Open House Baby Shower

How To Plan an Open House Baby Shower (Free Printable) 2021

An Open House Baby Shower is a Shower Open to everyone! It is for women and men, it is for those that want to have less structure and a guest free flow environment. With covid taking up a lot of fun these days, an Open House Baby Shower makes for a safe, fun and informal alternative for your Baby Shower! Mom-To-Be will love the flexibility this shower style gives her. 

What is an Open House Baby Shower

An Open House Baby Shower is an informal and flexible baby shower shower party that allows guests to come and go without any commitment to time. it also called a drop in baby shower.

Benefits of Holding an Open House Baby Shower

  • One of the biggest benefits is that guests can arrive and leave when they want.
  • Guests can come and give Mom-To-Be a gift and their well wishes and leave without adhering to any time constraints.
  • Open House Baby Showers allow guests to ‘flow’ through your house and leave. This benefit gives Mom the ability to invite every person she wishes without the stress of a house full of guests all at one time
  • Open House Showers allow for ongoing clean up. It is great to have a lull in guests where Mom can rest and her hostess can clean up for the next wave. 
  • Possibly the most important benefit of an Open House Shower is it protects Mom and Baby-To-Be better. An Open House ensures you control the amount of people at one time and you can keep Mom a safe distance from small groups and games. 
  • Flexibility! This is a huge benefit for the Hostess and for Mom. You can start the party and pause the party at any time. You are not committed to a long structured party. 

Open House Baby Shower Etiquette

This is a question anyone throwing an Open House Baby Shower asks! What are the rules and proper manners? 

Depending on the style of your Open House Shower, etiquette can and does vary a great deal.

Formal Open House Shower Etiquette

  • You would not want to arrive in jeans and a tee. 
  • Adhere to the times given on your invitation
  • Don’t overstay. This style of Shower is meant to ‘flow’ guests through. It is so Mom-to-Be can see and enjoy all her friends and family without the stress of a large structured party
  • Don’t bring your husband or male counterpart without clearing with the Hostess first

Informal Open House Shower Etiquette

  • Casual dress is acceptable and expected. Keep in mind this IS a Baby Shower! It is an important celebration. So your best holey jeans and a ripped tee is TOO casual. Wear your nice jeans or legging and a cute tee or blouse and you’ll be comfortable and respectful
  • Even in an informal setting, bring a small gift and/or a card for the Mom-to-Be
  • Ask ahead of time if you can bring guests with you? 
  • Ensure that if you wish to bring your husband or male counterpart, clear with the hostess and/or Mom
  • Even with an informal Open House Shower, only stay for a short time. The style of the shower is more of a meet, chat, share, leave format.  If you find the Shower has turned into a BBQ, by all means, stay and celebrate with MOM! 

Open House Baby Shower Invitation

The most important point to be sure to highlight is ~ OPEN HOUSE BABY SHOWER.  You will want your Open House Shower to flow smoothly, allowing a few guests at a time. Ensure your INVITATIONS are short, simple and contain the IMPORTANT details.

Below I’ve listed some guidelines that will help make sure your Baby Shower is fun, easy and memorable for everyone! 

Open House Baby Invitations should include the following

  • The name of the Mom-To-Be
  • The event location. Note whether this is a house or a church or park or other
  • The date of the event
  • Time allocation for guests. Inform guests that they can stay for all or a part of that time. And that you will be grateful if they can stop by for even a few minutes.
  • Name and phone number of the Hostess (Make sure this is ok with the Hostess)
  • About RSVP
    • Note you would like an RSVP by a given date
    • Request their guest count if you are allowing this
    • Indicate on the invitation this is an Open House Shower, not a long party. The people you are inviting to this very special event know YOU and understand the nature of your request. 
    • Be sure you get an accurate count of guests and ‘add ons’. It is important for your planning to know how many people will show up. 
    • Note on the invite if this is a formal or informal shower
    • Note on the invite if you would like your guests to BYOB or snacks. Some informal showers welcome this and it is perfectly acceptable. 

Open House Baby Shower Invitation Printable

Open House Baby Shower free invitation
Open House Baby Shower free invitation

Open House Baby Shower Ideas

There are many ways to make your Baby Shower loads of fun! 

  • Gift Ideas for your Open House Baby Shower Guests

One great idea is to give Party Favors or Door Prizes! 

With an OPEN HOUSE BABY SHOWER format, Mom-To-Be can’t always give her personal attention to every guest. Giving out neat personalized gifts to your guests shows them how much you appreciate them coming to your celebration! 

Check out our FUN and EASY GIFTS HERE 


Can I have an Open House AFTER my Baby is born?

Absolutely. This is a growing trend for Mom-To-Be. There are stress and health reasons for doing this and it is perfectly acceptable.

Is it rude to ask people not to stay for a long time?

No it is not rude. The invitation you sent clearly states this is an OPEN HOUSE baby shower. Your loved ones will understand your needs and if you feel you need to ask for some to not overstay their time, don’t feel bad!

Can I have a formal OPEN HOUSE baby shower?

Of course. In fact, one of the most attractive benefits of an OPEN HOUSE baby shower is the flexibility. Your baby shower is a very important time in your life. Feel free to organize it in the way you have always dreamed of.

Is it rude to ask for gifts?

Traditionally, gifts have been an expected and usual part of a Baby Shower. These days it is acceptable to request gifts. The best way to ask for a gift is to list on your invitations a few ‘dream’ items you are hoping for. Or, you can list on the invitation the name or a few of your favorite stores you’d like a gift certificate from.

Is it ok to decorate my Open House Shower in an unusual or non traditional way?

Absolutely YES! In 2021 it is ok and even expected for Mom to have the Baby Shower SHE has always wanted. You loved ones and friends will understand and celebrate this day with you no matter HOW you choose to decorate! Be creative ~ Dream big and feel free to celebrate YOU and YOUR new baby in your OWN way!

Final Thoughts

An Open House Baby Shower is wonderful because it gives Mom and/or Hostess a lot of flexibility. You can have an all day affair if you have a lot of friends and loved ones or a simple 1 house Open House. One of the great things you can do is have a fun party after! Something for your closest loved ones can attend and share some relaxing time with Mom. Feel free to have your Open House after your baby is born or many months before. This can be a formal or informal party which gives you all the space you need to be creative with your Open House Baby Shower. Have FUN and ENJOY your special CELEBRATION!