How To Ask For Gifts on a Baby shower Invitation

15 Ideas on How to ask for gifts on a baby shower invitation

When you hear baby shower, you automatically think of baby gifts, right? Baby showers are synonymous with gifting as it is a celebration to prepare parents for the baby. 

Is it okay to ask for gifts and money on your baby shower invite? Of course, it is! However, you should keep the wording subtle to avoid it being in bad taste.

So, how to ask for gifts on a baby shower invitation?

Baby Shower Gift Request Wording

It’s essential that the wording does not portray you as being too pushy. Humor will ease up the situation. You can try some of the below wordings.

  • Momma’s going to need a little bit of help with the new little one, let’s shower her with gifts for the newborn
  • Pink bows, Little toys, pink dresses, and lots of diapers baby will love all of these
  • Cause its baby’s first party let’s send her all the best wishes and a gift for all the candles she’ll blow
  • Your presence, your wishes, and gifts will all be appreciated

Also have a look at three ways you can use, to ask for gifts on your baby shower invitation. 

  1. Write. Write straight forward note in small print at the bottom of the invitation that gifts will be appreciated. A smiley face can be a sure way to tone down any awkwardness in the text.
  2. Gift Registry. Gift registries are perfect when you want specific gifts and don’t want to risk getting gifts you already have. Come up with a list of gifts you would like and have not yet purchased. 
  3. Gifts Options. Insert a separate list of gift ideas when sending out the Baby Shower Invitations. This will give your guests the power of choice, giving them options for what gift to bring.

Another popular trend is asking for money instead of gifts. Cash can come in handy since you can purchase gifts that are much more to your taste and liking.

How to Ask for Money on A Baby Shower Invitation?

Asking for cash might at times feel awkward, but it is totally acceptable. The main agenda for a baby shower is to get parents ready for the new baby. If it’s cash, you prefer then why not ask for it?

Plus, more and more people are holding virtual baby showers, making much more sense to ask for money rather than gifts.

However, you will need to consider how you phrase it, especially when dealing with traditional guest lists. 

  1. Ask: Candidly but subtly asking for monetary gifting is the good old-fashioned way. The below wordings should help.
    • Mom and Pops have gotten all they need, so just your presence would be more than enough, but should you wish to gift the new family member, then cash would be great.
    • We’ve got all baby’s supplies figured out, but we’re a little bit worried about finances. A cash gift would really go a long way in welcoming the baby.
  2. Create a Baby Shower Website

A good website full of family pictures is another way to go. You can then add a donation button to your website.

3. Have a baby fund: Let your guests know exactly what you intend to do with the funds. When guests know what you are planning to do with the money, they will feel more connected to the baby and the family,

Here are a few funds you can set up:

How To Ask For Gift Cards On A Baby Shower Invitation?

Alternatively, you can ask for gift cards if you are a more traditional parent-to-be and you don’t want to ask for cash outright. Traditional guests will be more at ease with gift cards as they will know what exactly they are contributing to. 

Here are some ideas of gift cards that you can ask for

  • Your favorite baby stores
  • A convenience store that you will purchase diapers from
  • A nearby restaurant that you can get food when you’re too tired to cook


If you were thinking of asking for specific gifts, money, or gift cards for your baby shower, then go right ahead. It is okay to ask for specific types of gifts in the invitation explicitly. An Amazon baby registry will also work in this sense since you can come up with a list of what you want, and people will easily locate the items to buy for you.