under a Cloud Lapel

For the Rain of love treats, this is beautiful packaging. You can use the love rain lapel as decor on the main table. Add any rainbow-colored treats like marshmallows to match the theme.

Meringue cookies in small bags

Meringue cookies in baby shower gift bags
Meringue cookies in small bags

Pack small sighs in plastic bags tied in beautiful satin ribbons with the theme color. A personalized tag will also give the favor a unique tag. You can easily purchase these tags from Amazon, or you can also print them at home.

Marshmallow lollipop

Marshmallow lollipop in baby shower gift bags
Marshmallow lollipop

Stick up five marshmallows into a skewer and wrap it up with a cellophane bag and a cute ribbon. You can also add a personalized tag.

The baby shoe

 baby shower gift bag

Fill a baby shoe with M&M’s. You can purchase the shoe shape from Silhouette’s online library or, better still, buy some plastic baby shoes from a Amazon.

Pastel pink safety pins

Great for a variety of uses. It can be used for shower games, as decor, or, importantly, as party favors. Fill them up with M and Ms for a perfect treat.

Marshmallows in Unicorn Favor Bags

How Cute! Fill up unicorn party favor bags with multi-colored marshmallows.

Macaron in clear boxes

This is a classy touch for a classy baby shower—package macrons in clear boxes with a cute ribbon. You can buy the macron clear boxes on Etsy.

Tiny Treats in Clear Bags

 baby shower gift bags

You can fill clear makeup bags with small donut erasers, lipgloss, a cute eye mask, nail polish, and chopstick.

mani-pedi pack

Manicure pack in  baby shower gift bags
mani-pedi pack

A mani-pedi pack in a clear bag. Pack some nail polish, polish remover, and a nail file in a clear bag for your guests.

Treats in a mug

treats and mugs baby shower gift bags
Treats in a mug

What a perfect gift? Get a big mug and fill it with little accessories such as perfume, lotion, toothpaste, then tie them all up with a ribbon.

Moisturizer and Liquid Soap

Get some cute tiny moisturizer and liquid soap, tie them up with a cute ribbon in a clear bag. Personalize it with a cute tag.

little cute soaps

little cute soaps in baby shower clear plastic bags

You can package these tiny little cute soaps in transparent packaging with a cute tag written from my shower to yours.

You can buy the tags from Etsy.

Fun gadgets and chocolates

Fun gadgets and chocolates in clear bags

Use these toppers to fill candy bags. You can also fill the bags with fun gadgets and chocolates.

In Conclusion

There is a wide variety of party favors to choose from. Adding cute tags and various bags, either clear bags, zip lock bags, drawstring bags, or box packaging, is a sure way to make your guests feel special. Be sure to also check out our top 17+ unique baby shower prizes for every budget.