Baby Shower Alternatives

15 Best Baby Shower Alternatives For Perfect Celebration

The pop and extravagance of a traditional baby shower are not for everybody, and not every expecting parent wants to be the focus of attention.

Baby shower alternatives have been in existence for ages. They have now become popular again after the Pandemic hit. The restrictions could not allow friends and family to travel to be together.

If you’re worried about what to do for a friend who doesn’t want a traditional shower, try one of these baby shower alternatives.

Here are some suggestions for a non-traditional baby shower for the expecting mother:

Sip and See Party

Sip and See Party

A sip and see party is a little get-together of the new parents’ friends and relatives to greet the new baby.

It is held by the new parents’ parents or a close friend or family member after the baby’s arrival or adoption of a baby.

For obvious reasons of not wanting to disturb or overstimulate the infant, a drink and see party is a relaxed affair.

If you’re planning on holding a sip and see party, here is our Sip and See Party Guide.

Stocking the Nursery Party

Stocking the nursery baby shower is a party where friends and family of the parents-to-be come together to buy gifts for the baby that aren’t necessarily on the Baby Registry.

The host compiles a list of gifts that the parents-to-be will need for their nursery and shares it with guests to buy them. For the party, the guests will just surprise the parents with the gifts.

A nursery stocking party is all about the “small things” that new parents will need but might not think to buy for themselves.

Guests can also consider giving the parents gift cards for the parents to buy what they may want.

Decorate the Nursery Party

A decorate the nursery party is a party that involves a few friends of the mom-to-be coming together to help decorate the nursery while they catch up.

Obviously mom needs some help setting up the nursery? We have the party just for her. Invite her closest friends to help her decorate the nursery. To keep track of the decorating and not get lost in the catching up, create a small plan with tasks for everybody. 

baby shower alternatives

And we don’t mean the tedious work of assembling a whole crib- that’s dad’s job, right?

We suggest fun work like hanging the picture frames or arranging the cute onesies. You might also sip on mimosas and munch on some desserts as you catch up.

Drive-By baby Shower

A drive-by baby shower is an event that instead of everyone getting together for a party, guests simply drive by to drop off gifts and share in the love with the mom-to-be.

baby shower alternatives
baby shower alternatives

Due to the epidemic and the social distancing measures in place, drive-by baby showers have become fashionable as a way to protect mom-to-be.

The drive-by baby shower includes all of the features of a conventional baby shower, such as showering presents on the mom and baby, baby shower food, baby shower favors, and sometimes baby shower games.

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Jack and Jill Baby Shower

A Jack & Jill shower is essentially a co-ed baby shower in which the mother-to-be and her female friends and family may celebrate together with the father-to-be and his male friends and family.

These Jack & Jill showers are typically less decorative than standard baby showers, focusing instead on unique themes and family bonding before the baby’s arrival.

Baby Sprinkle

A baby sprinkle is an alternative baby shower held to celebrate the birth of a family’s second child. Instead of an elaborate occasion when a first-time mother is showered with presents, it’s a small, informal gathering where mom is given the baby essentials.

Many people who have their second child already have a lot of the stuff they’ll need. So instead of a typical shower, the presents are generally diapers, wipes, and a few clothes.

Baby Video Wish Tree

A baby video wish tree is a type of baby shower that all friends and loved ones send videos of encouragement and wishes of the baby to the new parents. If the host is tech-savvy, he/she can combine all the videos and make a beautiful compilation.

Upload the videos on, and the parents-to-be will watch them anytime they feel lonely. A fantastic gift that will keep them company during those long nights baby doesn’t want to sleep.

Books for Baby Shower

It’s a unique and lovely baby shower idea in which you may invite each visitor to bring their favorite book as a gift for the baby.

They might write a letter for the expecting mother on the cover to give it a personal touch. The books and words scribbled on them might be valuable collectibles.

baby shower alternatives
baby shower alternatives

A mom-to-be who prefers this baby shower alternative must certainly love books. If she has a book club, you can incorporate it into your alternative baby shower and read her current read at the party. 

Baby Shower by Mail

Baby Shower by mail is a new type of alternative baby showers in which guests send gift cards and thoughtful letters instead of celebrating in person. The gift cards may be used for future baby purchases. Be sure to inform the guests to include some words of advice or encouragement. 

Baby shower in a box

A baby shower in a box is typically a baby shower to surprise mom-to-be with a box of a variety of gifts from different people. This type of alternative baby shower is for a mom-to-be who lives far away from her friends and family.

A baby shower in a box is an excellent opportunity to let mom-to-be know she is cared for, even though her friends and family might be miles away.

baby shower alternatives
baby shower alternatives

For a baby shower in a box, the host will typically send invites to the guests and request them to send either gift cards or gifts. The host or the recipient of the gifts should live near mom.

The host will have to collect all the gifts, box them up, and eventually send them out to mom to be. You can also include cards like wishes for the baby for the guests to fill out.

To make it extra special, send the guest a surprise when sending out the invite to feel a part of the party. Include stuff like baby shower cookies or miniature party favors.

Baby shower brunch

A baby shower brunch is an informal gathering to share a meal late in the morning and early afternoon with friends and family.

A baby shower brunch, of course, incorporates both lunch and breakfast. Considering brunch is usually a chilled and relaxed event, a baby shower brunch is easy to plan a baby shower.

One of the reasons it’s a straightforward party is the fact that it has an uncomplicated menu. Guests are usually served sweet and savory dishes, including egg dishes, pies, cakes, and sausages.

The event usually starts at around ten and finishes by one. 

Virtual Baby Shower

A virtual baby shower shares the same idea as a traditional baby shower only that it is held on an online platform like Skype or Zoom.

You might also consider guests having no physical contact with the mother. This is a perfect idea to protect the mom-to-be and the baby from catching covid.

If you are considering having a virtual baby shower feel free to check out this virtual baby shower Guide

Godh Bharai

A Godh Bharai is typically is an all-women gathering that involves gifting mom-to-be with jewelry, fruits and sweets.

Different cultures celebrate motherhood and transition in different ways. Godh Bharai is an Indian tradition that celebrates mom-to-be.

Godh Bharai, a special Indian party attended by only married women to pray for the good health of both mother and baby and its safe delivery.

It is generally performed during the seventh month of pregnancy. This ceremony is also performed to satisfy the food cravings of the expectant mother.

baby shower alternatives
baby shower alternatives Godh Bharai Source

This alternative baby shower is a beautiful way to celebrate culture and mom-to-be.

Blessing Way

A blessing way is a traditional Navaho ceremony. The ceremony honors the woman’s transformation from maiden to mother. As the name suggests, it’s a way to bless the mom-to-be and baby.

This alternative baby shower involves the friends and family of mom-to-be come together to bless the mom-to-be and baby.

baby shower alternatives
baby shower alternatives

There are different ideas of performing blessing ways which include the following:

  • Blessing Way Beads :Your friends string the beads to a chord for the mother to wear during labor. The beads signify motherhood, transformation.
  • Corn Meal Bowl : During the Blessing way, you can have a bowl filled with cornmeal representing fertility add lavender and rose petals. One at a time, your guests, while massaging your feet they offer good wishes and blessings for you and the delivery.

Lighting the Candle

Lighting the candle is a beautiful type of baby shower that involves the family and friends of the mom-to-be lighting a candle and saying a word of affirmation for mom-to-be.

For the lighting a candle baby shower, let each guest know to bring a candle to the ceremony. Each guest will then light a candle and say words of blessings to the mom-to-be and baby.

Alternatively, you can give all your guests candles to take home. When mom-to-be goes into labor, start a phone tree with all the guests. Tell them to light their candles and send good thoughts and prayers to mom-to-be as she labors


What can you do instead of a baby shower?

Instead of a baby shower you can hold a sip and see party, a sprinkle party or a blessing way.

What is a Jack and Jill baby shower?

A Jack & Jill shower is a co-ed baby shower in which the mother-to-be and her friends and family celebrate together with the father-to-be and his male friends and family.

Do you have to do a baby shower?

You can have an alternative baby shower as long as you celebrate the mom-to-be.

What are some alternative baby shower ideas?

There are a lot of baby shower alternatives you can consider, like having an online gathering with the expecting mother, or just collaborating with other family members and friends to bring a pile of gifts and send to the mother.

Should parents have baby showers?

Parents can have sprinkle baby showers when they have other children

Is it possible to do a baby shower online?

Yes you can celebrate the baby shower using skype or zoom, just make sure to plan it beforehand and invite guests to participate and share the moment.

To wrap it up

With these baby shower alternatives, you can now take a break from the traditional baby showers and spice it up for a unique baby shower.

Whichever route you decide to follow, make sure mom-to-be feels loved!