What To Wear To Baby Shower

What To Wear To Baby Shower? (As a guest & As a Mom) 2021Guide

You’ve been invited to a baby shower, or you are throwing a baby shower for a loved one, and you want to look your very best! In this article,  I will give you some great ideas on What To Wear To Baby Shower as a guest or Mom-To-Be when you attend this amazing event.

When you are going to a Baby Shower party, it is best to wear a dress with a sweater, shrug or a blazer. When you are going to a more informal affair, it’s perfectly acceptable to throw on some nice pants and a blouse, bring along a sweat or light jacket so you are prepared for changing weather. 

Dressing ETIQUETTE for Baby Showers

The dressing etiquette for Baby Showers. Every decade, the etiquette changes for parties and Baby Showers are definitely no exception! 

Below I’ve listed a few important ETIQUETTE rules to follow. 

  • Ask your host if the party is a ‘theme’ party. Find out if you are needing to  bring snacks, food or drinks. 
  • Everyone is invited?  There are many different types of Baby Showers these days, but its not appropriate to assume it is welcome to bring your friends and husband or boyfriend.
  • DRESS ~ Historically, Baby Showers have been strictly a fancy dress up affair. Times and expectations have changed some. It is best to dress in your best clothing regardless of whether it is casual or fancy. 

Contact your hostess to ensure you follow her preferred Covid protocols. She may have a family that is not 100% vaccinated, or she may prefer all guests wear masks even if you are completely vaccinated. Every city has different masking protocols as well and your hostess will be able to let you know what is best for her Baby Shower.

What To Wear To Baby Shower as a GUEST ?

You are invited to a CASUAL Baby Shower and can’t decide what to wear! Below are a few ideas to wear that will be comfortable and appropriate.

Spring/Summer Baby Shower clothing choices 

Casual Dress can include a light weight blouse and a pair of nice jeans is comfortable. Be sure your jeans do not have holes or rips. With hot weather, it is appropriate to wear a lightweight casual skirt and an off the shoulder top. Jeggings are also a good choice when paired with a long dressy tee or tank with a blouse half buttoned. 

Fancy Dress can include a nice dress and nice high heels or flats. Be sure to bring along a light weight shrug or sweater for when the evening cools. A nice pair of slacks and a button up blouse coupled with a blazer is a winning combination. The weather is nice this time of year, so be sure to layer so you can take off and add back on as the day turns to night. 

Fall/Winter Baby Showers clothing choices

Casual Dress can include your nice jeans or jeggings with a nice chunky sweater. A dressy tee or casual blouse will be comfortable and appropriate.  Bring along a shawl or extra sweater in case the party moves outside. Layering is your best choice for fashion and comfort.

Fancy Dress this time of year can include a nice pant suit or a suit with a skirt. Its also good to wear a fancy dress of your choosing with a matching shrug or blazer. Your dress can be long or shorter. However, for this event, its appropriate to keep the length of your dress not shorter than the top of your knees. 

Footwear at your casual Baby Shower, open toe sandals or platform sandals are great. Check with your hostess to see if the party will be outside on grass. During the warmer months, there are bees and bugs. For outdoor casual footwear, a cute pair of Keds or causal comfy flats will keep you cool and comfortable all day.  Keep in mind that for cooler weather, wearing boots is perfectly acceptable. You may need to remove them at the door, bring along some nice slip ons to wear at the party. 

When dressing casual, it is important to wear your nicer casual clothing without fashion rips or holes. Bring a light weight sweater in case the party runs past sunset and you get chilly. Whether the party is casual or fancy, layering will make you comfortable and fashionable. 

Be sure you have checked with your hostess on her preference. She may want everyone to wear pastel colors or pinks or blues or even have a fun and unique theme she would like her guests to dress specifically for. 

What To Wear To Baby Shower as a MOM-TO-BE?

Your Baby Shower is a special and memorable event in your life. There really are no ‘rules’ regarding dress code for the Mom-to-Be, except, BE COMFORTABLE. 

  • SHOES for your Baby Shower, must be comfortable and supportive. It is true that some Moms-to-Be enjoy wearing high heels throughout their pregnancy! If you’re not friendly with long hours in heels, there are many alternatives. Flats with responsive foam really make long hours on your feet fly by.  

Final thoughts on shoes for Moms-to-Be attending their shower late in their pregnancy. The best choice is flat and comfortable shoes, that do not bind or pinch your feet. Your feet will swell as the party moves forward, so give your feet room to get a little bigger. Finally, your balance can be a safety issue. When possible, try to wear supportive shoes so you don’t slip or trip from fatigue. 

  • CLOTHING Mom-to-Be should wear what she will be comfortable in for several hours.  Mom’s first priority is keeping herself cool and her baby tummy well supported. Undergarments are as important as what Mom wears on top. Her clothing should be cotton and have ample stretch.  Mom will be grateful to have layered her clothing so she can keep her body temperature at a healthy degree. When possible, she should also have supportive undergarments to keep her and baby supported throughout the party. 

Baby Shower outfits for Mom

Faux Wrap Hi-Lo Maternity Dress

baby shower mom dress ideas
baby shower mom dress ideas

Gorgeous, knee-length maternity dress made from soft and long lasting materials that give you the comfort and flexibility needed for any stage of pregnancy.

Ruffle Off-Shoulder Maternity Dress

What To Wear To Baby Shower for mom to be
baby shower mom dress ideas

Specially designed to be simple, stylish, but yet comfortable and complementing through all stages of pregnancy.

Floral Ruched Side Bodycon Dress

baby shower mom dress ideas 3
baby shower mom dress ideas 3

Soft and Stretchy – High elasticity, Breathable, Lightweight, Soft and Comfortable for moms. There are varieties of colors and floral style, which is great choice for casual or baby shower.

Casual Maternity Maxi Dress

baby shower mom dress ideas 4
baby shower mom dress ideas 4

This long maternity dress is made of 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex, fabric is very soft and stretchy, which makes it skin-friendly and good ideal for pregnant women.

Sleeveless Bodycon Dress

baby shower mom dress ideas 5
baby shower mom dress ideas 5

he fabric is comfortable, breathable and stretchy, Provides adequate space for the growing belly.Best for maternity photoshoot.

Sleeve Ruched Maternity Dress W/Empire Waist

baby shower mom dress ideas 7
baby shower mom dress ideas

Designed with style and comfort in mind for all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. Show off your beautiful baby bump at your baby shower, thanksgiving dinner, or any formal event! Or add more shine to your everyday wardrove for a casual, yet stylish look.

Short Sleeve Dress

baby shower mom dress ideas 7
baby shower mom dress ideas

Designed for comfort in every stage of pregnancy. Soft, comfortable and stylish maternity V-Neck wrap dress perfect for any occasion.


Can I wear jeans to a Baby Shower?

For a casual Baby Shower, jeans are perfectly acceptable. The only guidelines to follow would be no fashion holes or rips in your jeans. Wear full length jeans, no mid calf or knee length jeans.

Can I wear BLACK to a Baby Shower as a guest?

Unless you are attending a black color ‘theme’ baby shower, it is not appropriate to wear black. Baby Showers are happy and light spirited affairs. A light or pastel color would be more fitting.

Do I have to wear a DRESS to a Baby Shower

No. It is not necessary to wear a dress. You hostess will tell you if the party will be formal or casual. In either case, a nice pair of slacks, trousers, nice jeans or khakis is perfectly acceptable.

What should Mom-to-Be wear to her Baby Shower

Mom-to-Be can wear what ever she feels comfortable in. Mom-to-Be can attend her party in clothing of her choice. Her clothing should be cotton and layered so she can keep her body temperature at a healthy degree. When possible, she should also have supportive undergarments to keep her and baby supported throughout the party.

Closing Thoughts

Dressing for a Baby Shower can be daunting. However, following some basic guidelines can make the choices a bit less stressful and much easier. First, make sure you know what type of party you are attending. Will it be a theme party, a fancy or casual affair and, will it be inside or out. Once you know these points, the rest is all about looking your best for your loved one who will be celebrating one of the best events in her life.  Enjoy finding you best outfit!