How to Play Mom Or Dad Baby Shower Game

How to Play Mom Or Dad Baby Shower Game (Free Printable) 2021

The Mom Or Dad Baby Shower game is a super fun and simple game for Mom and Dad to play at the same time! What makes this game a must at your Baby Shower is everyone can participate!  There is very little prep and you can decide how long the game lasts by simply not asking any more questions. 

Each parent and guest will be asked a question simultaneously. There really are no winners or losers! It’s  fantastic fun to ask the questions and laugh at all the fun responses!

This game is great because you can hand out fun and silly rewards to the ‘winners’, like a Starbucks card or play with giving out joke gifts. 

This is a great opportunity to give the parents some nice gifts also, for instance, a free week of diaper service or a free spa night for Mom and Dad.  If you choose to not hand out gifts, the fun of this game is great all by itself. 

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Mom vs Dad baby shower game printable

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HOW TO PLAY Mom Or Dad Baby Shower Game

1-EACH GUEST receives a ‘Dad prop’ and a ‘Mom prop’. 

PROPS:  Use a bow tie and fake red lips, blue bottle and pink bottle, blue onesie and pink onesie. If you want to create your own prop, get a 3×5 card and draw pink things and blues things on each, or glue pink and blue marshmallows in bunny shapes on the cards. Use your imagination for the props! 

2-Seating and Guest arrangement

Seat Mom and Dad in plain view of all the guests. Then be sure the guests are seated so they can move their props freely. 

There are no rules here, have fun placing Mom and Dad ~ blindfold them or even place them back to back! 

3-Question Time 

This is the fun and easy part! Have a piece of paper handy to note everybody’s answers as the game progresses. Instruct Dad and Mom and the guests to have their props on their laps. When you ask a question, everyone will hold up the pink or blue prop to indicate who they think does what how much!  Dad -Blue or Mom- Pink

Mom Or Dad Baby Shower Game Questions:

  1. Who will walk the baby to sleep the most?
  2. Who will be the most patient when the lil one is fussy?
  3. Who will take care of the extra chores around the house
  4. Who will take more photographs of the baby?
  5. Who will be the best a putting babies stroller together
  6. Which will be the most strict with the baby?
  7. Which will teach the baby to sing?
  8. Which parent will make sure the diaper bag is packed well?
  9. Who will be faster at getting the baby into the car seat?
  10. Who will research the web for parenting advice the most?
  11. Who will ask friends and neighbors about what to do when…?
  12. Which will be the first to teach baby how to tie their shoe
  13. Which will document everything the baby does? 
  14. Which will leave little messes everywhere?
  15. Which lets baby sleep on their chest at night
  16. Who wants another baby first? 

Extra Questions

These ‘bonus’ questions are so much fun for everyone. These are about the Mom and Dad To Be when they were babies themselves. These questions are to be answered before the shower because most might require a little research!

Planning Tip: 

These questions are lots of fun to add to the invitation. Request your guest to bring with them to the shower party. These are also fantastic for family members that cannot be at the party but want to participate. 

  • Dad or Mom ~ Who was born first?
  • Dad or Mom ~ Who weighed the most at birth?
  • Who took their very first step?
  • Who cried the most, Dad or Mom?
  • What was Dad’s first food? What was Mom’s first food?
  • Which slept through the night first? 
  • Dad or Mom ~ Who took the longest to come into this world at birth? 
  • Who said their first word first? 

Final Thoughts

This is one of the easiest and fun Baby Shower games there is! The best part about Mom and Dad Baby Shower Game is it can be changed and switched up to suit your situation. This is a simple outline to get the game going ~ Have fun with this one and be creative!