How to Plan a Diaper Party

How to Plan a Diaper Party: Tips and Ideas to Get You Inspired

A diaper party is one of the popular unconventional baby shower parties. It is simply a baby shower for the father to be and his pals, but instead of bringing items from a baby registry, they carry diapers and wipes. And instead of fancy baby shower cookies and food, you serve mostly burgers. It is a good reason to get together with your guys enjoy their time and even watch a game together!

A diaper party, also commonly referred to as ” Dadchelor Party,” a “Man Shower” or a Huggies and a chugging party can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be. Compared to a traditional baby shower, diaper parties are more toned down and low-key. There isn’t as much intense planning and preparations. It is simply a boys’ hang out but they get to bring diapers to the hangout.

What’s The Difference Between A Baby Shower And A Diaper Party?

As a general rule, baby showers are held for the mother-to-be, and gifts for the baby are presented at the party. However, for a diaper party, the father-to-be is celebrated by his guys, and it is more casual than a baby shower.

A guest at a Diaper party is expected to carry diapers for the parents rather than a cliche baby shower gift.

The Difference Between A Baby Shower And A Diaper Party

ActivitiesTraditional Baby ShowerDiaper Party
DecorationsYesNot Necessarily
FoodYesBBQ or burger sand drinks
GamesYesMostly activities for men
Diaper RafflePerhapsPerhaps

Why should one host a diaper party?

Fathers also need some love and advice from the boys. So to make sure he doesn’t feel out in all the baby festivities, surprise him with a diaper party.

The second and most important reason to hold a diaper party is to stock up your diaper pile. Dads are usually hesitant when it comes to shopping, so letting them know that they only need to bring diapers will be a relief. Just let them know the brand you prefer in your invitation.

How to host a diaper party

Hosting a diaper party is not so different from a traditional baby shower. Despite the distinctions between a diaper party and a baby shower, it can be difficult to know which components of a baby shower should be included while preparing a diaper party.

We have put together specifics needed to host a successful diaper party.

Pick a location for a Diaper Party

A diaper party is usually hosted by a male family member or a buddy of the father-to-be. As it is more of a casual occasion. It can be held on the same day as the baby shower but on a different location.

Rather than a costly location, it is frequently hosted in the backyard of a home while holding a barbecue.  The home of the father-to-be or a family member would be an awesome place to hold the event. If you would prefer to hold it outside the home it would equally do the trick. Though these places will limit the number of activities to do.

What to bring to a men’s baby shower

Diaper party gifts are a simple task. Each guest must bring their pack of diapers. Consider the brand preferred by the parents to be and it is also advisable that you come with different sizes.

Diaper Party Theme Ideas

A tea party won’t do for a group of guys. How about you surprise the dude of honor with golf, a poker night, or maybe an afternoon BBQ.

Alternatively, you might consider a guy’s weekend away. You can have a sleepover at a bachelor pad or even rent a cabin in the woods. Just having some time out with his pals before the reality of the newborn sleepless nights will be quite a treat. If the baby’s arrival is some time away, you can also decide to head to the mountains for snowboarding or rent a boat for a fishing expedition. 

When you combine these two concepts, it will give you the makings of a fantastic father’s day celebration.

Diaper Party Theme Ideas


Diaper Party Theme Ideas

Diaper Party Theme Ideas


What Kind of Games do you play at a diaper party

Your guess is as good as mine. Most of the games incorporated in Diaper parties will include lots of drinking and downright crazy fun games! When mixing the two ideas of diapers and drinking games, you can be sure of extra hilarity points, especially if you have attracted a crowd of competitive men and women.

Considering that a diaper party is a very chilled party, you could even arrange a poker game or bring out the gaming consoles to keep them entertained!

Baby Bottle Chugging Contest

A fun idea that starts our list of diaper party games is the baby bottle chugging contest. It is always a fun game.

Materials needed

  • Baby Bottles
  • coke or non-alcoholic drink

How to play

  • Each player is given a baby bottle of liquid, and they will try to gulp the drink in the bottle as fast as possible.
  • The person who finishes first wins.
  • To make the game last longer, use slow flow nipples.
  • Choose the type of liquid that would go well with your guests. It can be anything ranging from water, juice, to chocolate milk.

Diaper Balloon Game

A fun way to show who among your guests can diaper a baby at night!

What Kind of Games do you play at a diaper.

Diaper balloon game


  • Balloons
  • Regular or cloth diapers
  • Safety pins
  • Blindfolds

How to play:

  • Blindfold each player and then place a blown-up balloon, a diaper, and pins in front of them. 
  • The players then have to diaper a balloon to the best of their ability without popping the balloon with the pins.
  • Add baby powder or diaper rash cream to the mix. This is only fine if being messy is another option!

Pregnant Man Baby Shower Game.

Men have a hard time comprehending the difficulties that come with pregnancy. This game will bring the realities of the struggles of pregnancy to the participants.  

A delightful ice breaker is the pregnant man baby shower game. Every visitor is participating in the game in some manner. Some will be actively engaging, while others will be photographing and filming, and the rest will be left speechless!

Materials needed

  • Bag of latex Balloons
  • Chairs
  • Shoe Laces
  • Yarn

How to Play:

  • A blown-up balloon is provided to each participant.
  • Underneath their shirt/t-shirt, place the balloon.
  • Participants will compete in tying their shoes or wrapping a length of yarn around each of their slips to resemble a shoestring.
  • If a player pops the balloon during the race, he is out.
  • The winner is the individual who ties both shoes while keeping the balloon beneath his shirt.

For more crazy baby shower balloon games, be sure to check out our Top 7 Baby Shower Balloon Games That are Easy and Fun to play.

Diaper Wishes for Baby

Diaper party games don’t have to be all crazy and ‘Manly.’ You can choose to have a very relaxed toned-down game. That’s where the diaper wishes for baby comes in.

What Kind of Games do you play at a diaper.

All you will need to do is to have a bunch of diapers and markers. Guests will then write wishes or a word of encouragement on the diaper. A great gift for parents-to-be for those late-night diaper changes, to get a word of encouragement from your friends.

Diaper party favors for guys

Luggage Tag

Luggage tag is sleek, stylish, yet minimalist. This diaper party favor is a unique and practical gift.

Diaper party favors for guys


Baby Shower Can Cooler

What a tremendous favor for your guests! Baby shower can coolers to cool your soda!

Diaper party favors for guys


Camo Grilling Apron Set

Give these camo grilling aprons to your friends as a gift. Add a grilling mitt, bottle opener, and bottle holder, as well as pockets to carry all of their grilling utensils.

Diaper party favors for guys


About to POP soda pop favors 

All you need to do for this favor is buy ordinary soda cans and put them in large paper favor bags.  Simply place the cans in the bags with twine and affix your label after they’ve been packaged.

Diaper party favors for guys

Diaper party gift ideas for guys

For a diaper party, the diaper party gifts are just basically diapers only. But on most occasions, the guys bring gifts for the dad-to-be.

Dads-to-be aren’t likely to be overjoyed when they receive flowery onesies or the most eco-friendly bottles, so recommend that his friends send him presents that are more tailored to their preferences rather than traditional registry goods.

The man behind the bump shirt

Diaper party gift ideas for guys

T shirt gift

Daddy On Duty Apron

diaper party gift
diaper party gift


Sorry Daddy Onesie

diaper party gift 3
diaper party gift 3


Virtual Diaper Party Ideas

Well, don’t let social distance protocols hinder you from having a fun Diaper party. 

You will just need to choose a hosting platform that’s convenient for all your guests. Once you’ve established a proper channel for your diaper party, then you will only need to have games and advice for this party.

Considering a diaper party is a simple occasion, it shouldn’t take much time. Guests can send in their diapers in advance. Here’s how to How to plan a virtual baby shower (Easy step by step Guide)

Virtual Diaper Party Games

Don’t worry guys, you can still have your drink-chugging competition online. Here are more virtual sensitive games to play at your virtual diaper party.

Baby Bets

Make a list of your visitors’ best guesses for baby attributes. Sex, eye color, weight, height, and hair color are all factors to consider. To announce the winner, you can have a sip and see after the baby comes. 

Guess the price

This will be a hilarious game considering most men do not know the prices of baby stuff. Hold up a few baby products to the camera, such as bodysuits, diapers, and washcloths. Guests will then estimate the overall cost of everything and display their figures on the camera. The guest who guesses the price closest to the real one wins.

Jackbox games

Jack box games are a series of video games for parties. The games can be played by multiple players and can be played from any device


Are diaper parties just for guys?

Its a party for dad-to-be and his friends. (Both male and female friends)

Are diaper parties tacky?

Diaper parties can be as classic as you want them to be. A well planned diaper party is definitely not tacky.

Can a husband throw a baby shower?

It is not reasonable for you or your spouse to host the baby shower. The baby shower is usually hosted by a friend or family member.

Does the dad usually go to the baby shower?

Traditionally baby showers are only for women but co-ed baby showers are becoming more popular.

How do diaper parties work?

A diaper party is simply a baby shower for the father to be and his pals, but instead of bringing items from a baby registry, they carry diapers and wipes

How does a virtual baby shower work?

A virtual baby shower involves guests joining in via an online platform and basically having the baby shower online.

What do you buy for a diaper party?

Diapers and wipes

What do you do at a diaper party?

A diaper party will mostly involve drinking and games.

What games can you play on a virtual baby shower?

Here are our 29 Unique and Fun Virtual Baby Shower games Ideas you can play including the price is right, memory game, Pictionary, etc.

What games do you play at a diaper party?

Most of the game at diaper parties includes lots of fun drinking and crazy games like diaper the baby, balloon games, poker, video games, etc.

To Sum it all up

Diaper parties do not have to be a tacky affair. You can have them in whatever way you feel like. View it more like a friend’s hangout -no restriction whatsoever. You just need to have a pack of diapers or two.