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What To Do At A Baby Shower? 6 important things to do

as baby shower planner you might be wondering What To Do At A Baby Shower? in which order you should plan things? in this article we help you plan the best party

When you are planning a baby shower, your can play interesting and unique games, create a theme and make certain the mom-to-be feels special. Everyone you invite will be waiting in anticipation to welcome the baby into the world. Having a baby shower is an amazing way to bring family and friends together to celebrate the birth of a new baby. You will feel the excitement in the air as everyone watches the mom-to-be opening gifts, hear the laughter as your guests enjoy spending time together and the love in the air will become a cherished memory.

There is so much you can do while celebrating the impending birth of a new baby. Your shower can include serving a festive meal, you can make special drinks such as smoothies or cherry lemonade, arrange a variety of games and help ensure the mom-to-be receives most of what she will need for the new arrival. The most important concept is to celebrate and enjoy the time spent with a group of special guests.

What To Do At A Baby Shower

There are quite a few reasons to have a baby shower. You want to celebrate the birth of a new life with the people that will be a part of the child’s life. You can play fun games, have the mom-to-be open gifts, enjoy a delicious meal or tasty snacks and make memories lasting a lifetime. The idea is for your baby shower to be personalized to ensure it will be both unique and special for the new mom. A good example is if one of her favorite foods is submarine sandwiches, you can have a sub making station with a choice of meats, cheeses and vegetables.

1- Decorate

On the day of your shower, you should pick up any balloons to make certain they will not deflate too soon. You should be at the site of your party one to two hours in advance to ensure everything is set up correctly. All refreshments should be chilled to be cold during your shower. All of the food for your shower should be placed with the exception of anything needing to be kept cold or warm.

What To Do At A Baby Shower
What To Do At A Baby Shower

2- Welcoming Guests

When your guests first begin to arrive, you should have them sign the baby shower guest book. The chances are good the mom-to-be will thumb through the pages many times in remembrance of her special day. You can ask the friends and family to include a message along with their signature about how they are feeling on this day.

All of your guests should be greeted and told how wonderful it is they have come to share in this day. The baby’s grandparents or father can be asked to give a speech during your baby shower. When your guests arrive, they should be told where the refreshments are located and their coats or hats taken if necessary. If there is enough time, they should be provided with a brief description of the event.

You should choose a guest book with a cover that you find appealing and unless you already know the sex of the child, selecting a neutral color is best. Many years from now the guest book can be shown to the child and the mom can talk about all of the amazing people that came to their baby shower. If possible, consider having a program printed ahead of time with all of the details. A program will make a wonderful souvenir for both the mom and the guests. While you relax, your guests should be introduced to one another and pictures can be taken.

3- Serving Food

Depending on the size of your baby shower, you can serve lunch, dinner, finger foods or appetizers. You can be creative and have a barbeque or a picnic in the living room or create a buffet. The only limitation is your imagination.

What To Do At A Baby Shower
serving baby shower food

4- Playing Games

You can make arrangements for a wide variety of baby shower games including:

  • Baby Bingo
  • Diaper Raffle
  • Guess the Baby from photographs
  • Pregnancy Twister
  • Baby Food Tasting Test

5- Opening Gifts

A specific period of time should be set aside to open gifts. The soon-to-be mom should relax and sit in front of the guests so everyone can see the gifts she received. As she opens each gift, make certain you tell everyone what it is to avoid any confusion and who it was from. Your guests will be just as delighted to see what she got for the new baby as you are. You can even attach the bows and ribbons to a paper plate to make a memento of this special occasion for the mom-to-be.

You should designate someone to record which guest each gift was from. Since bending over is difficult when pregnant, you should be there to hand the mom-to-be the gifts and help her open them when necessary. You should throw away all of the wrapping paper with the gifts repackaged to make them easier for the mom-to-be to take home. You should make certain she has eaten, remains comfortable and is enjoying her baby shower.

What To Do At A Baby Shower
baby shower gift opening

6- Giving Out Favors

Toward the end of your baby shower, special favors should be given to all of the guests. You want everyone to have a remembrance of the shower. You can choose from a wide variety of favors that will appeal to your guests including:

• Candles
• Small jars of preserves or jellies
• House plants
• Boxes of candy or chocolate
Flavored lip balms
• Jars of honey
• Silk flowers

What To Do At A Baby Shower
baby shower favors


What To Do At Your Baby Shower Instead of Games

You can choose from a lot of different options including:
• Have a guestbook
• Onesie decorating station
• Wishes and advice card station
• Photobooth
• Making or decorating wooden blocks station
• Make alphabet books
• Make floral crowns
• Make baby headbands
• Decorate burp cloths or bibs
• Make a time capsule for the baby

What To Do At a Sprinkle Baby Shower

If you have never heard of a sprinkle baby shower, it is simply a shower to honor the parents of a second child. This type of shower is not quite as festive but is still very enjoyable. The idea is to give the mom-to-be items she will need for the new baby and does not still have from her first. This can include everything from bottles to blankets to a car seat.
Since the birth of a child requires so much equipment, this is a good way to help the mom-to-be save some money. Create a registry for both small and big-ticket items to suit everyone’s budget such as diapers, clothing, toys, a high chair, stroller and car sear. Remember a baby sprinkle is generally a lot more casual than a more traditional baby shower.

What To Do At a Coed Baby Shower

Select designs, colors and fonts appealing to both genders. Make certain to mention your baby shower is co-ed on the invitation. Stay away from dainty appetizers and finger foods and serve something hearty both sexes will enjoy. Choose games appropriate for both men and women to help ensure everyone wants to participate. Finally, if the weather allows, you can have an amazing baby shower outside.

Closing Thoughts

Depending on the day or time of year, you may decide to have a different type of baby shower such as a drive-by or a virtual baby shower. No matter what type of shower you have, everything is up to your discretion. Go casual, elegant or somewhere in between, but just remember to have fun.