How to plan a virtual baby shower

How to plan a virtual baby shower (Easy step by step Guide)

Are you wondering how your baby shower will be with all the restrictions of traveling and social distancing regulations? Do you need your friends and family from different parts of the world in the baby shower?

Well, we got you covered. A Virtual Baby Shower is the way to go! 

The Virtual baby shower has been in use since the early 2000s and most especially among military families.

Two main things that hinder one from holding a the traditional baby shower that involves face-to-face interactions are the new social distancing regulations and family dynamics (family members staying far apart from one another, others are in different states and countries). 

However, with Virtual Baby Shower, the parents-to-be get an opportunity to stream their Baby Shower live via different platforms. 

The remodeling of video chat services technology has also included these important baby shower events.

Pros of Virtual Baby Shower

One advantage of a virtual baby shower is that the Host can invite as many guests as possible. Another advantage is that one can cut costs on traveling and catering services. A Virtual baby shower eliminates the extra cost, being a reprieve for the parents to be on a tight budget.

Friends and family living in other countries or states can join you during the celebration at no extra cost!

The only drawback of this kind of virtual event is that it does not create an opportunity to meet face to face, robbing the mother-to-be of that intimate experience with her friends and family. 

It is tough to share our emotions electronically. For the parents-to-be who like being around people, Hybrid Baby Shower is encouraged.

But how exactly does a virtual baby shower work?

Who Hosts a Virtual Baby Shower?

Anyone can hold a virtual baby shower from a close friend or family member or even the expecting parents. A virtual shower host can be anywhere in the world as they will be able to coordinate the event via texts, emails, or even social media- that’s a plus for a virtual baby shower.

 If the shower host is a distance away from the mom-to-be, it’s better to have an aide to help coordinate the event.

Virtual Baby Shower Etiquette

Just like in a traditional shower, a good host should know some etiquette basics.

Here are some of the basics that you will need to consider:

  1. Keep the moms to be ideas and expectations a priority. She is, of course, the guest of honor.
  2. Send invitations in due time. Ensure you give your guest enough time to plan for the event and time to send their gifts.
  3. Make Sure you set up Tech Is For Everyone. Tech in a virtual baby shower is vital. If ts faulty tech, then the party will not go on smoothly.
  4. Don’t Over Do It. Please keep it simple and classy. The virtual baby shower schedule does not need to have too many items as these may bore the attendees.     
  5. Play virtual Baby Shower games. Games are essential in ensuring interaction between guests and also as a cool icebreaker.
  6. Remember to thank your guests.

Virtual Baby Shower Checklist

Just like any event, it is crucial to have a checklist. Most importantly, it is easy for a virtual baby shower to forget when you are busy coordinating guests from all over the world—an easy step to follow when planning a virtual baby shower.

You can quickly draft a checklist for yourself, but why go through all that trouble. We’ve developed one for you that you can easily download. Check it out.

virtual baby shower Checklist
virtual baby shower Checklist

 Expectation of the Mother-to-be

One of the most critical things to acknowledge is the mom-to-be’s expectations—her likes and preferences and who she would love to have at the party. Let the parents(even if it’s the father if you want it to be a surprise for the mom) understand that the shower will be virtual due to the reasons well known to you and them; otherwise, you might plan all that, and they miss their party!

Getting consent and considering the parents-to-be’s suggestions in the planning process makes them own and appreciate the effort.

Date and time for the virtual shower

As for any other event, setting up the date is the first step. Pick a date and a time for the party. When selecting a date and time, consider the following:

  1. Time zones. If the guests are from different time zones, ensure that the time works for all of them
  2. Shipping gifts: Have a date that allows you enough time to ship gifts.

The Tech You Need for Virtual Baby Showers

Naturally, a virtual baby shower location will be a virtual place.

For a traditional shower, the tricky part is usually selecting the food choices and decor or theme. For a virtual baby shower narrowing down the best platform to hold the event is typically nerve-racking.

The great thing is that there are a variety of options for hosting a virtual event. Another plus for virtual hosting is that most hosting platforms have both paid and free options.

The best way to choose a platform is to consider the most straightforward alternative you, as the Host, are comfortable using.

So which platform is the best? Here are a few things to consider.

 Hosting Platforms:

When choosing a Virtual Baby Shower venue, a good start point is first knowing the number of guests who will attend and the time the whole event will take. That will ensure you choose the right platform for the baby shower party.

It would be best to consider the guests’ tech-savviness, internet connectivity, and types of devices they own. You don’t want to host a party that no guest can attend as they either don’t know or have no access to it. Once you choose the preferred platform send all your guests’ details on how to navigate the platform.

Here is a summary of the different platforms with their advantages and limitations to aid you in this crucial decision.


Facebook should top your list of the apps to use if you plan on hosting a virtual baby shower. Being one of the most widely spread social networking sites, almost everyone on the planet can access it. 

The main advantage of using Facebook is that it is free. Therefore, most of your guests will either have it or have some form of access to it. It also has an option of uploading pictures, and you can easily download videos that will be keepsakes.

Hosting a virtual baby shower on Facebook, you will need to create a private/closed group. Guests can join and interact before or after the event is done. It is possible to go live while your guests view and comment in real-time.

Facebook- Messenger rooms is a new video calling feature that allows users to host video calls for only 50 users at a time. Guests who do not have a Facebook account can also be invited and attend the party as well.


Zoom is has become the most popular video conferencing platform right now. Most schools and organizations widely prefer it for holding virtual meetings. Because it is elementary to use, it is quite popular. Making it one of the natural options for your virtual baby shower.

What you will love about Zoom is the fact it is available on all devices. It is also supported for both Desktop and mobile devices. It also integrates well with other social media applications, and it can support an audience of 500 Slots.

The only downside to the free version’s time limitations is that it limits the meetings to 40 minutes. That should be enough for the baby shower if it will be a brief party. You can, however, opt for the paid versions that are available at different prices.

The Host should be conversant with the platform to ensure moderation is more comfortable and that you don’t have too much chaos when hosting.


Skype allows users to send quick messages to other users and easily integrates video with audio from the chat windows. It is an excellent platform for screen sharing and informal-based videos. It can support up to 250 participants and has an interface that any user wouldn’t have trouble navigating.

Skype is free, but one needs to download the application on either their phone or personal laptop. It has an easy-to-use interface that won’t give your guests a hard time navigating. You can have them download it on their phones or laptops and attend your virtual baby shower. That’s easy enough, isn’t it?

Google Hang Out

Another free app you can use to host a virtual baby shower is the Google Meets app. The app can support up to 250 participants for audio calls and ten if it’s a video call. Although free, it doesn’t come close enough to the other apps as it is limited in the number of people that can attend.

If your baby shower is a low-key event with a small number of people, then it will come in handy. If the baby shower has numerous participants, then it is best to use an alternative.

Face Time

Apple has a free video service on their devices called face time. All you need to do is own either an iPad or iPhone, and you are good to go. It can supports up to 32 devices, meaning the number of guests is limited.

It is easy to set up, and most guests with apple devices will already be familiar with it. Just remember that after settling it up, ensure that you give it a test run and smoothen out any glitches bound to come up.

Though it is a free app, you will lock out some of your friends who don’t have Apple devices.

Virtual Baby Showers Themes

Sounds strange, right? But you can have a theme in your virtual baby shower. You can showcase your theme on the various items: 

  • The digital invite
  • Baby Shower games
  • Baby shower Thank you notes
  • Online platform backgrounds

The guests can also dress up in the party theme. How cute will the platform display be with guests dressed up in various hues of pink for a virtual baby shower for a girl?

Virtual Baby Shower Registry

This is the right time to create an online baby shower registry. An online registry is ideal so that you can send the link when sending the invitation. The perfect scenario is that you receive the gifts before the Virtual Baby Shower event to open the gifts becomes one of the day’s activities!

Online registry comes with the following advantages:-

  • Return Policy
  • Discounts
  • Freebies
  • Group Gifting
  • Universal Registry

A perfect registry combines a wide range of selections. As the Host, you should know what the mother already has and what she needs. Thereafter you can create a baby shower registry and share it out with your guests.

You can also have your baby shower registry on Amazon.

Guest List

The good thing with planning a virtual baby shower is that you can invite as many guests as you like as long as the platform of choice can support it.  Once you’ve got the guest list figured out, then its time for the invitations

Virtual Baby Shower Invitations

Whether a virtual or a traditional shower, digital invitations are trendy. Due to their streamlined nature, the only challenge that arises is choosing a design.

A digital invitation will depend on your theme and the type of guests attending the shower.

You can choose to design your invites or get the invites from websites such as paperless Post, Greenvelope, and Evite. These websites have extra cool features like music, gifs, and links to your shower website or registry.

Online invitations for an online event is an obvious choice, but to spice things up, why not send them an Invitation via mail? It does not only formalize the event but also a well-written invitation card excites the recipient.

For the virtual baby shower invitation wording, make sure you include important details like when the event will start, links, or passwords required to join the event. 

Here is a downloadable virtual baby shower invite.

 virtual baby shower invite.


Should you have decorations in a virtual baby shower?

Yes, why not?

A beautiful backdrop sets the theme of the party. There is no need to decorate the whole house. Just decorate the part that the camera will capture. If it’s not a surprise baby shower party, you can send the mom-to-be a box with all the decor she needs to set up, like decor and cute napkins.

Platforms like Zoom have virtual backgrounds, so there is no need for in-person decor. 

We’ve come up with some examples of baby shower virtual backdrops that can spur your imagination, and on the plus side, you can also download and use them.

baby shower virtual background for zoom
baby shower virtual background for zoom

Make sure also to send the link to your guests to download and feature the background.

Virtual Baby Shower Decorations Ideas 

  1. Balloon backdrop is not only cheap but readily available in the local stores. They are also easy to make.
  2. Paper Fan backdrop they come in different colors which you can easily match with the baby shower theme.
  3. Garland-DIY one with the color of the baby shower theme or opt for one which is available in a local store.

If you choose to use virtual backgrounds offered by the platforms, make sure you let your guests know which background to choose so that you can all have a theme.


Having food for a virtual event is quite tricky. Eating and drinking on screen might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If your guests are comfortable eating on the screen, then go right ahead, but as guests to refrain from eating until the end of the event.

One creative way is to share a mocktail recipe that your guests can make and drink together during the event. Depending on the baby shower time, you can also have a virtual brunch baby shower or a virtual tea party.

Virtual Baby shower Games

Just like in traditional showers, games are a favorite, even in virtual showers. Of course, you can’t play games like the pregnant man race, but there are still tons of games to choose from.

Virtual baby shower game ideas:

  • Baby Bets: Have your guests guess baby features and write them down. Characteristics such as sex, eye color, weight, height, and hair color. You can host a sip and see to announce the winner.
  • Trivia: Hold a quiz with questions about the parents-to-be.
  • Crib Tour: Another fun activity that’s not a game is having the parents hold a virtual tour of the nursery.
  • Guess the price: Hold up several baby items like bodysuits, diapers, washcloths, etc., to the camera. Guests will then guess the total price of all the things and show their guess on the camera. Guest with the guess closest to the actual cost wins.
  • Pictionary: you can also play online games like Pictionary. One such site is Sketchful which is a free online sketching and guessing game. And hey, you don’t need to be an artist to play. 
  • Jackbox games: Jack box games are a series of video games for parties. The games can be played by multiple players and can be played from any device.
  • Build-a-baby: Give prior notice to your guests to join the shower with some play-dough. Guests will then compete to “build a baby” with the play dough. “Best Baby” wins.

Virtual baby shower games require extra planning to include time and how guests will play the games. If you have many participants attending, the guests can play in break-out rooms to play several games.

Always take note of the winners and send the baby shower prizes.

E-gift cards are the easiest of gifts to send, but you can always send your other preferred gifts via mail. Of course, you can get all types of prizes from Amazon. Check out our baby shower prizes for inspiration.

Virtual Baby Shower Prizes and Party Favors

Holding a virtual baby shower doesn’t exempt you from gifting your guest some great party favors. You can always ship baby shower favors later on after the shower. You can send a traditional party favor or gift card. One cool way of gifting your guests is to send them something they can use during the shower, like matching cocktail glasses or matching coffee mugs. This means you send the favors before the party.

Still, there is no one limiting you from sending traditional favors like gift packs in the mail. If this is too much planning for you, everybody loves gift cards. Send your guests gift cards they can use to purchase digital gifts.

Have a look at our 17+ Unique baby shower prizes for every budget to get some ideas.

Prepare for Opening Gifts

What’s a baby shower without gifts! We still need to shower the baby with gifts.

One other hurdle most hosts will have is wondering how the opening of gifts will be like. And it is not as hard or complicated you might think it is.

Plan a gift reveal

Have guests send in their gifts prior, and the mom-to-be can open them on camera. Alternatively, the guests can hold on to the gifts and open them during the gift session and send them later. You can also do a mix of both options for guests who weren’t able to send in their gifts.

In case guests will send their gifts after the shower; you can still hold a sip and see to show off baby in the gifts. Check our sip and see party guide for some inspiration.

Share an Agenda

Once you’ve settled on all the nitty-gritty, then it’s time to share an agenda with your guests. The agenda should typically go out with the final reminder a couple of days before the big day.

An Agenda is essential to let your guests know the plan and ensure you don’t waste time. The good thing about a virtual shower is that it is short and sweet, so make sure the agenda is an hour or less if possible.

Here’s a sample agenda you can use:

  • Guest joining the call – 10 mins
  • Welcome note from host 2 mins
  • Playing shower games – 10 mins
  • Opening Gifts – 10 mins
  • Give mom a pep talk – 15 mins
  • Virtual Nursery tour by mom – 8 mins
  • Closing speech by parents-to-be – 5 mins
  • Virtual Goodbyes – 5 mins

Without a well-planned, detailed schedule of what’s going to happen at what time, awkward silence can easily creep in.

Virtual baby shower Agenda

Virtual baby shower guestbook

A virtual baby shower also needs a guest book. For a virtual baby shower, a guest book will have guests’ advice for the mom-to-be. Create a guest book and send it via mail to your guests to edit and add their advice and wishes to the parents-to-be and the new family member.

Have a look at an example of a virtual baby shower guestbook.

Virtual baby shower guestbook
Virtual baby shower guestbook

Virtual baby shower thank you notes.

Thanking guests is an absolute must. You can send emails or texts to thank your guests and maintain the virtual theme. The best time to send your thankyous is one or two weeks after the shower. We’ve got also got you covered on some thank you notes templates.

Check these out

Virtual baby shower thank you notes
Virtual baby shower thank you notes

In Conclusion

More and more people are embracing the idea of a virtual baby shower. It cuts costs, especially in catering, and another plus is that you get to invite friends and families from all over the world.

A virtual baby shower is a beautiful way to have keepsake memories with the parents-to-be. To capture the memories forever, remember to take screenshots of the virtual party. How cute and unique will those snaps will be!