do men go to baby showers

Do men go to Baby Showers? Top things you want to consider

If you’re planning a baby shower for the first time and you’re asking if do men go to baby showers? that’s what we’re going to breakdown in this article.

Do men go to baby showers?

Ideally, baby showers were for the mom-to-be and her female friends or family members. Still, coed baby showers are becoming quite popular, more and more people are inviting fathers to attend baby showers. Alternatively friends of the father-to-be also choose to hold a baby shower called a diaper party solely attended by men.

Whichever way you choose, as long you celebrate the coming of a new family member.

It takes two to tango, and most especially when it comes to parenting, so it comes naturally that fathers are also part of one of the momentous occasions before the baby comes.

When did men start going to baby shower

Traditionally, men never attended baby showers. The baby showers were mostly centered on women talks revolved around labor, delivery, and nursing while the women shared their pregnancy experiences.

Men started attending baby showers at the beginning of the 21st century, dubbed as “Information age” more men are recorded to have been invited for baby showers. Theoretically, Open society scraped off the unspoken rule of barring men from attending baby showers, and that is when men started attending baby showers.

Now quite popular, more and more people are holding baby showers that have both women and men, and this kind of baby shower is referred to as a coed baby shower

Coed baby shower

A coed baby shower is a modern approach to holding a baby shower. Both genders are welcomed to the baby shower and celebrate the new anticipated family member. Coed baby showers are also known as Jack and Jill baby showers.

Though the event is contemporary, it still includes some time-honored traditions. Congratulations to the parents-to-be, ice breaker games, delicious food, and of course, showering the parents-to-be with gifts for the newborn.

This baby shower accords both parents-to-be family members and friends the opportunity to welcome the baby and pamper both the parents with love and gifts.

Coed baby shower invitation wording

Mentioning both the parents’ names on the invitation and including a neutral coloring so that it does not look like one specific gender is invited is one way of ensuring that your coed baby shower is less traditional.

Some of the ideas of wording may include:-

  • Mr. and Mrs. ……..cordially invites you for a coed baby shower.
  • Its a village that raises a child, join us for a coed baby shower.
  • Soon-to-be parents request the pleasure of …… our coed baby shower.
  • It takes two-to-tango, so both mum and dad are invited for the shower

What do guys do during a baby shower?

There is no limit to activities that men can do in a baby shower. 

Guests at a coed baby shower all do the same activities. The guys at the baby shower will participate in the baby shower games, like the pregnant man baby shower game. Balloon games are also great coed games. 

As the shower host, you should be considerate to have baby shower games that both women and men can participate. Baby shower games also come with baby shower prizes. Make sure to include baby shower favors and prizes for the male guests.

Check out our 17 unique baby shower prizes for ideas on prizes for you male guests. 

You will be surprised to learn that guys, and especially guys who have kids, have a ton of advice for new parents. So that’s a plus! Guys at the shower also get to catch up with the dad-to-be since there won’t be much time to catch up when the baby comes. And most importantly, guys have Gifts!

In Conclusion

Coed baby showers are now trendy and quite fun. 

But for those who still feel the need to have traditional baby showers with women only, men can have a separate baby shower with men only. A baby shower party for the dad-to-be and his friends only is called a diaper party

This is a win-win situation as both parents now get to celebrate the coming of a new family member. Regardless of which option you take, fathers are definitely invited to baby showers!