Baby Shower By Mail

How To Throw A Baby Shower By Mail? Everything You Need To Know

Baby Showers by mail are Showers that are done through the mail. They are an abbreviated version of the traditional celebration. 

Baby Showers are such a beautiful and important experience for new Moms. There are many situations that make the traditional Baby Shower celebration impossible.  

One of the most recent changes to Baby Shower protocols is the pandemic. Baby Shower by Mail has made this important celebration safe for New Moms and their new bundle of joy. 

There are other great reasons to have a Baby Shower By Mail! It is the best option for families that would like to celebrate the new baby but can’t because they live outside of the state or country. 

Baby Shower By Mail Etiquette 

  • There are just a couple etiquette points to follow with Mail Baby Showers. 
  • If you are not going to attend or send a gift, message the Hostess to let her know.
  • If the Mail Baby Shower becomes an online party, follow the time frame given by the hostess.
  • Be sure to send a gift that Mom will NEED and WANT
  • If this is a second or third Baby Shower, ask the hostess what Mom needs. Mom has done this before and has most of the items a new baby will need. 
  • Be sure to mail your gift with plenty of time to spare for the BABY SHOWER. 

Why are Baby Showers by Mail is so popular?

  • Family and friends who live far away from mom-to-be get the opportunity to participate in the baby shower. 
  • A Shower by Mail ensures both mom-to-be and baby are safe from the Covid-19 virus. 
  • Some Moms-to-be like low key events for personal reasons or for health reasons.
  • Baby Shower by Mail is a perfect choice for the second or third child. Traditionally, the second and third child doesn’t have a full Baby Shower, but a celebration is a very special and important event for Mom. 
How to Plan Baby Shower by Mail

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How To Plan A Baby Shower By Mail

Choose The Date

Just like a traditional in person Baby Shower, you must choose a date and time for your shower. With this in mind, below are a  few things to consider

  • Pick a time that works for most people, especially if you are inviting guests in multiple time zones. Make some calls and send emails to ensure your family and friends can attend.
  • For a Shower by Mail, one or two hours is all you and your guests will need to set aside.
  • Choose a date that gives you guests plenty of time to send in their special gifts to you and your new baby. 

Baby Shower By Mail Guest List

Creating your guest for your Shower is fun and simple. Decide who you want to attend. Friends and family will make a perfect and fun celebration!  Remember, these people will not actually arrive at your doorstep, so invite everyone you want as space won’t be an issue!

Baby Shower by Mail Invitations 

You Baby Shower by Mail Invitations can be sent to your guest by traditional snail mail or you can send an email invitation.

 Important details to be remember for your Baby Shower invitation

  • The Mothers name ~ It is fun to include the baby’s name, but be sure you have the permission of Mom before adding baby to the invites.
  • Baby Shower Registry ~ List the brick and mortar stores as well as the online stores
  • Address for the Shower ~ The Address to list will be the one that your guest will be sending your cards, gifts and flowers for Mom and Baby. 
  • Date ~  The Date to list will be the day you wish the presents to arrive at said location. Note on the invite if the date includes shipping time or not. 
  • Finally ~ remind your guest that this is a MAIL BABY SHOWER! 

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Baby Shower by Mail Invitations ideas

baby shower by mail invitation
baby shower by mail invitation

Comes in pack of 20 with envelop included.

These are perfect for neutral theme, and they also come in a pack of 20

baby shower by mail invitation 2
baby shower by mail invitation 2
baby shpwer by mail invitation
baby shower by mail invitation

This is a digital printable that you can download and edit. it’s perfect if you want to email it to your guests.

Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower by Mail 

The first step in deciding on a special gift for the Mom-To-Be is to do a little detective work. Ask her friends and family what she has been wanting! Every Mom talks about what she wants but can buy for herself while she is pregnant. Use one of these ideas for your gift!

These gifts are different from other Baby Showers because you will be shipping your present. 

Great gifts to Mail to Mom for Her Baby Shower! 

  • A book for Mom and Baby to share
  • A soft cloth Book for baby
  • Diaper Service for one month will go a long way in giving Mom the rest she deserves that first month after Baby is born.
  • Meals on Wheels! There are many healthy and inexpensive home delivery meals. Every family is different and has unique nutritional needs. Check out what Mom likes and send her dinner for a week! 
  • A spa day for Mom and Husband with you to babysit for a night. 
  • A Month at the local Swimming Pool  for Mom and Baby. This is a unique and fun way for Mom and Baby to bond. Most cities have YMCAs and offer great prices just for new Moms and their children.


Is it tacky to have a Baby Shower by Mail?

No! There are many reasons some choose to celebrate by mail. The pandemic and family and friends living far away are only a couple reasons.

Is it appropriate to list gifts I would like to receive? 

Yes. A Baby Shower is a celebration of you and your new child. It is for your friends and family to give you their wonderful surprises and gifts of love and support. Everyone will appreciate knowing what you REALLY need and want!

Do I HAVE to send a gift? 

Of course not! A gift is a choice. In some situations, you and Mom have your own plans on a gift. Sometimes, a guest has already given a gift. Finally, you may not know Mom well enough to give a gift. A nice card is welcomed and perfectly acceptable.

Can I send a ‘gift certificate’?

Absolutely! A gift certificate is a fabulous and acceptable idea because you will be mailing this. A gift certificate also allows Mom to use it the way she wishes.

Can I send a gift to Mom and a gift to Baby?

It is acceptable for you to send two gifts if you wish. In many situations, family members wish to give to the whole family! Feel free to give as you wish to the New Mom and her family.


All baby showers are very special! A mail Baby Shower is equally important to Mom and Baby and will give both many fond memories to reflect on in the years to come. Send gifts that Mom will be able to use and wants. The card you send is important because it will be speaking in your place. Wish Mom all the encouragement and happiness she deserves. Keep your thoughts short and simple and always from the heart!