What To Write In A Baby Shower Guest Book

What To Write In A Baby Shower Guest Book? 18 Top Ideas To inspire you

Whether you are the hostess, mother-to-be, friend, neighbor,  family-in-law or a sibling, What To Write In A Baby Shower Guest Book will vary. 

So!!   What DO I WRITE in a Baby Shower Guest Book!?

What To Write In A Baby Shower Guest Book
baby shower guest book Fingerprint Tree Canvas

Not ALL guest books require or ask for a lot of writing. Some ask for  just your name and date without any writing. The reason for this is there are many fun and creative Baby Shower Guest Books like the ‘Baby Shower Fingerprint Tree’,’ or maybe you will be given a small onesie or jigsaw puzzle piece that you will just write your name on with a short Congratulations. 

what to write in the Baby Shower Guest Book

Below I’ve listed some sweet, cute and fun ideas and answered a few questions about WHAT TO WRITE in a Baby Shower Guest Book! 


When you write to your friend in her Baby Shower Guest Book, be it your life long friend or just an acquaintance, always write from your heart. That’s not to say use overly emotional words and never use the word love in a Baby Shower Guest Book. Save ‘love’ for a personal card to Mom.

 As a casual friend, keep your thoughts pleasantly, short and sweet. Encourage her and remind her that you are always there for her when she is on her 100th night of no sleep! Another thought is to share a memory with her that you two shared. Remember that Mom is the center of  attention in everything about the Baby Shower. It’s a wonderful idea to include the Bundle-To-Be in your well wishes, hopes, and thoughtful advice.

For your FRIENDS example

  • “Congratulations (Mom-to-Be name)!  Your new Baby is almost here! Your new Baby is very fortunate to have a wonderful Mother like you.”
  • “I have enjoyed our friendship and watching you go through your beautiful pregnancy. your gift will be here! I’m always just a call away if you need anything my friend. Best wishes!”
  • “Over the moon with excitement for you and your new . Blessing to you.”
  • “Hugs and cuddles to your new family member. Any day now!!  Happy Baby”
  • “Congratulations on your wonderful Baby Shower! Welcome to parenthood!”
  • “Wishing you all the happy adventures to come. You family is growing by 1 (or 2), and all the richer for your wonderful addition.” 


Parents have the privileged position of raising their own baby already! The Baby Shower Guest Book is a good place to congratulate your daughter and her new addition to the family. Everyone will read these words and so simple and sincere is best.

For your PARENTS example

  • “My Daughter, Congratulations on your beautiful baby. We look forward to watching you raise your child.  When the time comes that you’d like to have some ‘YOU’ time, we are happy to take our new grandchild for a visit.” 
  • “We cannot wait to watch you raise your own beautiful person. Enjoy each and every memory you create. 
  • ‘Warm Congratulations Daughter (name)!!  You are soon to be a Mom and you have wonderful dreams for your child’s future. Your bundle of joy will bring you love, hope, joy, and infinite happiness.”
  • “As your parents, we couldn’t be more proud and happy for you and your new child. We have been in awe at how wonderfully you went through your pregnancy journey, we know you are the very best parents ever!”
  • “Joy and happiness to you beautiful Daughter!” 


Siblings have a unique relationship with Mom. It is important to keep your thoughts simple and full of encouragement and happy wishes. These words will be read for years and years to come. 

For your SIBLING example:

  • “Dear Sis, (name) I remember when we were little and now, LOOK AT YOU, you have your own little baby!   Read them our favorite book at bedtime! I know you are going to be the very best Mom ever!”
  • “Hi Sister ~ Your baby is almost here! Congratulations on all your hard work you’ve gone through with such style and grace. I know you will be a great Mom to your new family member.“”
  • “Congratulations Sis! You’ve done an amazing job preparing yourself, your home and your  life for this incredible new addition to your family. I know you will be the very best Mother. I am here for  you when you want some YOU time.“


It is 2021 and social rules are changing every year. These incredible times mean that baby showers are changing and everyone can and DOES attend. It is the norm to invite your male friends and male family members.

First, it is important to R.S.V.P. with your hostess to ensure male guests are going to be invited.  Always write from your heart! Keep it short and simple because Mom-to-Be will share this for years to come. 

For Men example:

  • “We’ve been friends for a long time, I wish you all the best.”
  • “Enjoy will be many wonderful evenings you spend reading to your new child as they fall asleep on your lap. Have fun creating beautiful memories”
  • “Congratulations! (name) Your incredible journey is almost done and you will have a new little person to share your life with. I know you will make the best Mother.” 
  • “You won’t sleep anymore, you won’t eat anymore but you will be making the best memories of your life with your new baby.”


I have brought a lot of people with me, does everyone sign the Guest Book? 

The person that the invitation is sent to should sign the book, however wish Mom the very best from everyone.

Should I write something personal to the Mom-to-Be?

No. Keep your messages to the new Mom cheerful and fun and always from your heart. Keep your personal memories and wishes to Mom in a separate card.

Can I write a poem or the words to a song for the Mom-to-Be in the Guest Book?

It is best to keep your well wishes for Mom short and simple. A good idea is to put a personal long wish, song or poem in a separate card and deliver it to her after the Shower.

What is a simple message to write in the Guest Book for the New Mom?

Enjoy all the new memories you will make! ~ Congratulations! ~ Best to you and yours! ~ ‘A new baby, a new life, a new beginning’ ~ From this day forward, every moment will be blessed. Congratulations! ~ Joy to you and your new family member! ~ !CONGRATULATIONS!

Can the new MOM-TO-BE sign the guest book?

Of course Mom can sign HER guest book! This is YOUR guest book and the baby shower is your memory. You can and should sign the guest book. Like the guests, keep your thoughts cheerful and not too personal.

Should Men write in the Guest Book? 

Absolutely! You have been invited to the Party and are a cherished person to the Mom just Keep it short and simple!

Final Thoughts 

Baby Showers are a time to celebrate Mom and her special bundle of joy. The Baby Shower Guest Book is all about Mom! Share from your heart. Encourage gently. Whether you use a cheerful sense of humor or sweet wishes, the BABY SHOWER GUEST BOOK will be a part or Mom-to-Be experience.