Places to hold baby shower with Price Estimation

17 Unique Places to hold baby shower with Price Estimation

Choosing a location for a baby shower has to be one of the most important decisions when planning a baby shower. There are a ton of places to hold baby shower.

The place to hold a baby shower will most likely be dependent on your budget, theme, season, time of the event, number of guests, and preference. The location of the event can also affect the type of theme of the baby shower you can have.

So, the place to hold a baby shower is crucial in planning the event. Here are some of our favorite spots and venues to hold a baby shower.

Baby shower location ideas

The rising cost to hold a baby shower can really be stressing which is not advisable for a mom-to-be. The baby shower was to provide a better time to celebrate the arrival of the new blessing. 

The cost of a baby shower location will typically cost 5% of your total budget.

Cheap Baby Shower Venues

The best part of the baby shower is that you don’t have to throw an expensive one, anyone can host a baby shower using these free places.


Places to hold baby shower
Places to hold baby shower

Home is one of the most popular places to hold a baby shower. It’s a convenient and comfortable place to hold a baby shower, especially for mom-to-be who might be too tired to travel to another location.Home offers a great place for a surprise that mom-to-be won’t see coming. And on top of all that is that its a free location

All said and done home is the best!

Church Hall

In most occasions if mom-to-be is a regular in church then most of her friends are church members. The church hall already has sets and tables so that’s settled. The church hall provides a great ambiance and it’s close to free depending on the church.

Remember you’re in church so no inappropriate games.

Community Centers

You can rent the community centers when they are free during the weekends to host the baby shower.It’s an open place and can accommodate a large number of guests. There is no need to worry if you are having a long guest list. Community centers will usually charge approximately $200 for up to 4 hours.


Places to hold baby shower
Places to hold baby shower

A farm barn setup will be a beautiful location for a rustic or woodland themed baby shower

These adorable vistas are popping up everywhere for use as event spaces. Paired with hues of whites and browns and you will have pictures to die for.

Also, a perfect location if mom-to-be lives on the farm but you don’t want to host a party far from her home. And it’s free!


Places to hold baby shower
Places to hold baby shower

Watch the sunset with mimosas at hand as you celebrate mom-to-be. Being an open place most beaches are free to the public. An afternoon or a mid morning baby shower would have your guests enjoy a cool breeze and a good swim. The unlimited space also makes it ideal for parties with many guests.

You will be required to rent out tents, chairs and tables for the guests.


Places to hold baby shower
Places to hold baby shower

Driveaway baby shower one of the easiest baby showers you can host. The driveway as a location has become popular with the onset of the covid pandemic. Guests can just pass by and wish mom-to-be well wishes as they drop their gifts and leave. Check out our Drive-by baby shower (Guide and 15+ ideas)

Virtual Baby Shower

How about no place at all. A virtual baby shower is the ultimate free baby shower. Safe, cheap, and easy to manage. 

Here is How to plan a virtual baby shower (Easy step by step Guide)

Unique Places to hold Baby Shower

If the parents-to-be have lots of friends and family a large space is crucial. The number of guests is one major reason to hire out a space for a baby shower. That and the fact that you’d like a new scenery and experience.

Here are the priced places to host your baby shower depending on your budget. Be sure to also check out How Much To Spend On a Baby Shower Party? (Free Worksheet)


Places to hold baby shower
Places to hold baby shower

You have an option of renting out your favorite restaurant. If you don’t have a long guest list then there is no need to hire out the entire restaurant, just book 1-2 tables. Serve a buffet or an afternoon tea for the guests.

For a restaurant location you might want to add some baby shower decor to keep in line with the baby shower theme.

An upscale restaurant will charge approximately $20 – $30 per guest for 30-50 guests.

Tea rooms

Are you in search of a cute cozy environment for your baby shower? 

Places to hold baby shower
Places to hold baby shower

Can you imagine a cozy afternoon in your local tea room? Team rooms provide an intimate private ambiance while sipping on some delicious tea and treats. Fine, china, flowers and huge hats will give you a stylish and chic tea party baby shower. 

A tea room will provide all the stylish cute cutlery for a perfect chic baby shower. You can add some decor but you really don’t need to. 

Bed and Breakfasts

A bed and breakfast offers a separate area for occasions and this would be a great area for a baby shower. As compared to hotels, a bed and breakfast is more intimate with less people moving in and out. It’s a perfect location if you want a family type of baby shower with children. 

On the plus side, bed and breakfasts offer food and drinks so you take out all the catering planning from your list.

Club House

Club houses are private and offer a great place to hold a private occasion. Most club houses provide snacks and food so you will not need to arrange outside catering. 

Would be a plus if the club house has a pool and you could hold a pool party.

Outdoor Places to hold Baby showers

Picnic Parks

Places to hold baby shower
Places to hold baby shower

Most areas usually have beautiful outdoor parks that offer amazing picnic areas.

The extensive green surroundings most times with a water feature make it ideal for a social gathering.

Centrally located and affordable or free, parks are a popular location for baby showers. You can choose to hire seats or alternatively use the park benches or just sit on the grass.


Talk about a destination baby shower or just a backyard baby shower but under tents. Get in tune with nature with a camping themed baby shower in the woods under the moonlight.


Places to hold baby shower
Evan Joseph Images

Rooftop terraces offer a great ambiance for a relaxed afternoon luncheon. Not only does it provide a lovely escape, but the views from a rooftop terrace are heavenly plus the pictures will come out great

Be sure to make sure the weather will be warm and not too sunny or too cold.

It will cost you between $50 per hour to $1,000+ per hour to hire out a rooftop terrace, depending on the venue size and your area.

Gardens to Hold Baby Showers

Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens not only offer great locations for your baby shower but also provide an experience for your guest, Take nature walks, bird watching under the calming sound of nature and water. 

What a perfect soundtrack for your outdoor baby shower.


Places to hold baby shower
Places to hold baby shower

Of Course, mom-to-be won’t be popping any corks but the views and the landscapes are beautiful for a baby shower venue.

Other guests can enjoy wine tasting and all of you can have a picnic at the vineyard to enjoy the quintessential views. Hiring a winery will cost from $350 upwards of $2000.

In conclusion

Whether you want a flashy baby shower or a simple toned-down baby shower, there is a place to hold the baby shower.