Sip and See Party

Baby shower after the baby is born (Sip and See Party Guide)

A baby shower after the baby is born? Sounds strange right? it’s also called Sip and see Party .

Not all baby shower parties have to be before the baby is born. You can still organize the ideal baby shower after and here are some tips to hep you do just that.

Yes, you heard me right. Baby showers don’t have to be right before the baby is born. You can decide to hold one after their birth. It might even be better as the guests get to see and hold the actual guest of honor.

The new parents or close friends plan such an event, the main agenda being to give family and friends a chance to meet and greet the new family member. It involves celebrating the bundle of joy with close friends and family.

The traditional baby shower would be before the bundle of joy lands, but who said you have to keep up with the conventional holding of a baby shower?

What do you call baby showers after the baby is born?

Baby showers after the baby is born are most commonly called postpartum baby showers. There are also several other names for a baby shower after the baby is born such as meet the baby party or a sip and see the party.

What is a sip and see party?

A sip and see party is a close-knit gathering of the new parents’ close friends and family to meet the new baby. It is usually hosted by the parents or a close friend or family of the new parents. A sip and see party is a chilled kind of party for obvious reasons of not wanting to agitate or overstimulate the newborn.

Traditional Baby Shower vs. Sip and See Party

Maybe you wonder why you should hold a sip and see party over the traditional baby shower. There are several reasons why it is a good idea.

It will be easier for starters to know what type of gift to buy for the baby. That is because the guests will already know the gender of the baby. The issue with buying gifts during the traditional baby showers is that you will be guessing the baby’s gender.

A sip and see party will allow the new parents to invite friends and relatives to their baby’s homecoming. That gives the mother a chance to celebrate with her guests and bond with the baby.

It would be a good idea to hold the baby shower party after the baby’s birth because you are sure it will be all about the baby. Most often, traditional baby showers end up celebrating the mother, excluding the baby. But if it’s a baby shower, shouldn’t the baby present?

A sip and see party will buck the trend in organizing baby showers since you will have the baby with you.

How to Organize a Sip and See Party?

The sip and see party aren’t much different from the traditional baby shower in planning. The main thing to consider is that it will be mostly family and close friends are invited to the party, much like in the traditional baby shower. You can decide to host the party or have a friend organize it for you.

There are several things you will have to consider.

How soon after birth should you hold a baby shower Party ?

If you’re holding the party after the baby is born the party should ideally be 2 to 3 months after the baby’s birth. That will ensure the mother has healed from the birth process, and the baby is old enough to have many people see them.

Baby shower after baby is born invitation

First things first you’ve got to let your guests know the date, venue, and time of the event. Sip and see party invitations are no different from the usual baby shower invites.

You can use digital invites as well as letter invites depending on the tone you want for the party. Digital invites are best for a more laid-back casual party Remember to be mindful of the baby’s’ schedule when setting the time.

Sip and See Baby Shower Invitation
Sip and See Baby Shower Invitation

Where Do You Hold the Party?

The logical reason would be to host the party at the parents’ house. That way, you limit the distance the new mum has to travel and prevent fatigue for the baby. You can also decide to hold it at a close friend’s place.

A restaurant can also be an excellent place to host a party. However, you will need to ensure the place is close enough to avoid the mother traveling a long distance just for a party. It should be a place your guests will find easily.

What Type of Food Do You Prepare or Serve?

When it comes to food, you will be spoilt for choice, especially if you’re holding the party at a restaurant. You will need to be conversant with your guest’s food types to avoid locking any of them out if you go the one meal way.

If the party is at home, a potluck can do the trick. A potluck will allow each guest to bring their favorite meal.  That will save you quite an amount of money on food. If there will be any cooking going on, get some friends to help you out.

or you can spoil your guests with some bagels and cream, full idea here

sip and see food ideas
sip and see food ideas

Or you can have a brunch themed Sip & See like this one kate had here

Sip and See Party food idea
Sip and See Party food idea

Who Do You Invite to The Sip and See Party?

Every baby shower guest list is different, with the common denominator being the parents, family members, and some close friends. If you’re planning the party for a friend, ensures you rope in the parents to know who to invite.

The invitations should be specific on the arrival time and departure times to ensure the party lasts just long enough. That will help avoid tiring the baby and the mother.

Sep and See Decoration ideas

The other important feature to consider is decorations. There is no need to put much effort into decor though a little pomp and color won’t hurt. Simple flowers and balloons can work.

If you prefer to host your party around a them idea check this Milcoholic theme idea by Carrie:

sip and see theme idea
sip and see theme idea
sip and see party ideas
sip and see party ideas

Most people come to see and hold the newborn. However, the baby cannot be held all the time, so it’s crucial to ensure you have a few games to liven up the event. You can also consider the ideas we have shared below to liven up the party.

Game ideas For a Sip and See Baby shower.

Most hosts will have a theme for the party, though it shouldn’t be compulsory. The host makes all the rules, after all. The below ideas should come in handy when you want to liven up the party.

Signing Board

Your DIY skills will come in handy here. You only need a whiteboard with a picture of the family member, a marker pen, and you are ready to go. On arrival, ask the guests to sign their names on the board with something positive about the child’s future before departure to take a picture holding the baby with the board in the background.

 Baby Shower Signature Guest Book

Signing board

Message in a Bottle

Let the guests write four lines about the newborn then bottle them up. The bottle will then be given to the child when they turn 18.

Diaper Jokes

There is always a dirty diaper to dispose of with a newborn. That gives you an idea for an activity during the party. To mark those future diaper changes, you can provide guests with diapers and let them write their names down and funny messages for the new mom and dad.

That can be a way for the guests to loosen up and make the party livelier.

Who’s Who

Ask each guest to send their picture or that of their firstborn baby ahead of time. The host will show everyone the photos, and the guests will decide which baby photo belongs to who or who is in the picture.

It is worth remembering that this activity will only work better in a close-knit family.

Do you bring presents to a sip and see?

Yes, Gifting in the Sip and See Party is essential to the parents. Well, thought-out gifts will ensure the parents feel loved and appreciated. That will, however, be up to the guests.

Final Thoughts

Were you of the opinion that all baby shower parties should be held before the baby is born? You can see that it isn’t a must to have the party before the baby is born. You can have it anytime, even a few months after the baby is born.

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