Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas

9 Creative Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas in 2021

A Baby shower guest book is a blank pages in where guests sign their names. It acts as a special memoir that records information about the guests who attended the party.

Below, I’d like to tell you about some of Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas.

Nowadays people move away from traditional guest books to unique guest book alternatives. as they give baby shower guests a chance to give warm wishes and advice as they celebrate your special day.

For example, there are traditional guest books or homemade guest books. Just a few homemade guest books ideas I will share are the Ultrasound Guest Book, the super cute Wishes Jar, and the Elephant Guest Book.

Have fun choosing the guest book that best fulfills your memory wishes for this beautiful day!

Fun and Unique Baby Shower Gift Book Ideas

baby shower guest book ideas
  • Instead of having your guests sign in a book that will be left on a shelf, ask them to leave their fingerprints instead.
baby shower guest book ideas ultrasound frame
  • Frame dimensions: 12.28″W x 15.25″H x 0.75″D; photo insert: 5″W x 4″H
baby shower guest book ideas Wishes jar
  •  jar features gold foil text that reads ” Hello Little One” in a gold swirly flourish; set comes with white heart-shaped cardstock cards with gold foil border.
  • Includes 65 wooden elephant pieces, one pen, one organza bag for elephant puzzle pieces and one instructional sign.
baby shower guest book (1)
  •  guestbook has a sturdy wooden guest book cover, with 35 thick, blank guest book pages

The Thumbprint Tree.

baby shower guest book ideas
Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas Fingerprint Tree Canvas

The Thumbprint Tree is a fun activity for EVERYONE to help create a perfect Baby Shower Guest Book

1~ Have your guests add their fingerprint to the tree

2~ Then, ask your guests to sign their names and add a short wish for the Mom-To-Be

3~ This is great for small children over 5 years old who are attending the Baby Shower to participate in all the fun

Guest leave their fingerprint with their Name written and a Sweet Message on the Advice Cards(Amazon)

Sweet Ultrasound Frame Guest Book

baby shower guest book ideas ultrasound frame
Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas ultrasound frame

This Guest Book Idea is beautiful and heartwarming. It’s both easy and fun.

  • Simply frame your Ultrasound and have your guests sign their wishes on the mounted ultrasound!
  • This is truly the most personal way to include your guests and show everyone the first picture of Mom’s-Bundle-To-Be.

This Ultrasound Frame is available on Amazon

The Cute Wishes Jar Guest Book

baby shower guest book ideas Wishes jar
Wishes Jar comes with heart shaped cards (You can get it From Amazon)

The Wishes Jar comes with heart shaped cards which are perfect for guests to write brief messages. (You can get it here)

  • This idea allows for ample creativity.
  • It is especially great for a Baby Shower that has a lot of guests .
  • The Wishes Jar can be added to and personalized in any way you and your guests would like!

Fun Elephant Guest Book

Fun Elephant baby shower Guest Book
Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas : Sign Frame with 65 wooden pieces From Amazon

A great guest book if you have an elephant theme or just love elephants. (You can get from here)

  • This is a simple guest book idea that is easy and quick to create and also inexpensive.
  • The little elephants are just big enough for your guest to sign and share their well wishes to you and your Bundle-To-Be.
  • You can match your Baby Shower’s theme colors and create fun elephants to add to your board!
  • This can be a standalone guest book and/or a fun activity at your Baby Shower Party.

The Puzzle Guest Book

The Puzzle Guest Book can be so much fun! You can have your guests sign and leave their best wishes for you and your Bundle-To-Be.

It is a simple Guest Book idea that you can buy or you can create as an activity at your Baby Shower Party. You can even incorporate two or three, depending on the size of your party.

It might be fun to have a Onsie Puzzle for the adults and another one for the kids attending your Baby Shower Party. .

The Puzzle baby shower Guest Book

Have your guests sign a puzzle piece of this cute alternative guest book. (You can get them from etsy)

  • The Puzzle can be a different puzzle design or theme or color. Use your imagination and HAVE FUN!!

The ONESIES Guest Book

The ONESIES Guest Book is great for large shower. It is very easy to expand for unexpected guests.

The ONESIES is perfect for the children that are coming to your shower. They will have fun coloring the little onesies.

The ONESIES Guest Book
ONESIES Guest Book. (You can get from etsy)

Your guests can sign these ONESIES Guest Book.

  • Super Sweet Onesies are perfect for your guests to leave you a personal message, their contact information or just their name to let you know they enjoyed your Baby Shower Party.

DIY Guest Book Ideas

these are some DIY guest book ideas that are fun to make and sign.

Diaper Message Guest Book

The Diaper Message Guest Book is unique because your guests can leave a long message, draw you a picture, or color a cute doodle. To preserve the messages, simply take pictures of each diaper and make a scrapbook to look at when you want to revisit your Baby Shower party.

DIY Guest Book Ideas

These are so adorable!!

  • The best part of these is you can USE them after Baby Arrives.
  • And of course!! A variety of diapers can be found everywhere and anywhere! Be creative ~ !!

Diy Pumpkin & Onsies

Another memorable and cute alternative is to make diy guest books.

For example, signing a cute little mini pumpkin if the Baby Shower Party is around Halloween, or having guests sign a baby onesie or bibs. All the DIY activities can be activities and a precious part of your Party! HAVE FUN!

Guest book Accessory

Most often, the Guest Book is usually placed at the front door for easy access. It’s a fun idea to place a sign above the Baby Shower Guest Book you’ve chosen to remind guests to sign in.

baby shower guest book sign
baby shower guest book sign

Traditional Guest book

The Traditional Guest Book can be blank on the front or you can have Baby-To-Be name(s) printed on the front.

Good if you want a simple guest book for names and addresses. (You can get it here)


Baby shower guests books are beautiful ways to capture your memories of this precious time in your life. Keep in mind, you can be as creative as you wish, or as simple as you wish.

The purpose of your Baby Shower Guest book is to give guests something to sign and share their wishes for mom and baby. One day, you will sit down with your Baby-to-Be and share all the wonderful fun you had on this most precious day!